Tokyo Whores
Tokyo Whores 4918 Tokyo Whores Tokyo Whores is a mid-sized and messy site that's been offering a partially exclusive collection of Japanese and other Asian women in hardcore action and bondage scenes for nearly a decade now.
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Tokyo Whores

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Tokyo Whores

Short Review

Tokyo Whores is a mid-sized and messy site that's been offering a partially exclusive collection of Japanese and other Asian women in hardcore action and bondage scenes for nearly a decade now. There aren't a lot of truly noteworthy sites offering authentic Japanese smut, so even an average members' area could really make this one stand out in the category. Does this long-running collection have what it takes? Let's take a look inside and find out together.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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Tokyo Whores has been around since 2002 and appears to offer a mixture of both exclusive and nonexclusive materials. It looks like the site started out with a focus on shibari bondage, but over the years the focus has moved more and more toward hardcore Japanese porn. Currently, the video section of the site specializes in urabon, which is Japanese underground hardcore pornography that is uncensored.

The extremely disorganized design of the members area here makes it difficult to get a handle on the actual size of the collection, but I believe there are around 100 videos and a couple hundred photo sets. The site claims to add one new photo update and four video updates per month, but the four video updates actually only add up to one new scene. With just one new video and one new photo gallery coming per month, I'd like to see this collection step up its rate of growth considerably.

As I mentioned, the earlier materials here at Tokyo Whores tend to focus on bondage materials with more and more of a focus on Japanese produced uncensored urabon hardcore action as you get into the more recent areas of the archive. Aside from special, fairly small sections featuring mixed action starring Thai and Korean women, it looks like all of the performers here are Japanese. The materials are filmed in Japan and feature Japanese dialogue. The photo sets and videos you'll see here feature everything from fairly tame posing by women in shibari bondage to all-out group fuck and dungeon sessions. There are also small glamour and cosplay sections with less than a dozen photo sets between them.

The quality of the materials here at Tokyo Whores is all over the map. The size of the images ranges from 600 x 450 pixels for the oldest photos to over 2100 pixels on the long side for the more recent releases. Recent video updates are available for download at 720 x 480 pixels, 1500 kbps for download and in a much smaller format for streaming while the older video releases are much smaller and lower in quality.

Most of the newest movies in full length are at least 1 hour long, hence the division into 4 parts. It's easier for my members to download! There are no breaks in each segment so they can be joined into 1 full length, full size movie when on the users computer.

Nav, Design & Features

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The tour pages for Tokyo Whores seem rather dated and don't give a lot of truly desirable information about the collection. Instead of previewing specific videos and photo sets that are available with a bit of information about the scenes, the tour offers a more general preview with random images from some of the materials and enticing text. At least the tour gives a good idea of the kind of models you can expect to see inside.

As I mentioned, the members area here is quite disorganized. In fact, this is one of the most poorly organized and messiest sites I can remember reviewing in recent years. The way things are set up just doesn't make any sense at all, and I frequently found myself feeling like I was going in circles. The same sections are listed and linked to in different places with different wording, so sometimes you click on a link expecting to see something new and instead you just see a page of stuff you've already seen. Instead of listing all of the bondage materials together and all of the hardcore materials together, the site instead breaks it down into incomprehensible subsections that aren't helpful. High quality, new release materials are sometimes listed right alongside things that were added in 2005. I eventually had to give up on my exploration of the site with the knowledge that there were probably photo sets and videos I haven't even discovered yet due to the circuitousness of the navigation.

The options for accessing the materials are pretty basic. The photo sets can be viewed in basic thumbnail galleries, but there isn't any option to download them in ZIP files or view them in any other way. The videos are offered for download only in split files in WMV format at a single quality level. If you want to view a full length video, you'll have to opt for the Flash streaming version.



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While Tokyo Whores has some fairly high quality and hot Japanese action, the very slow update rate of just one new full video and one photo gallery per month is definitely a problem, especially since there's just not a lot here for a site that's been around for nine years or more. There's nothing like superhigh quality level materials or interactive features to give this medium-sized, medium quality collection a much-needed boost, so in the end I just can't get too excited about the site.

Pros & Cons

  • + Some exclusive Japanese materials available
  • + Updates are coming
  • - No info about scenes
  • - Quality varies a lot