You Want Happy Ending
You Want Happy Ending 2047 You Want Happy Ending Here's a site specially tailored for those of you who have a soft spot for exotic Asian girls.
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You Want Happy Ending

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You Want Happy Ending

Short Review

Here's a site specially tailored for those of you who have a soft spot for exotic Asian girls. Within this site you'll be treated to hours of hardcore episodes featuring some of the most seductive girls the continent of Asia has on the menu. Members can enjoy steamy girl on girl action, solo masturbation scenes, and blazing hot threesomes along with plenty more Asian themed episodes. The membership also grants you access to loads of bonus sites and plenty of extras!

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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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When I first saw the site tittle I've got to admit I was clueless on what kind of content this site had in store for me. However once I loaded up the tour pages of the site my eyes were treated with picture after picture of gorgeous Asian girls. Probably not the best site title for an Asian site, but I can kind of see where they're coming from. Anyways, from the exotic ladies I've seen in their line up I have got to say that Asian fans will definately appreciate the mouth watering cast of horny Asian girls as they're all stunningly gorgeous.

Although the current collection of episodes can't exactly be considered as huge, the site developers have done a good job on injecting some variety in their collection of videos. The episodes included are a mix of short and full length scenes involving all sorts of kinky activities such as self masturbation with toys, tit jobs, hand jobs, pissing, scorching hot lesbian scenes featuring strap-ons, and lesbian threesomes. It looks as though the content is prominently based on Asian girl on girl which is definately a plus for lesbian lovers. So in a way the site is kind of original in that it's the first lesbian site exclusively featuring Asian hotties.

From the information I've seen the site looks as though it was launched around April 2007 so it's been up and running for roughly 8 months now. Needless to say I was shocked to see that the collection only consisted of 17 episodes, now it goes without saying that's a pretty poor effort for 8 months. On a brighter note though they have included information on future updates and judging by the ETAs it looks as though they come on a weekly basis. So there is some light at the end of the tunnel after all.

Aside from the video content provided, the site has also included some picture content as a side dish. Compared to the video collection of the site the picture collection out weighs it as far as sheer content numbers go. As of now there's currently 43 picture galleries on offer each one packed with roughly 170 images each. Quality wise the images are great, clarity is awesome and the colors bring the pictures to life. Besides from being easy on the eyes they're also quite large in size, the larger photos measure in at 1200x900 pixels in dimension.

As for the quality of the videos, well I feel as though they could definately do with a little tweaking as the encoding rates they're available in is pretty average. Both streamed and downloadable versions clock in at (400kbps @ 320x240), not a very impressive number though they're still viewable. However if you try to blow them up to full screen they tend to get quite pixelated. Download options are quite limited as well as the episodes are only in full scenes, with the option of short clips left out all together. So yeah, I was a little disappointed to say the very least.

If you find yourself running out of content to view on this site, you'll be glad to know that members are granted full access to 24 other sites. All 24 of these sites are a part of the very same network this site is on, and all of them also provide exclusive content as well. Most of the sites are still being updated quite frequently so although this site doesn't have an outstanding amount of content, the network as a whole does.

Nav, Design & Features

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As I said earlier in my review the tour pages of this site certainly explain all if the site title had you clueless on what kind of content is provided. There are dozens of gorgeous images featuring seductive looking Asian girls all of which have been taken from some of the content on offer. They've even provided a free trailer including clips from a select few of the episodes, and to make things even more appealing there's information in regards to the 24 bonus sites. Once you've logged in through the tour pages you'll first be taken to an area consisting of information in regards to specials on other porn sites. To skip this page click on the clearly marked linked found at the very top.

I found the site presentation to be quite appealing. The background includes the site's logo and is maroon in color, plus the graphics and designs used make the site look quite nice. Not to mention the eye catching site banner which will make Asian porn fans drool. All in all the site presentation is great and looks quite professional.

Underneath the site banner I mentioned earlier is where you'll come across the main navigation menu. This menu includes links which will take you to the various media sections of the site including the photo gallery, video archive, and the extras such as the bonus friend galleries. Further down the homepage you'll find information related to the upcoming episodes, and links to the 24 bonus sites. Accessing the bonus sites can be done by a single click of the mouse, site jumping has never been so easy.

Accessing the photo collection can be done by clicking on the link situated within the navigation menu marked as photos. Upon doing so you're taken to a section consisting of 8 thumbnails all of which are linked to the main gallery for the individual photo shoots. At the bottom of this section you'll find a series of number links, these will direct you to the different indexed pages which make up the picture gallery.

The link marked video situated withing the navigation menu will access the main video archive. Currently this section is made up of 2 indexed pages, all of which include thumbnail links to the main download and stream area of the episodes. From there on out it's as simple as clicking on the links provided to access the content. It's all very standard stuff as they haven't implemented anything revolutionary within the site, personally I'm perfectly fine with that, because the last thing I want is trying to figure out how to view a damn picture.



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Probably not the best Asian site I've seen around however I will give it credit for providing some totally arousing Asian based lesbian scenes which I've yet to find on other sites. There are two aspects of this site which definately need immediate attention, first off the collection of videos is too small, and second of all the videos don't look that great. What did impress me though was the picture content provided, plus access to 24 other sites is always nice.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot Asian lesbian scenes
  • + Picture content looks great
  • + Site looks awesome
  • + Very easy to navigate
  • + Access to 24 sites
  • - Need more video content
  • - Videos look average