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Ordinary Sluts 1784 Ordinary Sluts Do you find yourself more attracted to average looking women rather than those flawlessly perfect models who are near impossible to touch.
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Ordinary Sluts

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Ordinary Sluts

Short Review

Do you find yourself more attracted to average looking women rather than those flawlessly perfect models who are near impossible to touch? Well then you'll find more average sluts on this site then you can poke a cock at! With over 4200 scenes taken straight out of retail DVDs members will have porn oozing out their ears!

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Ah yes! Good old average girls, giving us average blokes a better chance of getting laid unlike those perfect super model types who we could never hope to touch in a million years. But if you've a soft spot for Ordinary looking sluts, and couldn't give a rats about how she looks just as long as she's got a pussy to pound and a set of tits to squeeze, then you'll find plenty of them right here on Ordinary Sluts.

Ordinary Sluts is essentially an amateur based site featuring just about every type of sex act you can think of. Other than the main amateur niche, the site also provides content which falls under 5 other popular niches. These include blowjob, hardcore, lesbian, solo, and young adults. So in retrospect, this site is more of a general porn site when it comes down to it. Either way it's nice to have a variety of porn to indulge in.

As you already know, the site provides scenes which have been taken from retail DVD titles, so obviously there aren't exclusive to this site, though the developers have acquired licenses for them so it's all legit. To those of you who are real anal about the videos being exclusive, let me just say that the fact that there's over 4200 scenes up for download kind of dampens that aspect down.

As for the updates, well they haven't been to clear with their schedule though on the homepage there's a section marked "Todays updates". If this is true then obviously they provide updates on a daily basis. And with already 4200 scenes to go through, well it's pretty safe to say that members will have their hands busy for quite sometime.

If you're familiar with sites that provide content which derive from various production companies, then you'll know that consistency of quality is an issue which can't be avoided. Consistency of the content on this site is all over the place as the Avi and Wmv files have been encoded in different bit rates. This is a problem as the scenes are only available in one of these formats, and not both.

Most scenes run for roughly 15 minutes each. These are only available for download with no DRM restrictions. The Avis come in a bit rate of 1300kbps with a screen size of 320x240. The Wmvs come in second place clocking in at 700kbps also with a screen size of 320x240. Consistency wouldn't have been too big an issue if all scenes are available in both of the formats, unfortunately this isn't the case.

Members also have access to mountains of picture content. So far there are over 4200 galleries to go through. Like the videos these aren't exclusive to the site, but also like the videos, there's a shit ton of them that it doesn't really matter.

Consistency of the picture quality is a little stronger compared to the video content. The main aspect which does tend to differ through out the galleries are the dimensions they come in. However the clarity and quality of the images is quite decent. The picture galleries provided also fall under 6 different popular niches.

The site also comes with a few nice extras. These include live cam shows, 8 video feeds, and a bunch of erotic stories. With the amount of featured content plus all these extras, members will never run out of porn to get off on.

Nav, Design & Features

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I'm not entirely sure how long the site has been around for, but by the looks of the site it looks like it's been around for a while. The site design definately looks dated, as there are no fancy graphics or the like. To put it simply it's not much to look at. However the site is very easy to use none the less.

At the top of the homepage you'll notice the site logo, Just beside it is a search engine. Personally I think the search engine is a little useless because the videos are already organized in their niches anyway. It may be helpful if you're looking for a particular pornstar, other than that though it probably won't get used much.

You'll notice 2 menus down the left side of the site. These menus include niche links for the video and picture galleries. Clicking on these links will take you to an area which includes all the content which falls under the particular niche you chose.

Below the main navigation menu is where you'll come across the thumbnails of today's updates. Scrolling further down the page will land you on the future updates section. There's not a whole lot of information as far as exact dates go, so I'm not entirely sure how accurate these sections are.

The picture galleries, and videos are organized within a number of indexed pages. Each page carries up to 12 galleries, all of which are portrayed in a single thumbnail. Upon clicking this thumbnail you'll be taken to the main content area, from where you can choose to view the images individually or download the different chapters of a scene.



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Ordinary Sluts is more of a general porn site rather than a strictly amateur only site. At the end of the day it's always nice to have a variety of porn to choose from so I guess it can be taken as a privilege. Consistency of the content could have been a little stronger, but all in all the videos are quite easy on the eyes. In my opinion the main selling point of this site is in its numbers.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tons of content
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Daily updates
  • - No exclusive content
  • - Site looks dated