Student Sex Parties
Student Sex Parties 3260 Student Sex Parties Here at Student Sex Parties, you can see what happens when a horny group of sexy Russian students is left to their own devices with plenty of booze at hand.
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Student Sex Parties

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Student Sex Parties

Short Review

Here at Student Sex Parties, you can see what happens when a horny group of sexy Russian students is left to their own devices with plenty of booze at hand. This exclusive site offers feature film length flicks filled with debauchery from start to finish. There's plenty of hot action here, and the Russian babes are gorgeous but is this one worth the above average price of membership? Let's find out.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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At first glance, Student Sex Parties seems to offer a rather small collection and in some ways, it does. There are just 24 naughty parties archived here are so far, but the scenes themselves are huge. Each comes with hundreds of photos and around five video clips totaling over two hours of footage. That's quite a bit of smut, but I'm not certain that the site is still updating. This isn't the first time I've visited Student Sex Parties, and the collection has only increased by a few parties in well over a year.

As I mentioned, the scenes here are quite long and in fact, some even top five hours worth of footage. A very significant portion of the video footage dedicated to each party features no sex whatsoever. These naughty Russian students hang out on the street, go visit their friends, party in the dining room, and drink like crazy before getting down and dirty and it's all caught on film from beginning to end. There's quite a bit of dialogue in Russian, but subtitles are provided in English. Sometimes they kick off the XXX action with a boob contest or other silly party games, but it always comes back around to naughty student group sex for these freaky Russians! The parties each include at least three or four guys and gals and there's plenty of double penetrations and bisexual twat licking going on.

Student Sex Parties has a discernible amateur feel to it considering that these wild sex romps seemed to be filmed in private homes with handheld cameras, so some of the scenes have slightly imperfect color balance or are a bit too dark. That being said, these flicks come at up to 1280 x 720 pixels, 2600 kbps and they look very, very nice for this type of amateur themed content. The photos are over 1100 pixels on the long side, and while there is more quality variation here than in the videos I think all of these Russian porn pics are still worth a look.

Nav, Design & Features

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The Student Sex Party's tour pages are very plain and simple and done mostly in black. Like most tours it offers preview text and images that should give you a very accurate idea of what you'll see in the members' area, but isn't particularly informative when it comes to the size of the collection, the update schedule, the quality level of the materials, the format used or anything else.

I was somewhat annoyed to see ads and up-sells on the very first page that members see upon logging in, but at least it's easy to bypass by clicking the large link above the ads. The members' area here is among the most basic I've ever encountered. It offers absolutely no search or sort tools, nor are the materials categorized in any way. There's no model info, and in most cases the models names aren't even listed.

The Student Sex Parties are listed one to a page making it very difficult to browse and find the scene you want to watch since you can't see any kind of preview before arriving at the scene's page. On each scenes page you'll see around 15 small to medium sized preview images as well as a paragraph or two of information, the running time, and the video and photo download links. Strangely, the site has AVI format files marked as being WMV format files. I would imagine that most people would have no trouble viewing them with a standard video player anyway, but I did find it odd. Each party has about five downloadable videos offered in the erroneously labeled AVI format plus a second option for MOV format downloads. There's no way to view the large photo sets that come with each party from within the members area. If you want to see them, you'll have to download the full ZIP file.



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Normally, I wouldn't even consider recommending a site with just 24 scenes and no sign of growth. With Student Sex Parties, however, things are a bit different. The site easily has as much to offer as most sites with less than one fifth of their materials due to the large size of each update. The scenes themselves are fun, hot and high quality, so it really comes down to whether or not you want to shell out an above average membership price for a site which may or may not ever update

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive amateur group sex scenes
  • + Quality is pretty nice
  • + Huge picture sets, 2+ hour vids
  • - Not many parties available so far
  • - No search/sort tools
  • - Needs more options
  • - Unsure about updates