Black Dong In Hong Kong
Black Dong In Hong Kong 92 Black Dong In Hong Kong Black dong in Hong Kong, what a weird name for a site huh.
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Black Dong In Hong Kong

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Black Dong In Hong Kong

Short Review

Black dong in Hong Kong, what a weird name for a site huh? I'm sure that most of you can figure out what the site is all about just by reading that title, enormously hung black men fucking cute Asian ladies, now Asian women are infamous for having very tight snatches, think they can handle a huge black wang sliding in and out of their tight juicy little pussies? There's only one way to find out, check this site out!

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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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It seems that Asian women are getting more and more adventurous when it comes to sex nowadays, sure the majority of Asian woman are still old fashioned and seem like they are in excruciating pain when they are getting slammed, but when you find an Asian woman who can easily take on a massive black cock and enjoy every second of it, you know you've struck gold.

This site brings you the horniest, tightest Asian women they could find and teamed them up with the biggest black wangs in the industry to make some of the most steamiest hardcore scenes you'll find on the net. Currently there are 23 Asian sex episodes and 410 bonus episodes of random hardcore scenes, this site would have to be the first site I've seen where the bonus episodes heavily outweigh the featured episodes, so essentially there are more non Asian scenes than Asian ones on an Asian dedicated site, quite strange if I do say so myself.

All of the current episodes have been cut into 4 short clips which are in wmv format, there is no option on downloading an episode in one whole file however, this would have been nice for those customers with fast internet speeds but we can't win them all I guess, members also have the option on what resolution they wish to view their video files in being either high or low res, the higher res videos are roughly around 50Mb in size where as the lower res vids can range from anywhere between 5 to 10Mb, needless to say they really only included the low res vids to better accommodate for members with slow connections as the quality of these vids are pretty crappy, they aren't too bad if you watch them in a really small screen though, but who's going to do that. The high res videos however are actually quite nice, the picture is clear and the movement is fluid, there may be a few videos with a skip or two in there but it's not overly noticeable and they don't look half bad in full screen mode.

You'll find that the picture content they offer on this site has nothing to do with Asians, what they do have though is a shitload of random porn shoots, mostly lesbian orientated, but in a way I was kind of glad that they didn't include video captures of their Asian videos as they would have looked shit compared to the stuff they have at the moment, I was going to complain about them having no Asian pictures on an Asian site, but with pictures like these I found it hard to say anything bad about them, they really are of great quality!

So as you can tell the content on this site is a bit of a cocktail, sure it may be an Asian dedicated site, but most of their content isn't Asian, so as far as portraying the Asian niche they haven't done too good a job, but as a porn site they've done pretty good, it's nice to see a site where there's just as much picture content as there are videos both being on par with one another quality wise.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Alright lets get down to business, navigation for this site is a piece of cake, it may seem all over the shop at first but it'll grow on you the more you use it, all of the different sections of the site can be accessed via the navigation menu bar which can be found towards the top of every page to this site, making back tracking a quick and simple task.

Their homepage will keep you up to date on their newest episodes and inform you on the top ranking image and video galleries, both for featured and bonus content so you'll always know which scenes are the best to watch. Towards the bottom of their homepage you'll find 4 extra sites offered to members, these sites aren't really porn orientated, instead they are sites where you can read up on some tips and tricks on how you can improve your personal sex life, I haven't browsed these sites myself but they do look quite interesting and I might give them a quick read when I get the chance.

The next section to their site is the featured videos area, from here you can access the various Asian episodes that they have on offer, clicking on a download link will open up a new window where the video will start streaming, in this window you'll notice text at the bottom of the screen telling you to right click and save the link as, to download your video, which kind of sucks, they really should have had the option of downloading the video straight up rather than having to open up the stream window and download it from there, this is probably the main gripe I had with this site. To the right of these download links you'll notice a side section which lists their last 10 uploads, the bonus vids section is essentially the same only without the asian content.

The last section to this site that's worth mentioning is the image galleries area, this section consists of thumbnail links to the various picture galleries, clicking on one of these thumbnails will take you to that picture set's main thumbnails gallery where you can browse through all of the picture content for that shoot.

There are three other sections to this page, but they really aren't worth writing about because I only have a few more lines that I can use up for this part of the review, but I will say this, all the stuff you'll find in these sections can be found on their homepage, if you must know they are links to other porn orientated websites which members probably won't visit anyway.



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Is it a good porn site? Yes, is it a good interracial Asian site?....well it's so so, why have I come to this conclusion you ask? Well it's purely because the Asian content on this site is heavily outweighed by non Asian content, which kind of muddled up my review a bit because the content that they do have is of fairly decent quality, I guess I'll finish of the review by saying that as an Asian site it's pretty mediocre but as a porn site it does quite well!

Pros & Cons

  • + Great picture and video quality
  • + Tonnes of bonus content
  • - Non Asian content outweighs Asian