Taia Tyler
Taia Tyler 1561 Taia Tyler Taia Tyler is a naturally busty brunette beauty who isn't afraid to show the world that she loves to fuck.
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Taia Tyler

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Taia Tyler

Short Review

Taia Tyler is a naturally busty brunette beauty who isn't afraid to show the world that she loves to fuck! If your looking for a women who doesn't need make up to look good, then Taia Tyler may posses the natural beauty you're looking for. Taia Tyler's site sports a humble amount of exclusive pictures and videos that will wow any red blooded male.

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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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When it comes to feature girl sites you can usually count on the content being exclusive, which is exactly the case with this site as all the episodes and picture galleries on this site you won't find anywhere else. Taia's site has been around since 1998 and is still being loaded with content, that's almost 9 years of Taia's life recorded in raunchy porn!

Now from the get go you can tell that Taia is an amateur model at heart, as she doesn't go to extreme lengths to doll herself up, either way she's got natural beauty and very large titties so it doesn't really matter. It looks as though Taia enjoys a wide array of sexual activities, as there's a diverse line up of different types of scenes, ranging from steamy gangbangs, double penetrations, lesbian orgies, down to the more softcore stuff like solo masturbation, and Taia simply rubbing herself up. Definitely a good mix to appeal to both hardcore and softcore fans.

Currently Taia's collection of videos consists of 36 short episodes with an average run time of 5 minutes. Quality isn't exactly the strong part of these videos as they stream in RM videos at 255kbps with a resolution of 296x224. The downloadable version isn't too hot either, available in wmv clocking in at 314kbps with a video size of 320x240. Fair enough some of the videos may have been taken a few years back when broadband speeds weren't around, but Taia really needs to get with the times, and re-encode the vids in a more acceptable bit rate.

Thankfully the picture content is a little more pleasing for the eyes, however you will find minor inconsistency with the quality, as not all of them are of high quality. All up there are 188 galleries to browse through with an average of 40 pictures in each. The older pictures come in fairly small dimensions of 436x576, while the newer ones come in more acceptable sizes of 768x1024. Overall they look decent enough, though I would have liked to see them in larger dimensions, especially the older ones where you could tell Taia looks much younger.

Members can also check out Cam caps of Taia's past shows. Currently there are 33 of these to check out with an average of around 50 caps per set. If your after quality however you won't find it here, as a lot of the images are very pixalated which was expected. After all they're practically like screen captures but in webcam quality, and we all know how crappy screen captures can be, and the webcam ones aren't any better.

By now you'd have guessed that I wasn't particularly fond of the content on offer. I was kind of hoping the content would have been of better quality, cause after all she's just trying her hand at porn with no professional help. For an amateur effort the stuff on offer is just barely passable, plus I'm guessing that a lot of it has to do with the dates the videos were created, I mean in 2001 we didn't exactly have the means to download or upload superb quality videos.

Anyway I feel as though I'm making up excuses for this site, because there's no reason why the videos can't go through an over haul and get re-encoded in a higher bit rate. All in all the site does have a very amateur feel to it, and if your a fan of this kind of content then you'll probably soak it all up. But don't say I didn't warn ya that the quality of the content isn't too crash hot.

Nav, Design & Features

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As you first step in to Taia's site you can tell that it's an amateur based one. It isn't the prettiest site to look at, but at least everything seems to be in working order. You'll notice that there are two navigation menus, one at the very top and another to the left side of the site. The one at the top allows you to navigate the 4 Real Amateurs network. The one of the left side allows you to browse through the various section of Taia's site.

The first section you are taken too after you've logged in contains a calender of the month and what Taia's got planned, in other words it's pretty much an update schedule for the site. Making your way to the videos and pictures section is as simple as using the corresponding links on Taia's navigational menu.

A feature that some of you may like is Taia's diary where you can get an idea on what kind of gal she is. Her last entry was on April 9th roughly around 2 months before this review. Certainly gives the site a personal touch, plus she's even provided her email addy to keep in touch with her hardcore fans. Who knows maybe you could request a certain type of scene from her, or just say a friendly hello.

There's an assortment of fun extras for members to check out in the form of bonus picture galleries, erotic art, and adult stories, and a ton of bonus video feeds. All of these extras are worth a look at if you need a little break from naughty Taia.

The biggest bonus I've left till last. If you were to click on the link marked sites on the top navigation menu, you'll be presented with 13 links to other amateur girl sites which you have full access to at no extra charge. So essentially your monthly fee grants you access to 13 full blown amateur sites, each one containing just as much content as Taia's site, some of them even more.



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Taia's humble little site sure has it's ups and downs, but I'm afraid there's a few more downs then I would have liked. The content is average to say the very least, sure they maybe arousing but the poor quality does tend to ruin it. I also would have liked to seen more episodes as 39 videos over the span of almost 9 years seems a little low. But at the end of the day I feel as though Taia's just in it for fun. It's a good thing that there's a solid network of other amateur sites behind it.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great network of amateur sites
  • + Content is exclusive
  • - Needs more content
  • - Media quality is mediocre