Tokyo Slaves
Tokyo Slaves 3007 Tokyo Slaves As shy as the Japanese women seem to be you'd be amazed at just how kinky they can get.
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Tokyo Slaves

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Tokyo Slaves

Short Review

As shy as the Japanese women seem to be you'd be amazed at just how kinky they can get. Here at Tokyo Slaves you can enjoy watching the lovely ladies from Japan getting treated like pieces of meat as they get bound up in ropes, cummed on, probed in every orifice, and many more kinky acts of sexuality. The site currently has a humble collection of episodes including both video and photo content.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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Japanese or Asian women in general have always been known to be quite submissive however seeing as Asian women are becoming more and more popular in the world of internet porn more and more dominating Asian ladies have been popping up. If you much rather prefer the traditional timid type of Asian women then you'll find them here at their most submissive as they do what ever their dominating masters wish whether it involve them being tied up with ropes in the most awkward positions or sucking up raw eggs. The bulk of the episodes involve the cute Japanese ladies being tied up and teased with toys and other naughty contraptions, so other than the Asian category of the site the episodes could also be classified as general fetish scenes.

Tokyo Slaves has quite a small collection of episodes considering how long it has been up and live for. The first featured episode was uploaded back in '07 on the 16th of December. It looks as though they had a long break on updates during '09 but by the looks of things updates have recently been starting to pick up with the latest update having been uploaded roughly 2 weeks before this review was completed. All up there's a total of 23 episodes which isn't too impressive for a site that's been up for quite a while however we can give them credit for providing exclusive content which is always a plus.

Quality of the videos is mediocre at best though the fairly decent kbps rates of the videos was the only aspect which stopped me from saying they look horrible as the resolutions really aren't that impressive. Members have 2 video formats to choose from which are mov and wmv. Between the 2 formats the wmvs are slightly higher in quality clocking in at (1300kbps @ 448x352) while the mov videos aren't too far behind with an encoding rate of (1000kbps @ 468x312). Members have the choice of downloading the entire episode in a single scene or short segments, also there's the option of streaming the videos within the browser or downloading them with no DRM restrictions. I should also mention that the older episodes aren't as high in quality as they were encoded in the standards back in '07, so they aren't exactly pretty, but I'll be fair and say they aren't horrible either.

The only photo content on offer can't really be considered as proper photos as they are screen captures after all, so you're basically just viewing the videos frame by frame which I personally don't classify as extra content. As one would expect from screen captures they are quite grainy and whenever there's rapid movement blurring becomes an issue, also the colors are quite dull. It's a shame the developers didn't opt for proper photos as I could imagine the Japanese ladies would have looked gorgeous.

Now the developers obviously knew that members weren't going to be content with just 23 episodes on their plate so it's a good thing they have been generous enough to give their members full access to the entire network Tokyo Slaves is a part of otherwise known as the "Fetish Network". As the network title suggests this network is one for fetish fans to certainly check out. Including this site there are 24 exclusive bonus sites to enjoy most of which are fetish based however there are a few sites which cover popular mainstream niches such as big boobs, the plethora of fetishes covered however is quite refreshing and will certainly have fetish fans amused for months on end.

Nav, Design & Features

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Bondage fans will just about cream their pants as they first lay eyes on the tour pages of the site. There are plenty of hot Japanese women in the nude with expressions of pain on their faces as they are bound with ropes, gagged, and tortured with safety pins and clamps. Not my kind of scene but I'm sure fetish fans will love what they see. Potential customers are bombarded with a nice amount of sample pictures in the form of thumbnails which will give them a rough idea on what kind of content they can expect to be viewing within the members area. There are also free trailers which will certainly get fetish fans begging for more.

After logging in you will be taken to a section which asks members whether or not they want to be taken to the main members area of the entire Fetish Network or go straight to the main members area of Tokyo Slaves. Having the option of going to the homepage for the Fetish Network makes site hopping a breeze, plus members can keep up to date on all the updates across the entire network on this page, quite convenient indeed.

The members area of Tokyo Slaves is quite simple as it is basically made of one section because all of the featured content can be found as you make your way down the homepage. Right below the navigation menu is a large thumbnail of both the latest update and the upcoming update, unfortunately there's no thumbnail in the upcoming update section so I'm assuming they have no future updates lined up for the mean time. The rest of the archive can be found below the latest update section, they are all presented in thumbnail form with information on when the episode was uploaded and the name of the model situated below the thumbnail.

Clicking on the thumbnail I mentioned above will take you to the main content area of the episode from where you will be presented with a number of thumbnails featuring screen shots from different segments of the episode. Below the thumbnails there's a detailed description on all the kinky things which happen in the episode and below the description is where all the links to the various versions of the video can be found. A simple click on any one of these links and your download or stream should automatically start.

There's not much else to say about the navigation of the site, there's a top navigation menu though members probably won't find much use out of it. The only link within the menu which members may find themselves using is the one marked "fetish network sites". This link takes you to a section which includes banner links to the various bonus sites they have full access to.



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Well one thing's for sure the fetish episodes definitely make me cringe as I'm not a fan of this kind of porn however I'm sure fetish fans might find themselves with a hard on rather than cringing. The site certainly excels on providing some crazy bondage scenes though what it does need to improve on is video quality and content numbers. The site certainly has it's rough edges but at least the fetish scenes are cringe worthy.

Pros & Cons

  • + Kinky fetish scenes
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Site is very easy to navigate
  • + Access to the entire Fetish network
  • - Could do with more content
  • - Quality of content is average