Ronis Paradise
Ronis Paradise 6098 Ronis Paradise The look of silky stockings against slender legs, the thought of nylons against your skin, the charms of a fulsome, older amateur lady with the same fetish. Nice.
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Ronis Paradise

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Ronis Paradise

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The look of silky stockings against slender legs, the thought of nylons against your skin, the charms of a fulsome, older amateur lady with the same fetish. Nice. All that comes together at Roni's Paradise where our hostess invites us in to see her fetish content. She has exclusive videos and galleries, and then some extras and other hardcore delights. Definitely a site worth seeing whether you are into older ladies, amateur sex, nylons or simply original hardcore.

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As soon as you log in here you wonder what you have come to. Is it a site for writers? The home page is one long list of text. But look again and you will see that that's because the home page is like an update blog, and there is something new being added, and talked about, every week. The top menu leads you easily to the various content areas and the side column gives you some neat extras and interactive stuff which we will come back to later. First the content count.

The Videos section has a drop-down list of its sub-areas with cam videos, video feeds and hardcore; there were around 260 movies to watch here, and the runtimes varied. There were loads of galleries as well, with eight different categories making up a total of some 560 photo sets dating back to 2003. Image numbers are not large, with around 60 to 100 pics each; recent images clicked up to 1,200 x 800 in size, but not all are as large.

Talking technical for a moment, the videos could do with a bit of attention. They are fine to view, no problems there, but they are not the most up to date in terms of HD or resolution. The top download I found was 1,000 kbps @ 720 x 480, in WMV, and there were some Mpeg files with lower resolutions. Those were for downloads. Clicking on the stream link on a page and a new tab opened with an embedded WMV player which asked for my login details again. This played at 3.17 Mbps but at 640 x 480 and took a very long time to buffer.

The index pages are not so well set out here which means you have to scroll down long lists of text (with warnings about multiple downloads) and small thumbnails, and there's not a lot of info about each one. There is just a small written introduction above the stream or download link and the one thumbnail. But when you do open a movie, or start to run it, you find exclusive scenes.

Roni's Paradise is the island of Hawaii and you even get and island tour at one point. Here she plays with all kinds of guys and gets down to all kinds of dirty sex. There's lots of nylon action, this reasonably trim and fit over 50 lady likes to keep her legs covered in nylon, and slender for you. She services herself in self-pleasure and solo scenes, she goes down on guys, she gets happy with her toys both inside and outside. So, you have a certain amount of variety but you're never too sure exactly what is going to happen as all you have to guide you is one thumbnail and a small piece of text. That makes the ultimate discovery all the more thrilling.

The video links to hardcore takes you to a new tab and a plug-in site, and you've then got a whole page of feed sites to link into for more, non-exclusive fun. The Cam videos are recordings of Roni in action on cam shows, and there is a link (on the home page) to where you can set up a private show and schedule a session with Roni live which she will do via Skype. This costs extra but it's a nice personal touch. And, as well as that, you've got a few extras and other fun stuff to play with. Read on:

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Up in the main menu is a link for Fun Stuff and beneath this you find games, puzzles, slideshows, screen savers and wallpapers. The slideshows are many and show Roni with girlfriends and alone in photo sessions. There is a message board for members as well and this you will find runs on a standard forum template so you can register and get posting, make up a profile and get interactive. This stands out as being modern and up to date against the rather amateur and old fashioned look of the main site.

The navigation could be made easier here though the site would need an overhaul to do it. When you click to a gallery, for example, then the only menu item you have is to click back to home again. You can download zip files of photo sets but there are no slideshows with each one, and you have to use your back button to get out.

It would be nice to have more detail with the videos as well, so that you knew just a little more about them, and there are no places for adding comments or rates. In that respect the site feels stuck back in the 1990s or early 2000s. But having said that everything that is here does work, and there were no technical problems with the site. As long as you can download WMV or Mpeg files you will be able to collect the videos, and the photo sets came down easily in their zip files.

And, should you have any problems, there is a link to Help, or you could use the forum. Also while here you could request Roni make the kind of movies you like to see, you can share your thoughts and you can really get to know this mature Hawaiian lady personally.



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Not the most up to date site in terms of technology or look, but one that stays with its promises, gives you exactly what you expected to get and one that really does let you get closer to the main star. Exclusive shoots from Hawaii with a 50-something amateur lady who's not afraid to entertain men, women or herself. And then you have lots of extras and fun stuff to play with including masses of bonus hardcore movies, feeds and even live shows one to one.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Amateur, mature and Hawaiian
  • + Lots to see and do
  • + Good forum and nice extras
  • - Limited video viewing
  • - Old fashioned look to the pages
  • - Not a lot of information per shoot