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Our Sex Photos 6786 Our Sex Photos There's a bit of a voyeur in all of us and that's why sites such as Our Sex Photos do really well.
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Our Sex Photos

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Our Sex Photos

Short Review

There's a bit of a voyeur in all of us and that's why sites such as Our Sex Photos do really well. We all love this kind of thing: taking a look at what couples and solo girls get up to in the privacy of their own home, or at the beach in full-on public shows of hardcore fun. This site, that boasts mobile compatibility, daily uploads and original content, is well stocked with all kinds of pics and videos that us voyeurs and lovers of home porn are going to want to see and keep.

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The first thing that struck me about Our Sex Photos was the signup price; under $12.00 for the first month, and then a reduced monthly fee after that. Not only is it an unusual amount for an adult site, but it's a very good one; low and with other longer-term options as well. Then, when you log in, you find a unique navigation system that's easy to use, and all those hot pics you saw on the tour are right there, so you can instantly find exactly the girls or guys who drew you to that good sign up fee in the first place.

When I was at the site there were 177,441 individual images and 201 video clips; the site is very much photo-led, but then you can tell that from the title. The home page is one great mass of recent images, sample shots leading to categories and, to the left, is a menu listing everything in those same categories. Those categories include: Hardcore sex, Mature Sex, Groups sex, Anal, Solo girls, Flashing and Beach sex, and there are plenty of mixes as well, sets with all kinds of stuff mixed in together. Click a category and you find larger sample shots with titles and dates.

Checking the recent additions to the site, as listed on the home page, I found that new sets had been added on the day of my visit, and the day before; earlier uploads also suggested that the daily update promise is indeed kept to, so the site is just growing and growing. There's not a lot of other information about the content, and you can't, for example, see who sent in what or find any contact details about them, there are no descriptions, just wall to wall images to click to.

Those images click up to various sizes and qualities, but I think it is fair to say that the quality here is generally good. There was nothing too blurred or dark, and it was easy enough to see everything clearly. I found solo images scaled down to fit the page but going up to 1,000 x 750 in size, while others were at 700 x 400 and sizes could vary across the collections. You open one and then you can browse the rest of the gallery one pic at a time. Some galleries had thousands of images in them and get added to over time, so you need to keep an eye on the latest editions panel on the home page to see when new amateur guys and girls get added.

Looking at the videos I found 201 in their own area, again shown with basic titles and upload dates. The uploads are not daily here, but the sample images are big and clear and lead to thumbnail and video pages. Viewing is simple, if a bit limited. There are Flash streams to run, one per clip, and there is one Mp4 download per clip too. File sizes vary, as does quality, but downloads were nice and quick. Movies ran for various lengths of time, some were clips of a few seconds, some came in short parts, some were longer. Some came with zip files of the screen caps attached; all were amateur, homemade and really did look genuine and not that kind of made up, studio made, amateur porn.

Nav, Design & Features

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You might have gathered that the site is very simple. You have the list of categories to guide you to the content and then all galleries are set out with large sample shots, then thumbnails that open one at a time. From there you browse the galleries and you can use navigation tools to skip through the sets. Videos come with one stream and one download option, I found Mp4 files at 320 x 240 @ 400 kbps. Remember that these are home shot clips and filmed on phones or tablets etc. There were also zip files for some gallery sets.

The site is simple to navigate but it is not interactive, surprisingly. You don't get a lot of info and there's no rates facility and nowhere to leave comments. I thought there would be more of a community, members-feel to the site so that it was easy to send in your own clips and pics. The only links inside are to billing support, and there's more info on the tor than there is in the member area. So, I don't think you can submit your own content here, but keep an eye on it, as that might change.



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Our Sex Photos is mainly photo led, with over 177,000 real amateur pics of couples fucking and solo girls masturbating, and in all kinds of places. There are also 200+ video clips, again genuine and from amateurs. There's no interactivity, sadly, and no way I could see to send in your own content or make a profile and start sharing, but the site is easy to handle, looks good and works well. It's simple, you get what is promised on the tour and it is a very reasonable price.

Pros & Cons

  • + Genuine amateur content
  • + Easy to use
  • + Daily updates
  • + Mobile files
  • + Decent quality
  • + Well stocked
  • - Not interactive
  • - No self-submit
  • - No information