Throw It In Her
Throw It In Her 1286 Throw It In Her Now I'm not entirely sure on what they're trying to imply with the domain name, but I do know that this is a site which revolves around the reality and amateur niche, providing content which is based
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Throw It In Her

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Throw It In Her

Short Review

Now I'm not entirely sure on what they're trying to imply with the domain name, but I do know that this is a site which revolves around the reality and amateur niche, providing content which is based on real amateur couples. so if your cup of tea is seeing the average Joe and Jane getting down and dirty in raw fuck scenes then this might just be the site you've been looking for.

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Ok so the domain name of the site might confuse some people into thinking this site provides sex toys or bizarre insertions type of content, but as I said in the short review it's actually a reality based site starring amateur couples doing what they love to do best. This site is one of the more tamer ones on the "Extreme Porn Pass" network, opting for more orthodox sex scenes, with a few foot fucking and anal scenes thrown in the mix.

Needless to say the individuals you'll be seeing on this site aren't exactly top grade porn star material, but seeing as your reading this review I'm guessing that isn't what your after anyway. All up there are 13 amateur couples, all of which star in their very own scene, which run for about 18 mins each. Currently there isn't any news on further updates, but I'm guessing that they aren't going to stop with only 13 episodes.

The quality of their videos isn't exactly top of the line, though they are still quite watchable. All the episodes are available to download in short clips which are in wmv and mpg format. The wmv versions of the episodes are encoded in a bit rate of 700kbps with a video size of 320x240, while the mpgs are slightly higher in quality coming in at 800kbps with a video size of 320x240. There's definately room for improvement here but for an amateurreality site it's passable.

I was a little disappointed to find that the only picture content on offer were screen captures, though I must admit I was half expecting it. Like most screen captures quality borders on average to low, as the images can get quite pixelated and blurring is noticeable when there's a lot of movement going on. Overall I thought they were average as far as screen capture standards go.

That pretty much sums up the content side of the site, all in all I thought there's definately room for improvement as far as quality and content numbers go. There's no real information on whether or not the content is exclusive or not, though I do know that I haven't seen this content anywhere else before so I'm guessing it is.

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The tour pages of the site will clear things up if you weren't too sure on what kind of content the site contains just by the domain name. You'll see pictures of happy looking couples ploughing away in front of a camera like real pornstars. To heat things up they've also included free trailers as to give potential members a better understanding of what kind of content to expect.

Throw It In Her hasn't gone to great lengths to provide a revolutionary user interface, but frankly I think this is a good thing as porn users don't want something new and fancy to confuse them when all they really want is to get to their porn as fast and as easy as possible. With the setup they've got going here that kind of browsing is possible.

The main members area provides quick links to all the latest and most popular of their collection of episodes, with the last 5 updates portrayed in small thumbnails, and a list of the most popular videos, and picture galleries. Scrolling down towards the bottom of the main members area you'll come across the various extras the site has to offer. Towards the very top of the main members area is where you'll find the navigation menu which provides all the links needed to browse the entire collection of episodes.

So what kind of extras are members entitled to you ask? Well you've got bonus video feeds, picture archives, and interactive sites covering all sorts of raunchy niches. Now these aren't the only extras the lucky members get to indulge in as they also acquire full access to all the exclusive sites on the Extreme Porn Pass network. All up there are 10 awesome sites to go through. For the most part these sites cover fetish niches such as foot fucking, tickling, and orifice stretching, obviously this is one dynamite network of sites for fetish lovers.



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To be honest I was a little underwhelmed with what this site had to offer, it's low on content and the stuff they do have isn't exactly ground breaking stuff originality and quality wise. The site is in definite need of some improvements to appeal to wider audience, it's a damn good thing that the network of bonus sites backing it up is a must see for fetish fans.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot amateur content
  • + 10 awesome bonus sites
  • + Easy to navigate
  • - Could do with more episodes