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Self Shot 6137 Self Shot Self Shot is one site that comes as part of a package; it's a GF package, which means it's all about amateur girls and homemade content, with videos and galleries in that style.
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Self Shot

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Self Shot

Short Review

Self Shot is one site that comes as part of a package; it's a GF package, which means it's all about amateur girls and homemade content, with videos and galleries in that style. It's got a snazzy front tour page, and then a rather simple members' area. It has a reasonable collection of girls in this one site but you get to access all the other sites with your membership and there are 13 sites in total. The content is varied in terms of quality and were not 100% sure about the update schedule.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

Skip the annoying adverts on your way in and you come to a kind of portal page from where you can head off to see any and all of the sites in the network. You don't need to bookmark this page or worry about it as from now on you will be able to skip around the various sites and their content from a static main menu. Up there you find access to Videos and Albums per set, so simply select the one you want from any of the sites.

Self Shot had 97 movies when I called in and these are set out on simple index pages. There are sample shots, rates, numbers of views and upload info such as last month or three months ago which I always find a bit too vague, but there you go. You get a rough idea of who and what the video is about from these sample shots, and then you only need to click to head into the actual viewing page.

On these pages you have a basic choice: to stream or download, and there is only one choice for each. The movies run for various lengths of time and some are not the best quality ever because they were filmed on phones, or captured on home video-cams, but that is what we expect with Self Shot style content so that's fine. The downloads happened pretty fast, some files are pretty small, and the stream did go up to full size, though sometimes with a loss of quality; again, to be expected. (The downloads I tried came out as Mp4 videos at 1,505 kbps @ 576 x 432.)

The action varies, but all the way through I found a self-shot style element to the content. There were some movies that were definitely amateur made and shot on phones and cams, so real folk giving us a real show. Whether these were submitted to the site willingly or discovered elsewhere is hard to say, though on the tour I did notice places where you could ask to have your content removed, and presumably, added. There are solo girls capturing themselves on cam, there are couples at home, there are even some girls together. Girls with toys, girls masturbating, a fair amount of action in the bathroom (as that's where you find the most mirrors) and more or less all of it exactly as you hoped to find.

There are also galleries, and in this case there were 140 of them. These are either galleries of one girl, or one couple, or they are a mix of pics and girls. And images are a mix of sizes as well. There is plenty of variety here and not only in the quality of what you see, but also in the kinds of girls who have photographed themselves, and in where they have done it.

Now then, for more of the same kind of content you only need to start looking around the other sites. I am not sure if content is shared among sites, I suspect that some is, but there is a lot to see. There are, for example, 683 teen girl videos and 920 albums in that one site alone. You've also got Indian, Latina, Emo, Asian and Black girl self-shot content to view in both galleries and videos.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

This is a simple members' area and, apart from a few adverts. It works fine and looks OK. It's nothing glamorous, there are no great frills or thrills, just easy access to the content and that is the main thing after all. There are only two choices for viewing, your streams and downloads, and I found this was a bit restricting.

But there is the chance for you to rate the clips and pics you see, so there is some very mild interactivity here. Of course, if you want to get really involved you can send in your own content, but there is no info with anything, so you don't know who is who and this isn't really an exhibitionist site, it's more of a voyeur site where you call in, watch and log out again. You can add things to your favourites area, and you will find ideas for what to watch next are shown next to the video viewing screen, so moving from one piece of content to the next is easy enough. Navigation via the top menu is also simple and it's very easy to jump from one site to the next, or from the content of one site to the next. There is also a page outlining the various sites in more detail.

The galleries are a case of simple viewing as well, with sets of images to the right that, when clicked, produce a solo image to the left. No slideshows are necessary and there are no zip file downloads. The members' area also has a general search box and some links to other sites and adverts at the bottom of the pages. It's all very simple but it all works fine.



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Self Shot, the members' area, looks and feels different to Self Shot the tour, but once inside you have a feast of real, and real-feel, amateur home videos and galleries. Lots of girls, lots of variety, all kinds of folk getting up to all kinds of things and your membership is actually a way in to the All of GFs network, so there's some decent value for money to be had. A couple more viewing options, a little more interactivity and a lot more information about the clips and pics would be good.

Pros & Cons

  • + Content from 13 sites
  • + Mostly with a reality amateur feel to it
  • + Looks like updates are happening
  • + Easy to use
  • - Basic members area
  • - Variable quality
  • - Few viewing options
  • - No information