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Public GF Videos 6853 Public GF Videos Some people just can't resist the call of the great outdoors, even when they are horny and want a good long sex session. And some of those folk can't resist filming themselves in public places either.
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Public GF Videos

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Public GF Videos

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Some people just can't resist the call of the great outdoors, even when they are horny and want a good long sex session. And some of those folk can't resist filming themselves in public places either. And what we can't resist is a site like Public GF Videos where Amaland gather such videos and pics together and make them accessible in a well-stocked members' area. Your access also includes the full set of sites and movies from this huge network of all amateur homemade hardcore content.

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The videos and galleries here are all about amateur guys and girls doing sexy stuff in public places. This can vary from girls flashing for fun on the beach, girls topless in the park, and couples having a quick romp, to full on sex videos set up and filmed by the couples for their own kinky reasons. I just watched one, for example, where a couple had sex against their car, she blew him, he fucked her and then they even got the camera and filmed her own cream pie jizz evacuation, right there outside somewhere. So, here we are, seeing all kinds of hot stuff happening outside of closed doors rather than behind them for a change.

The content has a self-shot style to it and so the quality is going to vary. Some were fine, some were small videos but all were easy to download. There were 315 videos when I was checking the site out, and you find them via the home page and the left menu; here you have all sites listed and you might need to click More to get to the page listing all sites available to you. Actually, this is more like a category page as the whole network is one great big site with 28 niches and the main hub. Some of the content that appears at Public GF Videos may also appear in some of the other sites/niches, and the whole network contains something like 13,067 videos and 16,122 photo sets.

Movies are shown on index pages where you can rearrange the order. Clicking to a viewing page you find only the most basic viewing options. This is not surprising as the videos are made by the public, so don't come with a choice of resolutions. Some are small at 320 x 240 in size while others are larger, around 768 x 432 @ 800 kbps, still not huge but reasonable. There were no HD movies that I saw, perhaps there will be in the future, but we are looking at self-submit, homemade videos here so it's not that surprising. Movies run for various lengths of time, from a minute or so to 20, depending on who shot them.

The gallery link is at the top of the page and there were 2,992 galleries set out here in the same way as the videos. Not all of the images were outdoor or public though, perhaps they were public restroom or something, but there are some. They are very varied with all kinds of babes in selfies and couples in 'sexies' or whatever self-shot homemade porn is called these days. Image sizes vary but they are scaled to the same size to fit the screen they are shown in, that is, at 976 x 597 and so some images, and particularly the thumbnails, can look distorted. But you can take zip files and the images are fine. Some are decent quality, others are a bit dodgy. Numbers per set vary.

And over in the rest of your network, you have all kinds of other self-submit style content. There are big girls and big boobs, there are Asian girls and hardcore, there are solo girls and also some Milfs. It's a good network for sexy selfies and 'sexies.'

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You should have no hassles when using the site. You start off at the main home page that shows you the most recent daily updates. Your site may not update every day, but your network does. The left menu directs you to the site, though the More link opens the main Sites page which is an easy way to navigate. Then the site you select opens in the same window and all of them take the same form which is why I was thinking this network is like one great big site with 28 different categories.

Movies come on very simple viewing pages with one stream, one download (right click) and a place for your comments. You can rate the content and add it to a favourites area, but there are few descriptions. Some content is upload by users, apparently, but I didnt find a way to do this. Most has been uploaded by Amaland. You can make up your own profile though, if you want to share your details around.

There are some adverts in the site, and there are two pre-checked cross sales on the join page to watch out for. Other than that, it's hassle free ride and there were no technical issues.



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We all like to see couples and hot girls doing sexy stuff in public, there's an extra thrill built into that kind of amateur porn. Here we have a good and growing collection of all kinds of couples and girls in selfies and hardcore selfies at that. Your membership works out as good value as you've got network access with it and daily updates. Really, this is one of the best networks for amateur public nudity and porn.

Pros & Cons

  • + Large network
  • + All amateur
  • + Easy to use
  • + Daily network updates
  • - Cross sales on sign up
  • - Adverts in member area
  • - Variable quality
  • - Not all outdoor content
  • - Non exclusive