My Asian Dreams
My Asian Dreams 112 My Asian Dreams Ever had the dream where a sweet and innocent Asian girl comes up to you from out of no where, grabs you by the cock then turns into a sex crazed Asian nympho? No.
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My Asian Dreams

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My Asian Dreams

Short Review

Ever had the dream where a sweet and innocent Asian girl comes up to you from out of no where, grabs you by the cock then turns into a sex crazed Asian nympho? No? Well me neither I just made that up on the spot but if you wish you had dreams like that then you'll probably want to check this site out to make those crazy Asian nympho dreams cum true!

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It's great to see that Asian ladies are becoming more and more crazier when it comes to having sex, I remember watching all those traditional Asian porn scenes where the chick looks and sounds like she's being hacked to pieces with a blunt and rusty axe, needless to say I really didn't enjoy this type of Asian porn cause the chick always seemed like she wasn't enjoying herself. Don't worry you won't be seeing any Asian chicks like that on this site, in fact they're quite the opposite, instead of squealing and screaming these girls moan and talk dirty, and instead of having an I'm being murdered expression on their faces these girls have the fuck me harder look, I find Asian women like this to be irresistible and I'm sure many men and some women would agree with me here.

It's good to see that they decided to mix up the scenes a little instead of having straight one on one sex scenes, you'll come across threesome scenes, Asian MILFS, DPs and a little bit of girl on girl action at the start of some of the scenes. All of the Asian girls on this site are what you may call modern Asian chicks, they like fucking, they like looking good and they aren't afraid to try new things unlike old fashioned Asian ladies whom are a lot more innocent and reserved. Currently there are 60 scenes full of hardcore Asian fucking for members to enjoy, all the videos are available in wmv format and have been split into 4 short clips to keep things convenient for members that are still on dial up connections. Members also have the choice on downloading either high or low resolution video files making things even more convenient for members who wish to have all these options in front of them.

The videos look perfect watching them through a small screen and even viewing them through a full screen they aren't half bad the motion is fluid and flows like water some of the videos are a tad grainy but nothing too serious and lighting is generally quite good and consistent through out the different scenes these videos are really great to watch and with horny Asian women like these you'll probably find yourself wanting an Asian women of your own.

Aside from the 60 featured videos members are also treated to another 412 videos worth of bonus content, these bonus vids are of random hardcore scenes, too bad for members who only wanted to see Asian women though cause quickly skimming through the thumbnails which represent each scene it looks as though there aren't any Asian women starring in any of the bonus videos. Quality of the bonus vids are amazing, I'd even go as far as saying that they are better in quality than some of the featured videos on this site, these should definitely keep members entertained long after they're well and done with all of the featured content.

The pictures on this site are outstanding, the only bad news is that there are only a few photo sets that include Asian women in them. The bulk of the picture content mainly consists of lesbian pictures which is nice but will kind of suck for those members who joined this site only for the sexy Asian ladies, but I'm pretty sure that they can definitely enjoy viewing these pictures even if there aren't any hot Asian women to be seen. As you can tell there's a tonne of great content to be seen on this site and even if you do run out of content you can always check out the bonus sites that members gain full access to on sign up, so is it a sweet deal? You bet your last icy cold beer it is.

Nav, Design & Features

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This site looks a little better than the other sites that are on this network, the color scheme they chose is brighter than what they usually use on their sites, which kind of helps liven things up a little but they still haven't altered the layout however, which they really should cause at the moment the site looks unprofessional as everything seems to feel a little too close together giving the site a cluttered, too busy kind of feel.

Navigating your way around this site couldn't be much simpler, all the different areas of the site can be accessed via the navigational menu which can be found at the top of all the areas on this site. Information on updates concerning the network as a whole can be found on the home page, the first thing you'll come across on this page are links to the other 12 sites on this network which members gain full access to on sign up, just below these links are thumbnails of their last 8 uploaded videos, clicking on the thumbnails I just mentioned will automatically start streaming the video. The rest of the home page consists of top ranking lists for their bonus sites, image galleries and bonus videos.

Members can access all of the video files from the featured videos section, this section consists of 13 pages with 5 scenes on each, all of the scenes have their own sections which takes up a small portion of the pages, in this section you'll find a short description of the scene, download links for the high and low res videos and 4 thumbnails which represent the scene, these thumbnails are video captures taken from the video file of the scene, so you can pretty much tell from these thumbnails whether a scene is crap quality or not, usually a dark and grainy screenshot would indicate that the scene is...well exactly that dark and grainy.

All of the picture content on this site can be found in the image galleries section. This section has 22 pages to it, each page includes 36 small thumbnails all of which are linked to the main picture galleries to the various photo shoots available, the picture galleries are your every day traditional kind, where you find a thumbnail that arouses you, click on it, then your presented with the full sized image of the thumbnail you clicked on, hehe that felt real weird explaining that cause I'm sure all of you know how a picture gallery works, I just explained that for the people out there who are still a little green to the internet Where have you been for the last decade, under a rock?!?



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Well I was actually quite impressed with what the site has to offer, there's loads of Asian videos to go through and if that isn't enough to strike your fancy I'm sure that an extra 412 scenes worth of bonus content should, still doesn't interest you? What about if I told you that there are over 700 picture galleries to get the drift, the site does well content wise, to make the site perfect they really need to start putting more effort into presentation.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot and horny Asian women
  • + Loads of bonus content
  • + Picture quality is superb
  • - Site could do with a cosmetic make over