Nylon Angie
Nylon Angie 6568 Nylon Angie You can join one site here, Nylon Angie (with Dirty Angie), for $24.95 per month (with other longer-term memberships available too) or you can join all of the Stocking Girl Sites for $45.
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Nylon Angie

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Nylon Angie

Short Review

You can join one site here, Nylon Angie (with Dirty Angie), for $24.95 per month (with other longer-term memberships available too) or you can join all of the Stocking Girl Sites for $45.00 per month, with other options too. The more you pay the more sites and content you get, but here at Nylon/Dirty Angie you get exclusive amateur content that is a mix of videos and galleries, you have updates happening and a mix of solo, lesbian and hardcore content all with a nylons theme.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

OK, so this is one of those sites where you look at it and think I'm not sure about this, because it does, on first viewing, look really amateur and not very well designed. But actually there is a lot of content in here, it is easy enough to get to and although the site is basic and not interactive, although it looks very 90s and Early-Days, it all works and you get to the content very easily. I was a bit confused at first as to what site I was looking at as it seems there are two site combined; Dirty and Nylon Angie, and both are about this amateur girl and her nylon fetish; but then there is more to it than that.

You start off at a home page where the subheading doesn't help: Dirty Angie-Dirty in Nylons. Right! We have the message now! From here you can see either selection of content, there are links to another bonus site Glamour Flash where you will need your passwords, and there is a link to Angie's favourites. Across the top you can reach some of these areas and also Sadie's Panties, which also requires you to log in. So, looking at Nylon Angie I found 13 different areas with nearly 700 photo sets and 120 movies, some short, some long. The categories that she puts her content into will give you an idea of the variety you can expect:

Garter belt, boy/girl, girdles, girl/girl, solo hardcore, pantyhose, outside, slips, solo glamour, uniforms and extra. That's for the photos, the movies are simply long or short. Movies were WMV downloads with some new streaming options, well, one option and you will need the correct plug in to stream the clips; the files were not big so Id got for the downloads. There were also DivX and Real in use, so you might need to fish around for the right software. Clips ran for various lengths of time, the quality was amateur and really we are looking at a photo site here.

On that note, the galleries held various amounts of images each and each video came with a nice length description, and then a link to the thumbnail pages. These came with zip files and online browsing where pics went up to 1,100 x 578 and came with simple back and next navigation tools. All this content is about Angie and her girls in underwear, so the site stays on niche in that respect. The photo quality is fine and although the site screams Amateur at you, the quality doesn't.

Over in the Dirty Angie section you have even more videos and galleries to view and although these are different the site still stays with the stockings and suspenders, lingerie and all that sexy nylon fetish we like to see. Angie, the fair to middling housewife (it's difficult to judge her age) stars alongside some guys who never seem to show their faces and some other sexy amateur women who show everything. It's a nice mix of underwear fetish content and it is all decent enough quality.

You also have an Updates page where you can see whats been recently added and this was showing regular recent updates. There's a Friends area which held around 200 more pieces of content in photo galleries.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

As mentioned, the site is very basic in terms of design and it does look very amateurish, but everything that is here works just fine, apart from, perhaps, the new streaming feature which simply requires you to have the correct software. You have a main menu that will take you back to the home page from where you can try the bonuses, and those extra sites that require logins. I had reviewer access to these so was able to access them, you just need to check the join page to see what you are actually signing up for, but even if you can't get in, you have loads of content in the two main areas of the members' area already.

The galleries are slow to browse as you have only forward and back buttons and have to back button to the page you were on, or start again from the main menu, but they do have zip file downloads. Videos have only one choice for downloading, but you are told how big the file is. There are good descriptions with the content but no interactivity. There are no rates, comments or Add To Favourites functions and only the very simple top menu to click.

However, look to the bottom of the pages and you find links to support, details on your streaming functions and a place to cancel. Mind you, this is red on read so you need to highlight the area to get those links to show up. Again, part of the amateur feel and look of the site, but the links all seemed to work.



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If you are after stockings and nylons, softcore and hardcore, girls and guys, lingerie and amateurs then this is the site to check out next. It looks like it was made up in Web design class one, but it all works. There's nothing interactive about it and some of the text and offers etc. are misleading or confusing, but that's not a great issue. In the end, you find a large stock of exclusive and amateur lingerie content that is mainly photos but with some videos.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Lots of it
  • + Amateur
  • + Stays on niche
  • + Easy enough to use
  • + Updates
  • - Very basic site
  • - Amateur design
  • - Not interactive
  • - A bit confusing at times