My POV GF 5973 My POV GF If you need some sort of proof that the standards have dropped over the last few years, when it comes to morals at least, just check out My POV GF and see all of those hot amateur girls who have decid
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If you need some sort of proof that the standards have dropped over the last few years, when it comes to morals at least, just check out My POV GF and see all of those hot amateur girls who have decided they've got nothing against their boyfriends whipping out a camera and making a hot homemade porn movie with them as main stars! It's most likely a biggest amateur POV porn collection with cute teen s and mature chicks who didn't mind showing off, not knowing that the videos will end up online.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

Sites like redtube and similar have some amateur porn content popping up now and again, but My POV GF is all about real amateurs who have had fun with the camera. Ex girlfriends, current girlfriends, leaked videos and things like that all find their way to this huge collection which is a part of a porn network dedicated to exclusive amateur porn videos. With thousands of scenes in the archives, you're definitely going to enjoy your visit to My POV GF.

Naturally, since this is an amateur content site you should not expect content of very high quality - the videos come from phone cams, low budget cameras and so on, and, while they are all converted to Windows Media Video and mp4 formats before being published on site for your viewing pleasure (these two file formats are supported universally across platforms, from windows and PC across android and iOS), they still can't come even close to a HD quality video.

On the other hand, unlike other popular and less popular amateur porn sites, update pace on My POV girlfriend is pretty impressive. With at least update per day, more often several updates per day, this is one of the fastest growing amateur porn sites. As far as I noticed, the scenes are all original and not duplicates, but I may have missed something while I scrolled through the archives. Updates are also shared across the AmaLand (network this porn site belongs to) so it is possible to find duplicates that way, but on site itself all of the content seems original.

Let's talk price here. I realize that amateur homemade content is not easy or cheap to come by in such quantities, but I still feel that the membership fee comparable to the fee high profile porn networks charge is bit over the top. The deal is made sweeter by all of the network sites and by the huge DVD collection of over 12.000 dvds, 3-4 scenes per dvd and 20 minutes per scene, but that's all kinds of hardcore content from various niches, not amateur content, which is, presumably, why you are looking at a site like this at the first place.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

The site design is more like a porn tube site than like anything else, and I suppose it is to be expected with a site that has often updates and no real means of tagging the scenes. POV kink is the only consistent theme through these videos along with their homemade amateur nature, some of the scenes are outdoors, some teens, some just blowjobs, some group sex - but it's all real amateur content, not porn models and stars acting like amateurs. All of the important navigation features are on the basic bar.

In fact, when you log on with your username and password, My POV GF does not take you to the new scenes page, it takes you to the network portal page which shows you latest updates across the network. From there you have to pick the site you'd like to go to, filtering the content in a way.

Bonus DVD videos have their own user interface that pops up in a new tab, a quality searchable list with tags, model lists, popular and all of the other features you'd expect one online DVD collection to have. Needless to say is that all of these features are missing on the home site My POV GF simply due to the fact that the content posted is all amateur and homemade with no much info to go with it. There's also no way to mark your progress through the archives, so you will most likely be bookmarking to know just what have you seen last when visiting the site.



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All in all, this is a perfect site for someone who enjoys watching good amateur homemade porn content. Girls are usually in their teens, but there is a mature girl here and there, and are usually white - white teens are most likely to film themselves having sex after all. The bonus content section is much more impressive and gives you thousands and thousands of hours of porn, but the size of AmaLand amateur porn collection is not to be ignored either.

Pros & Cons

  • + Massive collection of scenes
  • + Daily updates
  • + Real amateur homemade content
  • + Network access
  • + Bonus DVDs
  • - Average to low quality
  • - Missing features like multiple quality settings and model list