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My Studio Video 2678 My Studio Video I really dont like writing critical reviews about any site, but unfortunately I have nothing to even tell you about the content on this site because I simply couldnt access any of it.
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My Studio Video

Reviewed 2008-12-31 l Last update on

My Studio Video

Short Review

I really dont like writing critical reviews about any site, but unfortunately I have nothing to even tell you about the content on this site because I simply couldnt access any of it. I was excited when I was directed into the members area on the site because it appears to contain some cool content. Basically, I got to see a teasing selection of scene display images from the video content that I couldnt access on the site itself which isnt really that great when members pay good $ to join.

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The content and the site itself has great promise on the join page, but once inside the members area I could not access any content. It offers members the format options Windows Media and Quicktime. The site layout is good but it doesnt matter if no one can access the content.

It is such a shame to me when I see a site that has so much potential but doesnt deliver what they have sold to members to get them to join. Give me a site that I can easily navigate around and be watching porn within 3 clicks of logging in and Im happy. Value for $ is just as important as the site programming and layout. Unfortunately this site doesnt complete the very basic services that they should supply to members and its a real shame because I think that they would have something great if they went over the site and fixed the content delivery issues.

The site has brief scene descriptions, which I personally find handy when browsing content and it also lists the scene length and file size. It does not display the scene dates or list any details about when the site was last updated. It also gives members the option to join other sites with similar themes of amateur voyeur cam and POV style porn sites.

Nav, Design & Features

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Initially when members log into the site, they will be directed to a shared main page. This page lists all of the sites that members of My Studio Video get access to once they have joined and become a member of the site. In the list of the sites there isnt one that is correctly named My Studio Video. All of the sites in the collection are housed in the main page under that site name, To view content members will need to click the Click here to view our content link near the top of the page. Further down that shared main page is a list of all of the other sites that members might like to join. These sites cover a wide range of niches, there are POV, amateur vid cam, security cam footage of people having sex, home sex videos etc.

The downloading formats that this site offers are Windows Media Video (which is standard content delivery option that most sites use) and Quick Time. The images are only available for viewing if the member downloads the zip file containing all of the images to the computer. The images are not accessible on the site itself, the only images on the site are display images used to show the content in the scenes on the site. There are no livestreaming options on the site for members and I find this odd and rather disappointing for 2 reasons. The first being that I prefer to login and watch the video content straight away, I dont want to wait and I never like to download. The second reason why Im disappointed is because the site asks for the username and password that I used to log into the site with and then does not accept the information. I dont know wether this is a temporary problem, but I sincerely hope that they correct whatever issues the site is having with content delivery because I think it would have some great content within the collection.



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The site idea is great and Im sure that there would be some good content if only I could get to see it. Reviewing this site has left me deflated, I think it could be a moderate site if the content issues were solved. If no one can access any content what good is it? I dislike sites that promise services and access to content a then dont deliver inside the members area of the site. Damn shame if you ask me, Im a fan of the different niche sites and sites that offer something different.

Pros & Cons

  • + Wide range of content niches
  • - No livestreaming
  • - Images only available once downloaded
  • - No access to video content
  • - Members have to pay to join other sites in collection