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World Wide Wives 5147 World Wide Wives World Wide Wives is one of the most authentic user submitted amateur sites I have ever reviewed and has one of the largest collections I have ever seen.
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World Wide Wives

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World Wide Wives

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World Wide Wives is one of the most authentic user submitted amateur sites I have ever reviewed and has one of the largest collections I have ever seen. This is a truly interactive site where the community features like chat rooms and profiles are just as important as the videos and photos. The beautiful wives you'll be admiring may well be available for you to talk with on the site at any given time. This is a very exciting site!

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One thing stands out here at World Wide Wives probably more than anything else, and that the authenticity of the amateur wife and swinger materials available here. So many sites these days are claiming to offer user submitted materials, only to be filled with professionally shot pornography once you get inside. That is not the case here where you will find true amateurs filming themselves and each other in their private homes. These are real people who have real sex, and the action you'll see here is all over the map. Boots, feet, dogging, BDSM, BBW, anal sex, masturbation, lesbian, group sex, high heeled shoes, water sports, smoking, and various sized breasts are just a few of the dozens of categories you can choose from. It seems that these wives will do just about anything!

It's almost hard to believe just how big this site is. I had to double check my math when I came up with a total of over 100,000 photo updates, but that is indeed an accurate assessment of the size of the photo section offered at World Wide Wives. Now, some of these sets are very small and contains just three or four images, but this is still just an absolutely unbelievable quantity of true amateur photo smut on offer. The video section, while definitely smaller than the photo section, is still enormously big with over 8300 clips. These numbers don't even take into account the nearly 1000 pages of "willies" the site offers, a section where the male members of World Wide Wives can show off the goods. New materials are added every single day, and most days members can expect several new updates.

The quality level of the materials here varies, but that's to be expected on a site where everything is submitted by members. Some of the submissions are obviously older recordings, and those won't look as nice as the ones that were recorded more recently since consumer handheld cameras dropped in price. I didn't see anything here that wasn't worth a watch, and the quality variation doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the site in my opinion.

The video and photo sections are only the beginning here at World Wide Wives. This is an incredibly interactive site where members are encouraged to get to know one another. There were dozens and dozens of people in the chat room on the day I visited, and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. You can hook up with people who are live on the site via chat, or you can search the sites thousands of profiles for men, women, or couples who may be interested in chatting or even meeting up with you and send them a private message or leave a comment on their profile. The community features here remind me a lot of the functionality of social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace and are just as easy, if not easier, to use.

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I am very impressed with the tour provided for World Wide Wives. In fact, this is one of the most extensive and transparent tours I can remember seeing in quite some time. You can preview just about the entire site, including the member profiles, comments, and every single photo set and video the site has to offer. It looks like the only thing you can't do is post comments yourself or download the materials. Even better is the fact that you can get a free membership here. You won't be able to access everything, but it will get you inside. After checking out this preview, I have a hard time imagining a porn fan that wouldn't want to join up here.

World Wide Wives is a massively huge and feature filled site that can seem almost intimidating when you first enter the members area. There was so much stuff on the main page that I was a little concerned that the site might be overly complicated to use, but these guys have managed to find the perfect balance between extensive tools and options and a user-friendly site. Advanced search tools, a messaging system, check marks for sets you've already viewed, comment sections for each update, and streaming videos are just a few of the helpful tools available here. I could probably write an entire review just covering all of the tools available in this members' area, but that would just be taking away from time you could spend enjoying the wives here!

The photo sets here are usually on the small side with less than 10 images, so rather than offering these in thumbnail galleries, they're instead displayed at full size on the models page. I was pleased to see that the options for accessing the videos remain consistent, even if they aren't particularly extensive. Each click is offered for streaming in Flash format as well as for download in WMV format.



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I can't remember the last time I had such fun reviewing a site. World Wide Wives bring the adult entertainment experience to a new level with its highly interactive social features and massive collection of amateur user submitted smut. The site offers the chance to not only the beautiful amateur wives from around the world, but also to interact with them. The price is below average and the site offers discounts for members who stick around for a while. This is definitely a must-see collection!

Pros & Cons

  • + Authentic user-submitted wives and GFs
  • + Huge collection
  • + Daily updates
  • + Fun interactive features
  • + Discount for multi-month memberships
  • + Free limited accounts available
  • - Quality varies