Real Arizona Amateurs
Real Arizona Amateurs 78 Real Arizona Amateurs Broke as a joke! No air conditioning, these hoes need money badly! Hows that for a site slogan.
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Real Arizona Amateurs

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Real Arizona Amateurs

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Broke as a joke! No air conditioning, these hoes need money badly! Hows that for a site slogan! Real Arizona Amateurs brings you some of the horniest whores straight from Arizona, these girls have too much free time with nothing to do but fuck, so you can be certain that they'll put up a smashing good show!

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We all love those down to earth girls, you know the ones, they run around town with white singlets and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, apparently the best place to find these sort of girls is in "Arizona" the girls there are foxy, horny and know how to fuck! Who knows maybe it's because they've got nothing else to do but fuck, so they're sure to be good at it.

Currently there are 17 genuine Arizona girls each starring in their very own scene, these girls get up to all sorts of erotic sex acts such as getting double penetrated, rubbing themselves up or playing with their favorite sex toys. Members are able to download these videos in mpg and wmv format, they then have the further option of choosing which quality of that video they wish to download, wmvs come in high, medium and low qualities, where as the mpgs only come in high quality, the file sizes greatly differ through out the different qualities, needless to say that the lower quality files are there to cater for customers with slower connection speeds.

I should mention that their server speeds are pretty decent, on a 1.5Mb download connection I was averaging around the download speed of 125Kbps, the file I downloaded was one of their high quality mpgs that is 293Mb in size, it took me less then half an hour to complete the download, members who really don't want to wait that long can always opt for the lower quality files which can be downloaded within a few minutes. Theres also the option of streaming the videos, although trying to stream them through mozilla firefox will seriously mess up the aspect ratio of the video, this can be overcome by viewing the pages through internet explorer.

Still picture content on the site is pretty mediocre, a lot of the pictures are very pixelated and grainy, as they are video captures from the different episodes, some of the pictures aren't too bad, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing, if the video was good then the pictures are gonna turn out good, if the video was bad then the pictures are going to turn out even worse than the video itself, if the media team were to tweak these pictures through photoshop though, they should be able to fix up minor vidcap flaws to make them look half decent, but thats only if they could be bothered, unfortunately I don't think that was the case with the picture content on this site, they're really only there as a side dish to their video content.

Information regarding the updates for this site is pretty much non-existent, so I can't give you any backed up information on this issue. There is a news and updates section, but you'll notice that it's information on their network as a whole and you won't find any news on the site itself, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if they are still updating or not, one things for sure though, with only 17 episodes on offer they really should start uploading some more episodes.

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The Real Arizona Amateurs front page doesn't give away any information on what the site is all about, fair enough the site name lets people know the niche of the site, but what about previews and content numbers? This is where the free tour comes in, I must say the free tour really gave me a good first impression, there is a tonne of information flying around the place and there are a number of free teasers to keep potential customers wanting more, it should do a great job reeling in potential customers.

Navigating around the page is nice and basic as it usually is with these type of websites, all of the media content can be accessed from the main members area, in fact you'll find that you'll be spending most of your time on this page as it has all you need. At the top of the members area page you'll come across the link to their latest uploaded episode, no information on when it was actually uploaded though, beside this link is the news and updates section where you can read up on updates to the network as a whole. Scrolling down the members area page you'll come across a thumbnails gallery, these thumbnails are linked to the individual episodes, the thumbnails are hand picked vidcaps from that particular scene, so you get an idea of what the scene is about before you start downloading, clicking a thumbnail link will take you to that episodes information and downloads page, here you can access the picture gallery for that episode and download the various video files that episode has available for download.

Towards the bottom of the members area you'll find the links to their bonus sites, the links are portrayed in thumbnails that strongly depict the designated niche of that site, these links take you to that particular site's front page where you must re-enter your user name and password, really simple stuff here guys you just can't go wrong!



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I actually didn't mind this site the video content isn't half bad and navigation is easy, there is a mix of hardcore and softcore content and the Arizona girls are cute, the 2 things that really let the site down though is the picture content and the amount of videos they have, they definitely need to start uploading more videos, all in all it's a simple site that needs more content.

Pros & Cons

  • + Easy navigation
  • + Good video content
  • - Not enough content
  • - Picture content is of low quality