Mandy Lightspeed
Mandy Lightspeed 1368 Mandy Lightspeed The Lightspeed network brings you yet another beautiful amateur babe. This site in particular stars the petite Mandy.
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Mandy Lightspeed

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Mandy Lightspeed

Short Review

The Lightspeed network brings you yet another beautiful amateur babe. This site in particular stars the petite Mandy. A tiny blonde babe at the tender age of 19, this girl has perky little titties, flawlessly tanned skin, and a cute butt which deserves to be spanked. The bulk of Mandy's content consist of playful softcore scenes, with a gracious amount of steamy lesbian episodes thrown in. All content is 100% exclusive, so you won't find it anywhere else on the net!

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I tell you what, the fellas behind Lightspeed certainly have a great taste in women. Their line up of girls is simply drool worthy, and Mandy fits right in. Once you see how cute this girl is you'll instantly fall in love with her, she's just so tiny! Although she is quite small, all her curves are in the right places. Her perky tittes are coming along nicely, and her butt is just so fuckable. Mandy states that her favorite part about her body is her smile, and I'd have to agree with that, she does have a great smile, but you can't help but look at that sweet ass of hers.

Like just about every solo girl site out there, Mandy's site provides a wealth of softcore episodes involving every day activities like working out, bathing, and sun baking, all mixed in with a bit of nudity to make things a little more interesting. You'll be happy to know that Mandy also delves into a lot of lesbian activity as there's quite a few scenes which involve dildo gangbangs. Needless to say these are totally hot, and really livens things up.

So far there's a collection of 39 exclusive episodes, which run for roughly 8 minutes each. Mandy has been doing a great job on keeping her site active, and is updated at least once a week with fresh new content. Considering that all the content is exclusive, and comes from a single amateur model, that's pretty damn impressive, and I'm glad to say that it looks like we will be seeing plenty more of what Mandy has to offer.

I was also impressed with the quality of the videos. All scenes can be downloaded with no DRM restrictions, and are available in full scenes, and 1 minute clips. I felt that the 1 minute clips were some what unneeded, because the scenes do only go for 8 minutes each, but either way I suppose they do come in handy if you've a slow connection. The videos have been encoded in four different formats including Wmv, mpeg, Mov, and Mp4. Each format is available in an different encoding rate, which are quite decent if I say so myself.

Mpeg (1400kbps @ 480x360)
Wmv (1100kbps @ 480x360)
Mov (1080kbps @ 480x360)
Mp4 (800kbps @ 320x240)

Mandy also provides quite a bit of photo content on her site, with a total of 65 photo galleries, approximately containing 80 images each. These images were quite impressive, especially for an amateur model site. They're very crisp, come in full blown colors, and are decently sized with dimensions of up to (1026x685 pixels). I may be being a little picky here, but sometimes the lighting can be a little off. Again it probably won't be a huge deal to most of, and I'm probably just over analyzing. All in all though, the pictures are definately worth a look at.

With a standard membership of $29.95 members gain access to Mandy's site, plus the "Best of Lightspeed". This site contains a cocktail of content which are dubbed the most popular episodes across the entire Lightspeed network. So you'll definately want to make the most of this site. For the mere sum of $10 members can upgrade their membership to unlock all 30 of the other sites on the network. That's 32 great sites to sink your teeth into. Needless to say, that's one awesome deal!

Nav, Design & Features

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If there are any rough edges on Mandy's site, I'd definately have to say they're with the site's cosmetics. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't look horrible. It's just that there's not much to look at, in other words it does look pretty plain, and maybe a little dated. The good news is that every thing works fine, and browsing through the content is a breeze, so it's not all down hill.

Upon logging in, members are first taken to the main hub site for the entire Lightspeed network. This page includes information on the latest news, and site events, and links to all 32 sites on offer. The site links have been organized in a spread sheet esque grid. Personally I thought it looked a little ugly, but I suppose it has some advantages. I would have preferred thumbnails so I can see what the model looks like before entering the site, but that's just me being fussy.

I'll be honest here, and say that Mandy's site is one of the better looking sites on the Lightspeed network. The only real difference between this one, and the others is the nice color scheme, as most of the other sites opt for plain white, while this one is painted in shades of purple. I'd have to say that the site logo looks pretty neat as well. So yeah, Mandy's site isn't an eye sore, it's just very simple.

Towards the top of the site you've got a thumbnail linked the latest update. Below this are various columns which separates the various types of media on offer. These columns include the most recent updates, the most popular episodes on Mandy's site, the picture content, video content, and Mandy's guest appearances on some of the other Lightspeed sites. Each of these columns consists of 8 links, and if you wish to view the entire archive, you'll have to click on the link found at the bottom of the column.

There's not a whole lot to explain about the video, and picture galleries as they're all standard, and very self explanatory. All you really have to do is click on the various links, and your downloads will start. And for the picture galleries members have the option of viewing the images individually, or downloading the sets in a zip file. It's all very straight forward, as there's nothing revolutionary implemented in the galleries, and to be honest, that's the way I prefer it.



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Truth be told, I really enjoyed the content Mandy has provided. The mix of softcore, and lesbian scenes was just right, and the photo content really showed off Mandy's natural beauty. Another plus is the site still gets frequently updated, and the quality of the videos were very decent. A fairly standard solo girl site, with some very strong points, and very few bad points. Definitely worth a look.

Pros & Cons

  • + Mandy is so cute
  • + All content is exclusive
  • + Video content looks nice
  • + Weekly updates
  • + Hot lesbian scenes