Fuck My Brown Eye
Fuck My Brown Eye 775 Fuck My Brown Eye Brown eye, hahaha I haven't heard that phrase used in a long time, anyhow to those of you who don't know what brown eye means, it's just another name for someones asshole, that's right this sites is f
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Fuck My Brown Eye

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Fuck My Brown Eye

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Brown eye, hahaha I haven't heard that phrase used in a long time, anyhow to those of you who don't know what brown eye means, it's just another name for someones asshole, that's right this sites is for all you anal lovers out there who love to fuck the brown eye!

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Fuck my brown eye is obviously for you anal fans out there cause it's all about the hardcore butt fucking here. There's a mix of featured video feeds and downloadable videos on offer which is a nice change from the other sites on this network which only provide video feeds.

The selection of gorgeous women on offer is very diverse, they've got lovely ladies in all shapes and sizes. You can expect to see blonde bimbos, elegant brunettes, fiery redheads, spicy Latinas, exotic Asian babes, and round assed ebony harlots, so no matter what your tastes are in women it's more than likely that you'll find one among the various video feeds which will get you rock hard.

All up there are 11 anal video feeds to choose from, the scenes included have been cut into short clips and are available to stream in high, medium and low quality. Quality of the videos tends to vary through out the various scenes, there are videos that look great but you'll also come across vids that look grainy and pixelated though for the most part they're generally quite good to view but I wouldn't recommend watching them through a full screen.

Now the downloadable videos look a little more promising as quality stays consistent through out the various scenes all up there are 14 of these episodes to go through. Viewing quality of these vids are great they're relatively clear colors are great and they run smooth. Watching them through a full screen isn't half bad either though they do get a tad grainy though you probably won't even notice with all the crazy butt sex going on.

Each of the downloadable episodes come with a set of high quality photos which are simply stunning to view. They're nice and big, crystal clear, and bursting with color, plus they really bring out the beauty of the models, in the videos the models may look like skanky whores but these high quality pics make them look like glamor models, real good stuff.

Aside from the content on this site members have full access to over 70! premium adult sites which are just as good as this one, now this goes without saying but that is a shit load of porn to go through and will certainly keep their members entertained, long after they're well and done with the content on this anal site!

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The stunning pictures of the gorgeous women on the tour pages will probably be enough to get people to sign up cause the girls are just mouth watering and they have nice round asses to boot! If the pictures aren't enough, potential customers have the privilege of viewing a number of free teasers which will definitely do the job.

Now the layout of this site is very simple. Basically there's only 3 sections to this site, the main members area, the photo galleries section, and the video downloads section. All of the featured video feeds and downloadable videos are easily accessed from the main members area. Each episode takes up a small portion of the main members area, within this portion you'll find a small thumbnail taken from the episode and the links which direct you to the video downloads and picture galleries.

The bottom half of the members area consists of the thumbnail links to their massive collection of bonus sites. They've made the task of traversing through out the sites quick and easy as they've eliminated the process of having to re-enter your login every time you enter a new site making things a lot more quicker, and believe me, having to re-enter your login a dozen times while your trying to get your rocks off is the last thing you want.

So that's pretty much it, as you can tell it's a very basic site which isn't necessarily a bad thing, in fact I much prefer sites like this rather than those sites which include so many unnecessary sections just to make the site seem bigger than it actually is, plus having all the content on the main members area, really makes things a lot easier to find.



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Well there's certainly a decent amount of featured content here but obviously they're going to want to upload more content in the future, either way there's a shit load of other sites which members have access to so I can't see them running out of porn any time soon, in fact there might be enough content through out the various sites to keep members going for a few years.

Pros & Cons

  • + Decent amount of featured vids
  • + Tonnes of bonus sites
  • + Pictures are awesome
  • + Hot anal fucking