Miama Beach Party
Miama Beach Party 2947 Miama Beach Party I don't know what they're drinking at Miami Beach Parties but it certainly gets the lovely ladies to loosen up.
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Miama Beach Party

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Miama Beach Party

Short Review

I don't know what they're drinking at Miami Beach Parties but it certainly gets the lovely ladies to loosen up! Here at Miami Beach Party members can enjoy the finest looking teen babes showing off their perky tits and tight pussies for all the world to see with the awesome location of Miami Beach as the back drop. If you love seeing random drunken chicks showing off the goods then Miami Beach Party is a site specially designed for you!

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I don't think there's anything just as arousing as seeing random hot chicks on the beach enjoying a wild party revealing their money makers and tiny snatches! Sun, alcohol, and the beach, a sure fire cocktail which gets women in the mood to show off their goods. This is exactly what Miami Beach Party is all about and if this is music to your ears then you'll certainly want to keep reading to see if this site is exactly what you're after.

Miami Beach Party is essentially a public nudity site though I suppose you could also classify it as a voyeur site. Obviously all the foxy ladies showing off their titties on this site are amateurs, random hotties who just so happened to be at the right place at the right time. Obviously there isn't any hardcore love making going on within the steamy episodes however members can enjoy watching the cuties flashing their titties, spreading their tiny twats, and best of all we can enjoy watching some of the ladies getting nice and intimate with each other as they lick delicious carpet. I should also mention that there are quite a few wet t-shirt comps as well, so there's certainly a nice mix of public nudity shenanigans going on here.

So far Miami Beach party has a total of over 60 episodes which can run for up to 10 minutes each. The 60 plus episodes have accumulated over the span of 8 months as the first batch of episodes were uploaded on the 1st of July back in 2008. None of the episodes are exclusive to the site which isn't exactly a bad thing considering that they have a decent amount of content for a site which has been up for a relatively short amount of time. It looks as though we haven't seen the last of these crazy beach party episodes just yet as updates have been rolling in at a steady rate with the most recent update uploaded on the 19th of March 2009.

From a voyeur/public nudity site such as this I wasn't expecting too much as far as quality goes as they are usually of amateur standards and the same can be said for Miami Beach Party. I wouldn't classify this a bad thing as it does make the content more believable and non-staged. Members can download the short scenes in wmv format which haven't been restricted to DRM rules. All the videos come in an encoding rate of (700kbps @ 320x240) so they aren't exactly of ground breaking quality, heck I'd even go as far as saying they're below average, however like I said earlier it was to be expected from a site of this nature plus you can clearly make out the steamy going ons within the scenes so it's not all bad.

Photos aren't much better either as they are quite small in size with dimensions of (400x203 pixels) also the amount of images within a photo set tends to rise and fall dramatically with some sets only including 10 or so pictures while others can contain up to 30 plus images. The pictures are relatively clear though you can make out the graininess, also there's no artificial lighting so some photo sets can get a tad dark. I wasn't overly impressed with the quality of the photos but like the video content I wasn't expecting too much in quality.

Members will be glad to know that in addition to all the hot public nudity content available on Miami Beach Party they also gain access to an extensive network which strongly focuses on public nudity based sites with a few niche sites thrown in for good measure. All up there are 16 individual sites for members to enjoy each one covering a specific niche. These sites will certainly serve as an entertaining side dish to all the great content available on this site and will certainly spice up member's porn experience with variety.

Nav, Design & Features

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Potential members will have their eyes treated to a generous amount of cute ladies showing off their titties in the top banner of the tour pages for the site. Going down the tour pages will give them a fair idea on what kind of crazy yet hot content they can expect to see as there's a nice amount of sample pictures along with downloadable free trailers which will have on lookers begging for more. The bottom of the tour pages will certainly grab the attention of potential members as there's information in regards to all the bonus sites they gain access to.

I was quite impressed with the Site presentation and layout for Miami Beach party as it is neat yet doesn't take itself too seriously. The site certainly has a unique layout from most porn sites I've seen and to be honest I really like how it has been designed. Just below the titty filled top banner there's a basic navigation menu which includes links that will take you back to the home page, take you to the main videos page, and there's also a link which will take you to a blog where you can check out the latest goss and going ons with the crazy world of Spring Break Girls. The middle section of the main members area is where the more specific links are including the models link, the pictures link, and even a behind the scenes section. At the very bottom of the main members area is where the links to all the bonus sites are found, a single click on these links and you will be taken straight to the main members area of your chosen site.

If members have found themselves a favorite amateur model they can check make their way to the members section which is accessible from the provided link within the main members area, this section has organized the content via model and clicking on a model's link will take you to a page which contains all the videos and photo shoots she has starred in. Viewing the picture galleries is pretty self explanatory as they work just like any other picture gallery you may have come across before, the great thing is members can also choose to download an entire set within a single zip file which can come in handy if members wish to view the galleries offline. Watching the videos is easy enough, members simply need to click on the provided links and the video will automatically start to buffer within the video screen.

There's really not much else to say on how the site works as that's practically all there is to it. Like I said earlier the design is unique and certainly makes the experience of browsing the site that much more pleasurable, and thanks to the user friendly interface I'm sure even the most novice of web surfers should be able to navigate this site with much ease. Also having all the banner links at the bottom of the homepage will certainly make the task of site hopping a breeze.



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If you're looking for high quality videos and pictures you are certainly going to be quite disappointed on this site as that is the main aspect the content on Miami Beach Party falls short on. However if you're not too fussed about the quality and just want to see naked chicks having a good time under the sun then you'll certainly appreciate what the site has to offer. Here's hoping there's plenty more episodes to come, though there's definitely some room for improvement in the quality area.

Pros & Cons

  • + Episodes are fun yet arousing
  • + Models are cute
  • + Access to awesome bonus sites
  • + Great site layout
  • + Active on updates
  • - Quality of content is below average