Teen Girlfriends
Teen Girlfriends 2828 Teen Girlfriends Teen Girlfriends offers a whole heap of pictures and videos sent in by your normal every day teenager who isn't afraid to show off the goods for the whole world to see.
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Teen Girlfriends

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Teen Girlfriends

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Teen Girlfriends offers a whole heap of pictures and videos sent in by your normal every day teenager who isn't afraid to show off the goods for the whole world to see. Enjoy the luscious bodies and cute faces of hundreds of amateur teens who have never tried their hand before. Definitely a site for those of you who are in to true amateur content, and hey you can even submit in pictures of your own girlfriend if you feel she's got a body that the whole world should drool over.

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When it comes to amateur content with internet porn things can always get a little iffy as to whether or not the models are true amateurs or just lesser known pornstars chosen by the developers just to make another amateur site. Here on Teen Girlfriends how ever you can be absolutely sure that all the ladies on show are genuine amateurs, what makes me so sure that they are actual amateurs you ask? Well you can just tell by the pictures they usually don't feature professional lighting, also the girls usually look more realistic rather than the fully done up pornstars, a lot of them maybe average looking but they're still very much fuckable. Personally I find amateur content a turn on as it usually features girls who are in reach of the average guy's dreams, rather than those gorgeous pornstars with perfect bodies that we could only hope to fuck.

Being a site where every day individuals can send in their content, it goes with out saying that there's quite a variety of amateur pussy to be seen here. You'll come across the usual blondes and brunettes, but you'll also be treated to hot ebony ladies, stunning Latina girls, and even cute Asian babes. The variety of hot amateurs makes it a guarantee that no matter what your tastes are in women you'll find more than a few here which will certainly have you going rock hard or dripping wet depending on your gender.

The content ranges from softcore posing and self masturbation to hardcore romps where the individuals tape themselves making sweet sweet love. Obviously the videos aren't staged like professional porn plus the lighting and quality can be off at times but I'm sure amateur lovers will agree with me that it's just a part of the amateur porn charm. Anyway as I was saying there's a nice variety of naughty going ons to be viewed on this site, and with the variety of sexy amateurs on show members will never get bored of seeing the same kind of shit over and over again.

There's a massive amount of amateur content available for members so it looks as though the amateur community is quite active on sending in their hot photos and videos. As of now there's a total of over 120 videos and a massive archive of over 600 photo sets. There's plenty more where that came from because the updates just keep rolling in on a daily basis without fail. That being said there's certainly no issue when it comes to content numbers, and if they continue with the way they are updating this amateur site could become one of the biggest around.

Well I must say I was quite impressed with the encoding rates the videos are encoded in. Though we must keep in mind that the content was sent in from various individuals who have never tried their hand in porn before so we should give the site some slack for consistency in quality, after all they can only work with what they have been given and it looks as though some submissions were a little crappy as far as quality goes, to put it simply you'll come across videos which look great while others aren't so great though it's nice to see that the developers have encoded them all in the same bit rate of (1900kbps @ 640x480). These videos come in mpeg format and can be downloaded with no DRM restriction, members can also choose to stream the videos off the site in flash videos encoded in bit rates of (250kbps @ 480x360).

Just like the videos consistency of the picture galleries isn't it's strong point. You'll come across pictures which look amazingly clear whilst others tend to be on the grainy side of things. Another thing I should mention is that some galleries come with a large amount of photos while others barely reach the 10 images mark, either way the amateur ladies are looking mighty fine in the photos and the developers have kept the consistency of the sizes they come in strong with the largest photos getting up to 680x900 pixels in size. Admittedly not the largest photos around but it's a pretty good effort for a genuine amateur site like this.

As a bonus members gain full access to 3 bonus sites at no extra cost. Now the best part is that all these bonus sites are amateur orientated making this humble network of sites a must see for those of you who are true amateur fanatics. You gain access to the "Sister Reunion" site which sounds a little too kinky, a spring break amateur site featuring all the crazy happenings you usually witness on a drunken spring break, and EXGF TV which is pretty much like this site except it features content submitted by dudes who want to get back at their Ex Girlfriends. All in all an awesome collection of sites to compliment the awesome Teen Girlfriends site.

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Brace your eyes for an overload of sexy amateur girls as you make your way to the tours of this site because almost every inch is covered with sexy photos of the amateur ladies sucking cock, fucking cock, or simply showing off their tender bodies. There's an astonishing amount of sample pictures here to give members a quick taste of what's in store on sign-up. The developers also saw it fit to indulge potential customers with free trailers to coax them in to a sign-up which in my honest opinion is certainly worth it as this is certainly one of the better amateur sites I've seen.

Site presentation is awesome, the light colors used of pink and white are certainly pleasing to the eyes and some what soothing. The layout is user-friendly and the items on screen are evenly spaced out making the site look very neat and uncluttered. Once members have loaded up the main members area they will immediately be presented with the latest submissions. The photo submissions are the first members will come across with the latest 56 photo sets presented via thumbnails linked to the main gallery. The bottom half of the page includes the thumbnail links to the latest 56 videos, under all the thumbnails you'll find information in regards to how long the scene goes for, or how many photos within the set, and a short description on what the content involves.

To view the entire list of past updates members will have to use the videos and pictures link situated within the top navigation menu. The video gallery has been organized across 6 pages from latest to oldest, the pages contain up to 24 thumbnails each which work just like the thumbnails found on the main members area. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the main video page where you can choose to stream the video, download it, and you can even choose to rate it to give other members an idea on how hot the video is. The picture archive essentially has the same layout as the video gallery only this one stretches over 25 pages. Viewing the pictures is self explanatory as they work just like any other photo gallery. A nice feature allows members to download entire sets in a single zip file allowing for offline viewing, quite convenient indeed.



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Teen Girlfriends is certainly one of the best genuine amateur sites I've seen around, it may not be the biggest but with their daily updates it certainly has the potential to be. I also appreciated the fact that the developers have gone through the effort of trying to make the submissions looking top notch and they've done a fairly decent job of it to thanks to the fact that they've encoded all the videos in the same bit rate. So if you consider yourself an amateur fan you'll love this site!

Pros & Cons

  • + Genuine teen amateurs
  • + Daily updates
  • + Site is very easy to browse
  • + Great site presentation
  • + Access to three great amateur sites
  • + Good amount of content
  • + Nice variety of amateur models