Lifestyle Amateurs
Lifestyle Amateurs 4560 Lifestyle Amateurs Lifestyle Amateurs is a great package of sites that combines solo sites from a number of amateur porn models.
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Lifestyle Amateurs

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Lifestyle Amateurs

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Lifestyle Amateurs is a great package of sites that combines solo sites from a number of amateur porn models. You get some really authentic amateur stuff here, and its all managed under one roof to keep things simple. The subject matter has a good variety to it, as do the girls, so youll definitely find at least one or two girls on here that youll love!

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Lifestyle Amateurs is actually a set of a bunch of sites, each starring a different amateur girl in her own set of exclusive videos and images. There are a ton of hot broads on this site doing a variety of sexy things so youre bound to find something youll like.

Over the 28 sites in the Lifestyle Amateurs website, there are just about 300 updates, mostly short though clocking in around 5 minutes for the most part. Theres a different broad for every site, so theres a good variety there, and some of the chicks are pretty damn fine looking if I do say so myself, with some having a more interesting look that you may or may not be into. Although the girls and the content is all amateur, a lot of it is filmed quite nicely considering.

The videos on Lifestyle Amateurs are all made available both streaming and for download in a few different formats. The in browser streams work nicely in a flash FLV (640x480). You can download the videos to your computer in a nice high quality MPEG (720x480 @ 5000kbps) or you can grab them in a slightly smaller WMV (640x480 @ 1600kbps). There arent any restrictions on the video files once theyre downloaded.

If youre into pics, youre in luck because Lifestyle Amateurs has slews and slews of them for every one of their models. The photography isnt fine art by any means but theres still a whole lot of great images to go through there. You can browse through the pics right there online or you can grab them in ZIP files as well.

There arent many other features or anything to this site, and with 28 sites in one big package, each with their own sets of exclusive content you really dont need anything else. Im sure the site will last at the very least one month.

Nav, Design & Features

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Lifestyle Amateurs has a great looking design and a very easy to understand layout. Right on the front tour page you are given a few free trailer videos and photos as a preview of the content on the inside as well as the information you need to know about the site. Signing up to the site and logging in is quick and easy.

The inside of the Lifestyle Amateurs members area is extremely simple. There is a navigational menu at the top that takes you to either Home or Support. Every scene on the site is displayed on the front page. Below this you will find links to each of the bonus sites on the network.

Each scene is readily available on the Home page. You see a few screenshots from each scene and a link to View Pictures. Below this you will find simple text links directly to each video clip. Right click these and select save as to download them to your computer.

Click on the Photos link at the top to reach the image galleries where you can browse through preview images to see the set youd like. Now you will get a full thumbnail listing of each image and theyll enlarge in your browser window. You can also set it up as a hands free slideshow or click the ZIP link to download the full sets to your PC.

Lifestyle Amateurs and the other sites on the network all use the same basic layout and theyre all very easy to navigate through. Everything loads up perfectly with no lagging, including the downloads.



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Commercial porn gets tiring after a while, I find, so I always love to check out some good quality amateur stuff. Lifestyle Amateurs gives us all the good authenticity of amateur porn with a good easy to use website. There are a bunch of great looking dames on the site so check out the tour to see the bitches and if you like em sign the hell up!

Pros & Cons

  • + Great amateur porn!
  • + Many girls