Kat Young
Kat Young 51 Kat Young Kat Young is a sexy little minx not convinced? Well check out this site and see just how naughty this petite little sex devil can get.
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Kat Young

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Kat Young

Short Review

Kat Young is a sexy little minx not convinced? Well check out this site and see just how naughty this petite little sex devil can get. This feature girl site has a very personalized touch to it where you can chat live to Kat Young and read what she does day in day out in her personal journal. Watch eps of Kat Young doing a variety of things like riding a horse topless in the non sexual way of course. So come in and see what nasty things Kat Young has to offer.

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To tell you the truth I don't mind feature girl sites because you get to know the stars on a personal level and interact with them, now if your into the cute asian that isn't afraid to be fucked type then Kat Young is definitely your kind of girl! Shes cute shes petite and she isn't afraid to experiment with other girls in fact I believe none of her episodes include men in them so if you love your girl on girl action you won't be disappointed.

The type of media content on offer are short episodes of Miss Kat Young doing a variety of sexy acts whether it be rubbing herself up, getting it on with another foxy lady, oiling herself down with body oil or riding a horse topless! The episodes up for download have an average run time of around 8mins, members have the option to download the full scene or download it in shorter equally sized chapters. You can choose between 5 different video qualities being low, medium, high, super HD and ultra HD, the super and ultra HD files are definitely worth a look at if you want to see Miss Young in crystal clear videos though the file sizes are considerably larger, you also have the option of streaming the short lower quality clips which is always nice to have.

Some of the episodes include picture galleries which comprise of nice big screenshots of Kat in a number of different softcore poses the quality of these screenshots are worth mentioning as well the colors really stand out and there is no sign of blurring or distortion the bigger pictures can get as large as 1600x1000 the clarity of the picture is still crisp even at this size so it's good to know they've been using a quality camera.

The only thing I can find to complain about is that although skimming quickly through the site you won't spot any problems but once you start looking through the nooks and crannies you start to notice that the quality is inconsistent you'll go to one ep and go wow this is top notch then you'd go to another one and say hang on whats happened here! I'm glad to say though that it's not that big a deal as only a few of the pictures are of poor quality but when you do find them they are very noticeable this is not the case with the video files the quality is consistent when it comes to their video media.

All in all the content Kat Young has to offer is arousing it may not be super hardcore but still very arousing especially when she gets down and dirty with other sexy minxes plus you can't go wrong with Ultra HD.

Nav, Design & Features

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Kat Young's site has a very girly personalized touch to it and thats a good thing cause thats what the site is all about Miss Kat Young! When you load up the eye catching front page you'll notice a few personal messages from Kat, a nice flash animation with still pictures of Miss Young and a side scroll down panel with thumbnails of the latest updates of short episodes. Towards the bottom of the page you will notice a horizontal panel which allows you to chat live with Kat via text and webcam shes available to chat on Monday and Wednesdays from 4 to 5pm eastern standard time so catch her online and ask her to do all sorts of dirty things for you!

At the top of the members area page are icons representing links to the different sections of Kat Young's site all up there are 6 different areas, theres the intro page which includes info on updates and a selection of bonus sites which members obtain access to on sign up, towards the bottom of the page you'll find Kat's wish list where you can find out what personal belongings shes been hankerin for, you'll notice pictures of Kat with her brand new Xbox and Ipod sent to her by her hardcore fans, as you scroll further down the intro page you'll notice a custom videos section where you can request what dirty things Kat should do in her next clip.

Next is the episodes section, here you'll find a gallery of nice quality thumbnails depicting what sort of scene you'll be viewing, currently there are 95 episodes up for download clicking on a thumbnail will bring you to the episode info and download page which includes a sample video, download links to the video files and a picture gallery if the episode includes them, all in all the layout is simple and straight forward, browse the page see a thumbnail that arouses you then download away.

The personal diary page gives you a rough idea of what kind of lady Kat is and what sort of things she likes getting up to from day to day, from what I've read she seems to be a very girly girl, you'll be surprised just how down to earth Miss Young is.



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Katyoung.com is the type of site you go to if you want to get to know the porn star on a personal level, the layout if very professional and the color scheme is very girly, So if you love your cute little asian types then you'll just adore Miss Young and her hot and somewhat wacky episodes!

Pros & Cons

  • + High Quality media
  • + Kat Young's personal touches
  • + Easy navigation
  • - Episodes are a little short