Sum Dum Cunt
Sum Dum Cunt 2072 Sum Dum Cunt Sum Dum Cunt is a site dedicated to seductive Asian whores who aren't afraid of cock.
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Sum Dum Cunt

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Sum Dum Cunt

Short Review

Sum Dum Cunt is a site dedicated to seductive Asian whores who aren't afraid of cock. Yeah that's right, you remember those traditional Asian movies where the girls squeal which can get painfully annoying to listen to? Well you can forget about all that because the only Asian girls who make it on this top notch site love cock, and rather than squeal they moan with pleasure!

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At first I wasn't entirely sure what I was in for when I initially read the title for this site. I was thinking I was going to be in for some sort of reality site featuring some dumb dude fucking on chicks or something....Anyway I quickly found out this was a site entirely dedicated to the Asian persuasion when the tour pages loaded up and featured more than a few tantalizing Asian honeys. Now it's good to finally see that Asian sites nowadays are featuring more and more Asian girls which are liberated. To tell you the truth I wasn't much of a fan of traditional Asian ladies who sound like they're getting a limb ripped off by a rusty hack saw as they got their vice like pussies impaled. You see the Asian hotties on this site actually sound like they're enjoying a good hard fucking, not only that but they aren't afraid to take control either.

Sum Dum Cunt is brought to you by the Jerked network. An awesome network which has proved time and time again that they only provide top quality videos and the hottest chicks they can dig up, so before I even stepped foot within the members area I knew I was in for some quality porn viewing and some tasty eye candy. Judging by the upload dates Sum Dum Cunt seems to be one of the older sites on the network. The first ever episode was launched on the 29th of December way back in 2006. In the time of being live the fellas behind the site have conjured up 58 fully exclusive episodes and is still going quite strong with updates as the last one was loaded only two days before this review was completed. To give you a better idea on how frequent they are with updates, they try to get a new episode up every week, and looking at their update patterns they've so far done so with out fail.

Their all star team of Asian models is simply delicious to say the very least. You'll find popular Asian stars such as the beautiful half Asian Nautica Thorn, the ever so kinky Katsumi, and the busty mistress Mika Tan amongst many other well known and lesser known pornstars. You can take my word for it that if you're a big Asian sex fan you're going to cream your pants just by skimming through their drool worthy line up of girls. So what about the hardcore factor of the episodes you ask? Well they're as hardcore as you're going to get, every single episode involves hardcore penetration, and some go above the norm with savage deep throats, and steamy double penetrations scenes.

As I said earlier in the review the Jerked network is known for providing top quality videos through out their various sites, and this site is certainly no exception. Yup they've provided scenes in beautiful HD quality available in Wmv files that can get up to (2000kbps @ 720x480) in encoding rate. If you know your encoding numbers then you'll know that these videos are a dream to watch, and not only that the large default video size makes it so that watching the episodes in full screen doesn't dent the quality one iota. Members have the option to download and stream the vids in full length and short chapters to keep things convenient for everyone, and with no DRM restrictions holding them back the episodes are as good as yours to keep.

The only downside I foresee members may have a problem with is the fact that the episodes only come with screen captures with the option of high resolution pictures left out all together. It's not a huge set back as the videos more than make up for the lack of high quality pictures. However you will be surprised that the screen captures are quite decent to view. They're of standard screen cap size measuring in at (640x426 pixels) but you'll notice that they aren't as blurry as you would expect them to be. All in all they aren't the best pictures around, but like I said with an extensive collection of top quality videos who really gives a damn right?

Alright! Lets get into all the juicy bonuses, and let me just tell you this straight up there's a ton of them, and I would bet my very last icy cold beer that you will appreciate what the Jerked network has in store for their lucky members. Ok so apart from all the great Asian content this site contains, members also get free access to 13 exclusive Jerked network sites and a further 24 third party bonus sites! That's 37 sites busting at the seams with hardcore porn and it doesn't cost you another penny? Solved? You better damn well be!

Nav, Design & Features

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Another aspect Jerked network sites tend to excel on is the presentation and overall layout of the sites on offer, and yes you guessed it Sum Dum Cunt is no exception! You can tell this site is going to look awesome right from the get go. Loading up the tour pages will have you staring at the most drool worthy chicks the Asian continent has to offer, and better yet if the various sample pictures don't win you over you've got free movie trailers to contend with! Check them out and I dare you not to join up!

Getting into the members area took one more click than I would have liked, but hey once you're there you'll thank your lucky stars that this site is one of the most easiest sites to navigate. I mean just scroll down the members area and you'll find all the featured exclusive episodes staring right back at you. Anyway before we get into that you'll probably notice the beautiful Mika Tan giving you a cock teasing look in the top banner, along with that awesome looking logo of theirs, damn that's one cool logo! Below the busty Asian Goddess is where you'll come across the navigation menu. Low and behold you've got all the usuals here ranging from the home link, bonus sites, and customer support link. There are also a few links to third party services such as online personal ads, and live cam shows.

Alright you'll probably notice that they don't have a separate section dedicated to the featured episodes. This is probably because the site designers thought fuck it lets just whack them on the front page for easy access and damn they couldn't have been more right as all you have to do is scroll down the page to eye over their entire collection of saucy episodes. At the very top of the list you've got the latest update section which sports a large thumbnail of the starring Asian model along with links to the various video formats and the screen capture galleries.

Down the left hand side of the latest update section are thumbnails of upcoming episodes. Obviously these will keep member's spirits up as they're guaranteed there's something new to look forward to in the upcoming week. Scrolling down the members area you'll notice that the episode thumbnails are arranged in rows of five. Each one is represented by a thumbnail of the star or stars of the episode and beneath each thumbnail is the date the episode was uploaded and the name of the lovely Asian models.

Make you're way to the bonus sites section by using the link I mentioned within the top navigation menu. Once you're there you'll notice that the layout is fairly similar to the episode gallery on the homepage. This area is filled with all the thumbnail links to every single one of the bonus sites and a single click on these will direct you straight to the homepage of your desired site. You'll have no troubles navigating these sites as they're basically identical in layout to this one keeping things nice and consistent.



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My hat goes down yet again to the good fellas at Jerked network for providing another awesome site which excels on all fronts. Beautiful Asian women, gorgeous HD videos, and a very accessible members area, what more can you ask for? With plenty of updates on the horizon and tons of bonuses, Sum Dum Cunt is definately a safe bet if you're after some quality Asian content.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Gorgeous HD videos
  • + Weekly Updates
  • + Great Site presentation
  • + Tons of great bonus sites
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Gorgeous Asian models