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Shanes World 6062 Shanes World Shane's World is a place where professional porn stars meet amateurs and have a party.
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Shanes World

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Shanes World

Short Review

Shane's World is a place where professional porn stars meet amateurs and have a party. In fact there is a big party feel to this site with a couple of variations: slumber parties, beach parties, dorm room events, you name it, as long as some top girls can meet some amateur guys, or vice versa, then the crew are here filming it. The site offers you videos to steam and download, decent quality productions, some galleries, and there are some new features also promised as coming along soon.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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When I called in recently I found there were 384 movies up in the members' area and 39 photo galleries. I checked to see if there was an update schedule but I couldn't see one and there had only been one video added in the previous three weeks; but before then there had been several added in a block and the previous month had done well for updates. The earliest dated scene here was 2008.

Movies are shown in a simple Flash player format with a screen that is about 768 x 432 in size, there is also a download option and the movies I saw also had Flash as this option. Looking at the older movies I found the quality was fine, a bit hand held and rough around the edges at times, but still good at full screen. And that roughness was because what I was watching was a reality style College Invasion movie. This is one of the styles that Shane's World does well. They take professional girls and send them off with a crew to a college dorm, or club, or party and film the sexy mayhem that ensues. You get real, live, and wild orgies and parties going on this way, and these movies work really well for amateur, reality hardcore.

Looking at the most recent movie I found we were in Slumber Party mode with girls staying over, dark footage, nigh filming and a nice atmosphere behind the lesbian hardcore that was going on. Again the quality was fine, and this time as well as the Flash stream, I had an Mp4 download that I could take and this was at 3,100 kbps @ 1,280 x 720, so the resolutions have moved on and grown up a bit in recent years.

Movies varied in length but were around 20 to 47 minutes on average. They come on their own viewing page and here you also have a description and some information about each one. There are various tabs in the main menu and these show the movies sorted into different headings: You can start at the Home page and see what is being watched at the time of your visit, you can also start to browse through the entire collection from here. There are tabs for the Newest movies where you have them in upload order, for Most Viewed, Longest, Most Discussed, and Random. On all of these pages you have sample shots, star ratings, titles, runtimes and number of views. It's easy to find your movies.

As well as the College Invasion series you have the porn stars fucking amateurs on holiday series, and there are pages showing you're the content headings by series and 'Channels.' There are four series really, the college antics, Shane's World itself, Real Amateurs and Casey Parker's own adventures. All in all, they add up to a decent amount of video content that is presented in a simple way and that is reasonable in terms of quality.

There are a few photo galleries to view as well, I counted 39, and the link is also in the top menu. These have various numbers of pics per set, they are shot at the same time as some of the videos, and the ones I saw were screen caps at a medium size. You're definitely looking at a video-led site here rather than a photo-led one.

Nav, Design & Features

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  • Features: 0/10

Moving around inside the members' area is easy. The top menu stays with you so there is no getting lost, and there is a search engine should you wish to make a more detailed search. The index pages are neatly set out in a standard way, with square sample shots and those basic details, and the viewing pages are also uncluttered and easy to read and use. There are not a lot of download or viewing options, it must be said. You only have the one stream and the one download, so slower connected folk might have an issue with that, though the stream chosen for you is kind of middle of the road; good, but not the biggest ever. So faster connected folk might have an issue with that! Why not give us a little choice?

There seems to be no real upload schedule either and there is not a lot of information. A model index would have been good to see, so we could find out more about the girls, and some of the guys, and it would have been good to see some news area, so we knew what was coming next and when. There is a Community link in the top menu but this produces a black page with Coming Soon. There is also a Specials link in the menu which leads to a blank page as well. You will see a few advertisements for other sites, live girl sites that you have to pay to join, and there are links to Twitter to follow if you want.

It's a simple members' area that gives no trouble but it is also one that is not very interactive or informative; though you can rate and comment and add to favourites in a standard way. You get straight to the content here with no messing around.



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Shane's World has got it right when it comes to the college parties, the hardcore and the mix of amateurs and professional models. The quality is fine and the site is very easy to use. I would have liked more info and a better update schedule, plus more viewing choices, but what is here is fine. If you're up for something exclusive, hard and horny, with some wild and noisy action, great looking girls who know how to get nailed, then this site is going to suit you fine.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Wild amateur parties and orgies
  • + Good looking models
  • + Easy to navigate and use
  • - Not sure about updates
  • - Not very interactive
  • - Not a lot of viewing choices