Sin Cindy
Sin Cindy 2304 Sin Cindy If you have a sweet tooth for petite brunette's with silky smooth olive skin then you are going to go nuts over Sin Cindy.
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Sin Cindy

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Sin Cindy

Short Review

If you have a sweet tooth for petite brunette's with silky smooth olive skin then you are going to go nuts over Sin Cindy! This fresh faced teen has it all a perky set of titties, a juicy round chewable ass, and slender long legs which seem to go on forever. Watch this gorgeous babe explore her body in some steamy solo episodes and expect to see some down right arousing girl on girl much fests that is sure to get those lesbian fans rowdy!

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Being new to the porn industry and not as well known as the high caliber pornstarts but every bit as horny and sexy Sin Cindy's content falls under the amateur niche. But like I said just because she's an amateur girl doesn't mean she's an amateur on making guys horny with her oh so sweet teen body and not to mention the ball busting factor of the event when she enjoys some intimate company with one of her gorgeous girl friends! So the site offers four niches to the table, solo girl, amateur, masturbation/toys, and lesbian. Now I don't know about you but that's a nice collection of niches right there! I should warn you hardcore fans that you won't be seeing a single cock on this site as it's more an all girls thing and in my books that's just fine, awesome in fact!

All in all there are 48 episodes which involve Cindy getting herself off with her favorite toys snuggling it up with one or more of her equally hot and horny girl friends, or simply showing off her girly bits out in public places. Episodes usually go for roughly 20 minutes each with the solo masturbation episodes usually lasting for 5 to 10 minutes. There's no information on how long the site has been up for and the same can be said for future updates so it's hard to tell just how active the site is with new uploads. Either way with 48 episodes up her sleeves and knowing that she's a single amateur girl plus all her episodes are 100% exclusive to this very site makes that effort seem like a damn good one which it is!

Now the main and only thing which I really wanted the developers to change on Cindy's site would have to be the fact that members don't have the option of downloading the videos as they are only available to stream off the site which is a big old let down for me, I mean I was hoping to download her movies and have Cindy on my computer for as long as I wish! Well I suppose we can't win them all but at least the videos look stunning with a crazy encoding rate of (4000kbps @ 320x240) a tiny screen I know but at least they look so damn clear. If only they can change the fact that the videos can only be downloaded I would have had no problems at all with the content.

Each episode comes with a picture gallery so in other words there are 48 picture galleries all up. Now don't go thinking that they are screen shots taken from the episodes because you would be dead wrong! They've gone through the effort of providing some of the most stunning looking picture content I've come across in a while. The galleries contain roughly 150 drool worthy images each which come in jaw dropping dimensions of (1600x1067 pixels) and not only are they large but they're so damn crisp and colorful it feels as though you're looking straight at Cindy in person. So overall the picture conent is to die for and those of you who enjoy good picture porn will certainly eat these right up!

So that's all that can be said for the content on Cindy's site but that's not where all the porn stops because on signing up you gain access to a seemingly endless amount of tasty bonus sites. All in all you gain access to over 100 sites spanning across a pandoras box of niches, now I'm not a maths genius myself but if you do the math there that's a fuck load of content for members to keep their hands busy with and with the diverse selection of sites on offer I can say with confidence that there's a bonus site here for just about any ones porn tastes!

Nav, Design & Features

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When I first saw Cindy on the tour pages I was instantly attracted, she's just one of those girls that no matter what your tastes are in women you can't help but be allured by her gorgeous looks. There's a personal message from Cindy telling us all about herself and in the top banner there's information stating that all her content is 100% exclusive which you already knew right? Further down you've got propaganda about the stunning HD videos and plenty of sample pictures to start you off. Down the right side of the tour page is a scroll down section which includes information on the latest episodes.

I'll be brutally honest here and say that navigating the site can be a bit confusing at first. See there's a navigation menu down the right side of the site but all these links will take you to the bonus content I mentioned in the first part of my review. If you want to check out the exclusive episodes you'll have to click on the thumbnail links which represent the updates, these can be found down the length of the site on the members area. The three latest episodes are featured on the members area but if you wish to see the entire archive you'll have to click on any one of these.

All the 48 episodes can be found spread down the length of the page. Each one is represented with a picture of Cindy and what she looks like in the scene, below the thumbnails are links to the video and photo galleries. Now the photo galleries are your every day garden variety type meaning you just have to click on the thumbnails to view the large picture. Watching the movies is a simple enough task all you will have to do is click on the link provided, choose which quality you want to view the episode and it should automatically stream within a new window.

Now the bonus content is a little all over the joint as they do derive from non-exclusive and exclusive bonus sites which really drops the consistency of quality between the sites but with thousands of scenes at your very finger tips who is going to be complaining about the mediocre quality. Amongst those 100 plus bonus sites there are 20 exclusive reality sites for members to dig their teeth in. Members also have access to picture only sites which provide some very hot picture content. All in all with the bonus sites there and Cindy's exlclusive content members are set for porn for quite some time to come.



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Cindy's hot, her videos look damn awesome, and the picture content is fucking good! So why am I still a little disappointed with the site? Well it's mainly because of the fact that you can't download the videos! Damn I thought that was a staple amongst porn sites nowadays. Anyway if you can live with that fact then definately give this site a go. Plus the fact that you gain access to over 100 bonus sites makes the deal that much sweeter.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great quality videos
  • + Pictures look stunning
  • + Full access to hundreds of sites
  • + All exclusive content
  • - Can't download vids
  • - No info on future updates