Dirty Anal Girls
Dirty Anal Girls 96 Dirty Anal Girls Which do you find more attractive, a cute girl, a sexy girl or a slutty girl? If you answered yes to any one of these then too bad, cause all your going to get on this site are dirty girls.
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Dirty Anal Girls

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Dirty Anal Girls

Short Review

Which do you find more attractive, a cute girl, a sexy girl or a slutty girl? If you answered yes to any one of these then too bad, cause all your going to get on this site are dirty girls! thats right these girls are so dirty that flies won't even come near them, not only are they dirty but they love getting their asses fucked inside out, in other words they are dirty anal girls!

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The ladies that star on this site are down right dirty, they'll do just about any sex act known to man and enjoy every second of it, what they love most though is getting their tight little asses ploughed wide open by huge throbbing cocks, intimidated yet? don't worry, these girls are only dirty when they are having sex and I'm sure they'd be lovely people when they are out in public, but take them into the bedroom and you'll see a whole different side to them.

Obviously the content on dirty anal girls is going to be hardcore, I mean with a site name like that what could you expect? Currently there are 66 short episodes full of hardcore anal fucking, each of the scenes have been divided into 4 shorter clips, to keep the file sizes as small as possible, to better accommodate for their members that are still on dial up connections. All of the video files are in wmv format with the option of either downloading it to your PC or streaming it straight off the site. I should also mention that the quality of their videos are superb! even viewing them in full screen mode is a treat for the eyes, they certainly have some of the better wmv's I've seen in awhile. There's a wide array of foxy ladies starring in their episodes ranging from brunettes, blondes, ebony babes, girls aged 18-19 and Asians, so no matter what type of lady you desire to watch, your sure to find one that strikes your fancy.

Aside from the 66 featured episodes, the site developers thought that they'd spoil their members and shower them with a shit load of bonus videos, these 412 bonus vids cover a good portion of the different niches the porn world has to offer these scenes range from lesbian scenes, masturbation scenes, interracial scenes and many more, but I should state that the bulk of these vids are straight hardcore scenes, so there's definitely a good amount of videos for members to enjoy, not to mention that the password members acquire on sigh up allow them full access to the other porn sites on this network.

I've been noticing that the sites on this network offer some really good quality picture content and have totally boy cotted vidcaps, which is what more sites should do cause I'm sick of seeing crappy quality vidcaps and complaining about them, anyway this site is no different to the other sites on their network in that they include a large amount of superb looking pictures, all up they have 791 individual picture galleries with the bulk of them being lesbian shoots, now I don't mean to complain or anything but what about those members who joined up only for the anal scenes? surely they could have included more anal galleries in there, but I'm pretty sure that no one is gonna have a cry about this cause everyone can appreciate the beauty of lesbianism!

Well there's a good amount of content to stroke to on this site and if you need a break from all that anal fucking goodness, then you can check out all the different bonus sites you'll gain access to and I should state that I was really impressed with the consistent quality through out all of their media.

Nav, Design & Features

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Dirty Anal Girls is one of the better looking sites that I've seen on this network, the other sites I've had to review on this network have really dull color schemes, where as this site looks a little more brighter and uplifting, the layout of this site is identical to the other sites on the network in that everything seems to be too close together, it would have been nice if they spaced things out a little more cause the site looks too busy and cluttered, so it's a good thing that navigating this site is easy, otherwise this part of the review would have been really bad.

All of the different pages to this site can be accessed via the top menu bar which consists of links that direct you to the different sections of this site. The 7 sections of this site include the home page, featured videos, bonus vids, image galleries, bonus feeds, live webcams, extras and sex shop. The last 4 sections that I just mentioned are more of a novelty than anything and should have really been under the bonus section, I'm guessing that they made these sections to make it appear like the website is bigger than it actually is.

News and updates for this site can be found on the home page, on this page you'll come across links to their 10 latest updates and the top ranking image galleries, bonus videos and bonus sites. At the very bottom of the home page are a few links to other adult orientated websites, there's no porn to be found on these sites but what they do have is advice and information on how you can spice up your personal sex life, which some members might find handy.

The featured videos section is basically a thumbnail gallery where clicking on a thumbnail will automatically start streaming a video. New members will find that clicking on a video download link won't start the download, but will do exactly the same thing the thumbnail link does i.e opening up a streaming window, at the bottom of this window is where you'll find the download link, where you must right click on it and choose the Save link as option, all this hassle just to download a file.

The picture galleries section is a traditional thumbnails gallery, the individual thumbnails are links to the various picture sets, clicking on one of these thumbnails will take you to that particular photo shoots main picture gallery where you can browse through their excellent collection of high quality pictures.



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What really impressed me with this site was the good consistent quality of their content, the general presentation and layout of the page may not be anything special, but they more than make up for this with their high quality hardcore anal content and I hope that more porn sites follow in their footsteps and put as much effort into their content as these guys have.

Pros & Cons

  • + Consistent media quality
  • + Large amount of bonus content
  • - General layout and presentation