Hooked On Ass
Hooked On Ass 103 Hooked On Ass Are you one of those people that just can't seem to keep your eyes off a juicy round butt? Every time some foxy lady with a curvy ass walks by do you find that your jaw usually drops to the ground.
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Hooked On Ass

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Hooked On Ass

Short Review

Are you one of those people that just can't seem to keep your eyes off a juicy round butt? Every time some foxy lady with a curvy ass walks by do you find that your jaw usually drops to the ground? I'm sorry my friend but it looks like you're hooked on ass! The only cure is for you to check this site out so you'll see so much ass that you'll never want to look at another one again.....is it even possible to get sick of ass??

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The content on this site consists of hardcore anal scenes, as the title of the site implies, needless to say that these videos are hardcore seeing that they are anal scenes, all of the ladies that star in their scenes are all very attractive and there are a good variety of flavors to choose from, there are blondes, brunettes, redheads, girls aged 18-19 years, ebony babes and Asian cuties so you'll definitely find a foxy lady that'll strike your fancy. So far there are 67 hardcore anal scenes for members to enjoy, each scene has been split into 4 equally sized chapters in order to keep the file sizes as small as possible. Members also have the further option of choosing between the high and low resolution video files. The quality of these videos are really good, the images are crisp and motion is fluid, even viewing them through a full screen isn't too bad, sure you'll notice that it's a little grainy but it isn't anything to cry about, the lower quality video files, are really only there for their customers with slower internet connections.

Other than the 67 featured videos members are also showered with an additional 412 bonus videos, these videos are an assortment of random hardcore scenes, that I'm sure anal fans will really enjoy and as far as quality goes they are pretty much on par with the featured content they have, these scenes should definitely keep members going for a little while longer, I did find it a little weird however that they have more bonus content than they do featured.

The picture content on this site is a big sexy cocktail, there are loads of large high quality pictures for members to go through, you'll notice that the bulk of these picture galleries are lesbian based, which would kind of suck for the members that joined up purely for the anal content, but I'm pretty sure they'd appreciate some good old lesbian content. The quality of these pictures are outstanding they come in the dimensions of 800x600 and the clarity of these pictures is just superb I can't stress enough how good these pictures really are, members that love their viewing picture content just as much as their videos are really in for a treat.

There's a good amount of content on this site that should keep members entertained for quite some time, plus there is always the loads of bonus content you can always check out if you need a break from all that crazy ass fucking and I really recommend viewing their picture content cause it's just outstanding.

Nav, Design & Features

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I found the general layout of the site to be a little too cluttered for my liking, it looks as though they haven't utilized the space they were working with to it's full potential as everything is really close together. The color scheme is a little better than what they've used on the other sites on this network, usually the color schemes the opt for are dark, and dull where as this site looks more bright and cheery.

The first thing you'll notice on the home page is a panel which consists of links to the various other sites available on their network, members have the luxury of full access to these sites because the password they acquire on sign up allows members to browse the other sites on the network all of which are quite unique, each with their own designated niches. Below the panel I mentioned earlier are thumbnail links to the last 8 episodes uploaded to their network, notice how I used the word network? This is due to the fact that these updates don't necessarily concern this site but rather their entire collection of sites as a whole and the only update information I could find regarding this site in particular was a statement saying that there will be a new scene uploaded each week, this mind you was found on the tour page. The rest of the home page consists of top 10 lists for all their different types of media and bonus sites, so members will always know which scenes to look out for.

The featured video area is where you can access the stream and download links to all the various videos on offer, each episode has it's own section on the page, this section includes a short description of the scene, when the episode was uploaded, download links to the high and low res video files and 4 thumbnails which are video captures taken from the video file of that episode, so they should give you a rough idea on what the scene looks like and what type of girls you could expect to see in the scene. These thumbnails also allow you to stream the video file if clicked on. Down the length of the right side of this page are thumbnail links to the newest 10 featured videos, so members can keep up to date on the latest episodes.

The image gallery is essentially the standard thumbnail gallery, all up there are 22 pages to the thumbnail gallery, each page includes 36 thumbnails which are linked to the picture galleries of that shoot, so all up there are currently 792 unique picture galleries for members to oogle over, that should keep them busy for a while.



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One of the better sites I've had to review on this network, there's a fair amount of hardcore anal scenes, loads of bonus content to go through, and picture content to die for, there wasn't really anything that I could complain about as the site does well in all the little factors that count, lets hope they stick to their word and keep those weekly updates coming.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great picture content
  • + Loads of bonus content
  • - They're a little iffy with update dates