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All Gravure 6056 All Gravure Are you wondering what on Earth All Gravure might be about? Is it French perhaps.
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All Gravure

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All Gravure

Short Review

Are you wondering what on Earth All Gravure might be about? Is it French perhaps? No, it's all about sexy, young, 18+ Japanese models in erotic photos and videos, with solo and hardcore videos and galleries on show. There are nice tour promises, which are kept up in the members' area, and that area looks the same as the tour so you can see exactly what you are signing up for before you sign up. This site has a huge collection of images and vids for you and it is updating all the time.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
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  • Quality: 0/15
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  • Quantity: 0/15

When I say huge I mean it. There were 4,097 photo sets and 2,534 videos set out across hundreds of index pages and these can be arranged in various ways, though they start off as being displayed in date order. There is also a model index, which is another way of searching out content and this features 326 Japanese beauties.

OK, so you start at the home page where you get to see who and what has been recently added. There are also numbers here telling you how much of everything there is to see, and these numbers can also be found when you use the top menu to click to Photos, or Videos. Every sample image here shows a hot looking Japanese chick smiling at you and offering great and intimate things to come, so you will be in a bit of a hurry to check out the videos and see more of them.

The movies main area now has a function where you can sort the hardcore from the soft core. When you use this function you find the hardcore ones are moved to the front of the list; you still have a couple of thousand clips to look through but they are hard and soft, it's the full collection with the harder ones now at the front of the list. Click a video to find the viewing page and here you have a stream that runs in a mid-sized player. You also have three choices of downloads and these, in the more recent movies, were Mp4 files. What was bit shocking here was that the Low quality one was a file at 500 Mbs in size, so anyone on a slow connection is going to have a bit of a wait even for the smaller files. The High quality one was 2 Gbs in size, which is probably the largest file I've ever seen available for download on an adult site. There are no clips so you can only take the full files. While checking this out I was waiting for my stream to start buffering and playing, it did eventually and once it started it played smoothly.

Some of these movies are long. This first scene I tried, from January 2013, was 1.58 hours long, that is almost two hours; no wonder the files are so big to download. The streaming quality was middle of the road and the screen was a bit stretched when in full screen mode, but the sound was fine and the action was spot on. The only problem I have with Japanese porn is that the cocks are fuzzed out so you don't get the full effect of the BJ or the pussy banging moments, you only get half a movie.

Updates are happening every day here, and sometimes there is more than one update per day, so you can use this site for your daily feast of hot Oriental girls, in solos and hardcore scenes with no worries, and always have something new to look forward to.

The content here is, as I mentioned, a mix of hardcore and soft core and that means you have variety in your videos and galleries. You have different girls of course and lots of them, there are different outfits and different scenarios for the videos, but each one is a new experience and you don't feel that everything is the same.

You are in for good quality photo sets here. I imagine that this content is not exclusive (though I may be wrong) simply because there is so much of it, but the quality chosen for you is fine. Image sets hold various amounts of pics each and these click up to 960 x 1,280 in size where they remain clear and focused.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

I had a problem here with slow loading pages, or rather the site getting stuck every now and then. One moment I would open a page fine and the next it would take ages before my command, my click, had any effect. I don't think that was a connection problem and I wasn't downloading at the time, so it looks like an issue at the server end; hopefully just a temporary one.

But that aside, the rest of the site was good to see and use. There is a really neat and professional looking design, nice use of black space and clear type and the sample shots are all big and easy to see. The numbered index pages make navigation easy, and the top menu is simple. There is nothing getting in the way and even the advert for another Oriental network seems to approach with Japanese politeness, as if it didn't want to interrupt your viewing.

And when you are viewing a video you will find that you can rate it out of five and leave comments which other members can read, or add to. There are suggestions for other videos to go and see next, and you also have some basic details about each scene. There is a neat set up of share options with all manner of social networking buttons to use, and the main menu stays with you here, so you can easily move back to the photos or home, or the model index.

Not all models in this index come with any details but they do have links to their videos. Photo galleries also have rates and comments facilities and you can view them as slideshows, take zip files and change the number of images you see per page. All in all this members' area will present you with no great problems, it looks good, it's interactive and simple to use.



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I was impressed with the numbers here and the blocks of updates that happen every day. I was a bit concerned about the file sizes and it would be very handy to have clips and parts of movies as well as solo files, some of which are over 2 Gbs in size. The design is neat, the girls are perfect, you get the hardcore (fuzzed out penetrations though) and erotica that the tour promises you and you have good quality, if non-exclusive content. This is a site all lovers of Japanese girls must see.

Pros & Cons

  • + Thousands of videos
  • + Thousands of photos
  • + Multiple daily updates
  • + Great models
  • + Interactive