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All Asian Pass 1424 All Asian Pass If your after exotic Asian ladies then you'll want to get your hands on the All Asian Pass.
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All Asian Pass

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All Asian Pass

Short Review

If your after exotic Asian ladies then you'll want to get your hands on the All Asian Pass. This one pass will grant you access to a wealth of scorching hot Asian videos featuring the finest models the exotic continent of Asia has to offer, lets see if this site lives up to all the hype.

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Well it looks as though the All Asian Pass gives you access to the entire Online Adult Network, also known as the Suck My Dick Now network. Looking through the 41 sites it looks as though the only one which provides Asian porn content is "My Asian Massage" so I guess I'll start from there.

Unfortunately it looks as though only a handful of the episodes actually fall under the supposed niche of the site, while the rest of the videos are just straight Asian videos. Don't get me wrong this isn't a bad thing, each scene is as hot as the next, I just thought they could have named the site more appropriately. All up there are 126 Asian orientated episodes to indulge in, with information stating that updates come once a week.

Episodes on this site can run for as long as 20mins, the videos are available to download in full scenes which are in mpg format. Seeing as they're only available in full scenes, the file size of these videos can get quite large, sometimes getting upwards of 200Mbs requiring a decent connection, otherwise you could be waiting for quite a bit. Fortunately the wait is worth it, with decent looking videos coming in at 1150kbps, with a resolution of 352x240 they're a decent watch. Not the best videos I've ever seen, but as I said they're quite decent.

There is picture content to check out, though they're some what lacking in numbers. Currently there are 12 picture galleries to check out, containing around 25 pictures each. Quality tends to vary through out the various galleries, but for the most part they're of high quality. I would have liked to see them available in larger dimensions as they only get as big as 800x600, they aren't small, but there's definately room for growth.

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I gotta be honest here and say that I found the tour pages of this site to be somewhat misleading. For starters there's information at the very top stating that the All Asian Pass brings you the largest adult network of hot exclusive Asian Models. So my initial thought was that there was a combination of Asian sites, but once you make it inside you'll find that there's only 1 Asian website on offer. Thankfully that's the only misleading part as you will be treated to a good amount of Asian scenes.

After logging in you'll be taken to the main members area for the Online Adult Network. From here you can browse though all of the 41 sites you have access to. Yeah you heard right, not only do you have access to My Asian Massage but you've got another 40 sites which cover a wide variety of popular niches to check out, all at no extra cost. With all these sites at your disposal, you certainly won't be running out of quality porn to check out.

Towards the top of the main members area you'll find the upcoming updates section, which provides trailers of the next 3 updates. Below this section is the current day's update, there's information stating that a new scene is added to each category ever day!

Towards the very bottom of the site you'll find a link marked Picture Sections this is a shortcut to the picture sections of all the sites on the network which provide picture content. Out of the 41 sites, it looks as though only 10 of them provide picture content.

Well I must say the Online Adult Network looks to be a very impressive network of sites, and with 41 of them available it isn't exactly small. If your after some variety in your porn, but your chasing a bargain as well, then you'll definately want to check this network out. Do the math 41 sites at $24.95 a month, this deal is just way too hot to pass up.



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To be honest I felt a little let down, as I was looking forward to seeing more hot Asian massages. Quality of their videos were decent, but the picture content could definately do with some improvement. The content is advertised as exclusive, but I swear I've seen some of the videos before, I guess we'll just have to take the developers word. All in all there's definately a decent amount of content to be seen, with an awesome network of sites to check out.

Pros & Cons

  • + Good amount of content
  • + Videos are decent
  • + 41 sites for the price of 1
  • + Very easy to navigate
  • - Low on picture content