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Private Home Clips 2685 Private Home Clips Private Home Clips is exactly what members will see inside the members area of this site.
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Private Home Clips

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Private Home Clips

Short Review

Private Home Clips is exactly what members will see inside the members area of this site. The content is unscripted and recorded mostly knowing that other people will be sharing in the private moments between the people in the movie scenes and pictures that are currently in the site collection. Some of the content is spycam style and revenge break up footage, but hey who am I to complain? Members of the site get access to over 9,000 movies and 56,000 photos submitted from private people.

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This site supplies the members a great opportunity to see some real content from real people. I love watching the people in the content doing things that they wouldn't normally do in front of a physical person, but they are all to happy to perform lewd and devious acts in front of the camera. Some of these people secretly get off knowing that there will be people out there everywhere that will see them performing in the movies that are uploaded to this site and they must love it. Some of my favorite movie clips on this site are the ones that people post after they break up with someone and almost in revenge style post it for all to see. Nothing sexier then watching some footage that was meant to only be shared between the couple in the clips Trust me when I say this, all of the content on the site is great and really erotic to watch. Members will have a ball using this site and taking advantage of all the great content and other things that it has to offer.

Members get access to over 9,000 Movies and 56,000 photos and the content is updated daily, so members will never run out of things to look at. At the very top of the page is a tally of how many movies and photos are added to the site each week, this is a great idea so members can see and really know that the content is actually getting updated and that there will be fresh new things to look at all the time. In the movie option the content is split into a few different categories to make it easier for members to make a selection. Members can choose between New Added, Top Rated and Most Downloaded. The Photo content is split up and displayed in the same categories as the Movie content. Down the left hand side of the main members page on the site is a list of quick reference words which members can use to further split the content into more specific content niches.

The livestreaming function on the site works quite well, but it may be interrupted slightly depending on the speed and quality of the members internet connection. The format used for the livestreaming capabilities on the site is Flash Player Video, but the download option on the site uses AVI format, 24 34.3Kbps.

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I have to say that this site really delivers some great services for members to use that other sites haven't even thought of or rarely include for members to use. There is so much more for members to do on this site then just viewing content and I think that this is really great for members to have, I love using a site that looks after its members.

Members are directed to the main page of the PrivateHomeClips Home page, up the top of the Home page is the site banner and under the site banner is the navigation bar. This contains all of the options that members will need to move around all of the content areas on the site. The site layout is really easy to use and the site navigation features are really easy to use. I love this because I dont think it should be hard for members to access the content on any site that they visit.

Members can return to the sites main page at anytime by selecting the Home option on the navigation bar. The navigation bar is permanently located at the top of every page on the site, which just makes moving through the content contained on the site so much easier for members. The options listed on the navigation bar are pretty straight forward to see exactly what each one does just by looking at them. The Movies on the site are all in the Movie option, apart from the initial display movies on the home page. The entire image sets from the movie scenes can be accessed in the Photos option on the nav bar.

The FAQ option on the Nav menu is where members can ask questions if they are having any difficulties or just to ask a question in general. Members can use the Upload Movies and Photos option on the navigation bar to submit their private footage to be considered for adding to the site. Another feature on the site is the members forum, members can use this to chat, post opinions and blog. It also acts a tool for members to communicate with each other adding a feeling of belonging to a club. The Profile option on the navigation bar enables members to create and edit their members profile, to use for the forum or to submit naughty clips of themselves.

On this site members (mainly couples) can compete in a competition by submitting their own private clips to be put in the running to win a starring spot on the Private Home Clips site. All of the successful entries are published on the website and the content is uploaded unedited straight onto the site as it was submitted. Members can lodge their application and submit the footage of themselves using the Contest option on the navigation bar. Members will have fun using this site, it is so easy to use and the site goes above and beyond to supply the members with so many great services.



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What I really LOVE about this site is that it supplies unique content to the members. Anyone can be a star on this site by making a submission to the monthly contest that the site runs and make some $ and prizes in the process. This site really encourages the members to participate and become involved in what is happening. It has real content starring real people in normal everyday situations and best of all the site looks after its members by supplying them with some really easy to use options.

Pros & Cons

  • + Access to over 8,000 videos
  • + 56,000 home made images
  • + Livestreaming
  • + Daily updates
  • + Members Forum
  • + Log out feature