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Cum Fu 2421 Cum Fu Bless Asian girls who love to fuck! Yup it seems more and more exotic ladies are enjoying the cock rather than being conservative as they used to be.
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Cum Fu

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Cum Fu

Short Review

Bless Asian girls who love to fuck! Yup it seems more and more exotic ladies are enjoying the cock rather than being conservative as they used to be. The best thing about that is Asian ladies always have such damn seductive eyes. Cum Fu offers high quality hardcore Asian fucking in 19 juicy exclusive episodes that will drain your balls. Also being part of the Muffia network members gain access to everything the solid network has up it is deep deep sleeves.

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It's nice to see more and more Asian ladies are getting wilder in the sack, I remember back in the days when the only type of Asian porn around involved the girl grimacing as though her legs are getting hacked off with a rusty hatchet, can't say they were the most arousing hardcore scenes around but now that cock hungry Asian babes are becoming more and more popular Asian lovers can thank their lucky stars that there's a seemingly endless amount of this type of porn available on the net, and you can get your slice of steamy Asian porn right here on Cum Fu. So what exactly do the exotic ladies get up to in the hot episodes on this site? Well essentially the content mostly involves general hardcore shennanigans starring a hot Asian babe and one hung stud. One episode which really stood out was of a hot Asian sex vixen getting her ink done (tattoo) with a steamy fuck fest to finish things off.

Cum Fu is a relatively new site having been up and running for just over 4 months now. Within that time of being live the site has been updated with 19 episodes, now I know that number may not compare to those epically sized online DVD archives but you have to keep in mind that all the content on this site is 100% exclusive meaning you will never find these scenes on any of those DVD archives or anywhere else on the net for that matter. The good news is the site looks to be quite active on updates with a new episode uploaded on a weekly basis making this site one to keep an eye on because if they keep updating the way they are it will eventually becoming a massive orgy of hot Asian porn.

All episodes are full length running for a good 30mins plus each. Members have the options of downloading and streaming the videos straight off the site, also you can keep the downloadable videos for as long as you want because they aren't held back by any DRM restrictions. To keep things convenient for members who aren't on blistering fast adsl connections they have provided their episodes in short segments. Great thing about this is members can choose to skip on segments they don't want to see to get straight to the hardcore bits and save a heap of bandwidth in the process. They've also included full scene downloads for members who don't have to ration their bandwidth. Quality wise the videos are pretty decent available in wmv format with encoding rates of (1400kbps @ 720x480) not top bench quality but certainly up there.

Each episode comes with a photo set, these sets contain approximately 500 pictures each and the best part is they're pure eye candy! Being related to the video content you'll notice that the location, the fucking, and the stars are the same. The one thing you will notice though is that at the start of the picture sets they've included some softcore pictures of the beautiful Asian ladies in their sexy lingerie teasing the balls out of us. The Asian babes are looking extra hot in these pics as they're very crisp and feature full blown colors, I felt they could have been a little larger in size though overall I was quite pleased with how they look.

You may remember me mentioning in the short review that members gain access to the entire Muffia network, and well I wasn't kidding. This network is made up of 5 exclusive sites including Cum Fu. Two of these sites are reality based, one dedicated to Molly a sexy blonde broad who certainly deserves to have an entire site dedicated to only her, and one site which doesn't really fit in to a category. This site is called It's Real and I've had the....pleasure? To review it, it's a little different and the best way to describe it is porn's freak show where you can see ladies with three tits, a dude with two cocks, and plenty more crazy stuff on that level. So even though Cum Fu doesn't exactly have a huge supply of content at the moment there's still a shit load of other porn to check out whilst members wait for new updates.

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The first thing you'll see on the Cum Fu tour pages is a cute looking Asian babe with a massive knob in her mouth, she just looks so damn cute in that position! Further down the page your eyes will be indulged with high quality sample photos taken from the various photo sets and episodes available within the members area giving on lookers a quick taste of what's in store on sign-up. Each of the episodes also comes with a free trailer which is sure to have you craving for more. All in all the tours give a nice sneak preview of what you gain access to on signing up plus it looks quite flashy to boot.

At the top of the homepage is where the latest updates can be found, there's a link to the main movie and picture page, and below you'll find the latest 19 updates in the form of thumbnail links which once clicked on will take you to the section dedicated to that particular scene. Below the thumbnails is the title of the episode, along with what date it was uploaded. If you're new and aren't sure where to find the best episodes look down the right side of the page there's a column which consists of links to the most popular episodes according to member's votes. There's a search engine members can use which is situated on the top right corner of the home page, however with only 19 episodes to browse though I'm sure you won't find much use out of this just yet.

If you were to click on the thumbnails which represent the episodes I mentioned earlier you will be taken you to that particular episode's main page. From there you can check out more screen shots of the episode to get a better idea on what the scene involves, read up on a detailed description and find out a little more on what goes on in the steamy episode. Down the right side of the page is where the download links are situated, here you'll find the links for both the full scene, and short segment downloads. You'll also notice the "picture zip" link which will allow members to download the entire photo set in a single zip file so they can view the photos offline if they wish.

If you wish to make your way to the other sites on the Muffia network you'll have to utilize the link within the top menu marked "sites", upon doing so you will be taken to a page consisting of large banner links which feature the front tour page for the various bonus sites. A single click on these will take you to the main members area from where you can proceed to view and download as much of the content you wish. The top navigation menu also includes links to a few third party services including online personal advertisements, specials on other great adult sites, and cam girl links. I found the interface to be very user-friendly, so much so that people who have never surfed the internet before shouldn't have too much trouble finding their way around, plus the site itself looks modern and very nice, a big thumbs up from me.



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Certainly an awesome collection of Asian porn here even though it is only a humble collection at the moment, but as I said if they keep their weekly updates rolling this site will eventually become quite the hefty one. The Asian models are gorgeous and really know how to please, the videos are decent to watch, and the photo content is mouth watering. Plus with all those great bonus sites at your disposal you won't find yourself looking idly at the screen in a state of boredom.

Pros & Cons

  • + Good quality media
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Weekly updates
  • + Access to 5 great sites
  • + Site looks great
  • + Easy to navigate
  • - A little small at the moment