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Asian Cream 253 Asian Cream We all know what ice cream and whipped cream is, but do any of you know what Asian cream is.
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Asian Cream

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Asian Cream

Short Review

We all know what ice cream and whipped cream is, but do any of you know what Asian cream is? That's something you'll have to find out for yourself my friend and you can do so by joining up, what I will tell you though is that the Asian chicks you'll find on this site are all so very hot, so if you have a weak spot for these lusty Asian ladies and you must know what Asian cream is, then by all means check out this review and see if it's worth your while.

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After being promised so much it looks as though we are going to receive so little, why is this you ask? Well for starters there aren't any exclusive Asian cream videos available, sure there are some good pictures to check out, but I'm sure that a lot of members are expecting to see some hardcore Asian videos. Though they haven't completely left us for dead as there is quite a bit of porn to check out, it's just that it isn't exclusive.

So the developers obviously knew that they were going to get some angry customers asking them where the hell are the Asian videos. So they decided to shower them with hundreds of video feeds that span over a wide variety of different sites, that cover a good portion of all the different niches from the world of porn, they've got all the mainstream niches such as girls aged 18 to 19, Lesbians and Hardcore and there are also a number of non mainstream niches like bondage, transsexuals and nude competitions. There's definitely a good variety to choose from here and members will probably have a hard time on deciding where to start, there are a few Asian video feeds available and they are nice, but at the end of the day we want to be able to download are videos rather than stream them, especially members who are still on dial up connections, as it would take them forever to finish streaming a scene.

Unlike the video content, there are featured Asian picture galleries and I gotta tell ya, there is a shit load of them, with such a huge variety of different Asian women which I must admit are very cute and sexy. Most of the Asian ladies that model in these picture galleries are what you'd call the modern Asian lady. Now to those of you who aren't familiar with this term an Modern Asian lady is a lot more outgoing and open as far as their sexuality goes as opposed to those traditional Asian women that are quiet, shy and look like they're about to die when they're getting their pussies slammed, now that your up to date on what a modern Asian women is, don't you wish you had one of your own? I know I certainly do, anyway back to the pictures. The quality of these still photos are just outstanding, for the most part the image is very clear and the colors and lighting are spot on, though most of the pictures are a little small for my liking and if this is an issue for you, then you can always download the pictures and zoom in on them through a picture viewer.

There's not much else to say about the content on this site cause that's pretty much what ya get, High quality still photos but no exclusive video content, sure there are heaps of video feeds to check out, but like I said earlier, I know how important it is to be able to download the videos for a lot of people and this simply can't be done with video feeds. Lets hope they pick things up a little in the future and upload some steamy Asian scenes.

Nav, Design & Features

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  • Features: 0/10

I'll be honest with you here and tell you that I wasn't too impressed with how things are laid out on this site, it does look nice and all but there are a few minor glitches when it comes to the mechanics of the site, though it's nothing overly serious. The first thing I noticed about the site was that everything seems to be focused towards the left side of the page, so you got this huge blank border on the right hand side of the page, which makes the site look uneven and quite unprofessional, though this may not be the issue on some computers as I do have a fairly big monitor, the site might look a little more balanced on a smaller screen, but you can't help but feel that they haven't utilized the space they had to work with to it's full extent as there is just so much room going to waste. Navigating your way around this site is as easy as using the navigational menu found towards the top left corner, the buttons found on this menu obviously direct you to the different sections that make up the site.

The gallery and photo album sections are very similar so I'll analyze both of them in one go. Once you arrive at the main picture gallery area, you'll be presented with a number of thumbnails evenly spaced out down the length of the page, each of these thumbnails is a close up shot of the model, so they'll give you a good idea on what the porn star looks like. Clicking on one of these thumbnails should take you directly to a particular picture set's main gallery, this picture gallery is basically the same as any other, where you click on a thumbnail in order to see the full blown image. The photo album section is set out a little different from the general picture gallery, before your presented with the thumbnails that represent the individual picture sets, you must first choose what kind of pictures you wish to view, this way members can be a lot more specific with what sort of picture content they wish to view.

The xxx videos section consists of a large amount of links to other porn orientated sites that provide video feeds, I was expecting to see actual video downloads in this section, but no matter where I looked I couldn't seem to find any exclusive videos, in order to view the video feeds you must first enter one of the many sites available and stream your videos from there, at least they've taken out the process of having to enter your user name and password every time you enter one of the various sites, as this would have become a very tedious task.

There are a few novelty features available on this site including erotic stories and The arcade. The erotic stories section provides members with steamy short stories about random sexual adventures, always a treat if your into this kind of reading material and the video arcade provides some crazy mini games that are reminiscent to those old school arcade games like space invaders and pong, only this time they are based around pornography which makes for some very strange gaming, these are always great to kill time on.

There's not much else I can write about concerning the navigational side of this site, it does work well, it's just a little strange how there aren't any exclusive vids as most of their content derives from other sites that are dedicated to live video feeds, which is quite obvious looking in the xxx videos section. Other than that though everything seems to be in working order and it's simple enough to make your way around the site, just don't get confused with some of the names they've chosen for some of the sections, but once you know where everything is it all becomes second nature.



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As a porn site Asian Cream isn't doing too bad, but as an Asian site, they really need to upload some featured Asian video content, cause at the moment, it's more of a variety site rather than an Asian one, I'd like to mention again how impressed I was with the picture content they've provided their members, as there are a lot of them and the quality is good and consistent, just get those Asian vids up on site guys and it should be all good.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of bonus video feeds
  • + Picture galleries are superb
  • - No featured Asian videos