Swing Nudists
Swing Nudists 5581 Swing Nudists Swing Nudists, despite the name of the site, seems to be more about being nude in public and having sex in public than it is about swinging or people who are actually nudists.
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Swing Nudists

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Swing Nudists

Short Review

Swing Nudists, despite the name of the site, seems to be more about being nude in public and having sex in public than it is about swinging or people who are actually nudists. Based on the tour, it looks like most of what you'll see here is public nudity taking place on nude beaches and some naughty action between couples when they think no one is looking. Curious? Let's go inside for more information!

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There are currently 846 video clips and 233 image galleries offered here at Swing Nudists, and according to the dates on the most recent stuff, no new video materials have been added since September of 2011 while the photo section most recently updated in March of 2012. The video clips here average around 3 minutes each. The disappointing thing is that it looks like a lot of these clips would actually go together to form a full scene, but they're often listed nowhere near each other and there are no helpful titles or other information that would allow you to put them together.

Although I was a little bit unsure about the "swinger" aspect of the site at first, the more I browsed through the collection the more I realized that there is actually a decent amount of stuff here that features, if not actual swinging, then at least threesome and group sex type action taking place in a pretty public setting like a nude beach. You'll see nude beach babes lying on their towels as multiple guys rub their bodies, you'll see chicks giving blow jobs to a couple of different guys on the beach, and you'll see groups of friends getting quite friendly with each other. There's also plenty of one-on-one action and just plain nudity.

The very nature of these flicks, being filmed on a nude beach and in various outdoor locations, means that you can't really expect super high quality HD videos here. At a size of 720 x 576 pixels, 4000 kbps or so, these are at least large and high quality enough to be enlarged for full-screen viewing without losing any clarity.

Nav, Design & Features

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Members areas don't come much more basic than the one found here at Swing Nudists. There's a video page, a photo page, and a customer support page, and that's it. You can choose the number of scenes to display per page, but that's pretty much where the helpful search and navigation tools end. You can search for scenes, there are no categories to choose from, and in fact these scenes don't even have titles.

To access the videos here, just click the one you want to see. Since each video is available only in AVI format at a single quality level for download with no streaming, the video will start downloading immediately. Photos are offered in basic thumbnail galleries with no additional download or viewing options.



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This kind of really authentic amateur stuff filmed in a public location like a nude beach is extremely rare, and although I would've appreciated longer scenes and full length videos instead of clips and a more advanced members area would be nice, this may be one instance where the sheer uniqueness of the materials makes up for just about everything else. If the tour seems appealing to you, I'm pretty sure you'll like what's inside.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive materials
  • + Very unique sex on the beach scenes inc. couples and groups
  • + Quality is at least OK considering the category
  • - Short clips, no full length scenes
  • - Does not update
  • - No search