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Cheer Chix 958 Cheer Chix To some people Cheerleaders are the epitome of sexiness, they're attractive they know how to dance, and they can make whole crowds go wild, not to mention those shower room shenanigans we all fantasiz
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Cheer Chix

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Cheer Chix

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To some people Cheerleaders are the epitome of sexiness, they're attractive they know how to dance, and they can make whole crowds go wild, not to mention those shower room shenanigans we all fantasize about! So if you find yourself mesmerized by these sexy cheer leaders when your at a game and would do just about anything to see them in the nude, then you are going to go nuts over this site!

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I suppose you can classify cheerleader content as a combination of two of the hottest porn niches combined, 18 to 19 year old girls and role playing porn come into mind when ever I see this kind of content as for the most part the naughty cheerleaders are nubile babes and they don their oh so cute and colorful cheerleading costumes, so if your a fan of girls aged 18 or 19 and role playing porn then I suggest you check this content out, heck I'm sure just about anyone who like porn can appreciate this kind of content.

Damn I almost creamed my pants when I saw the cast of sexy cheerleaders they've got available, each one is so fit and sexy you can certainly see why they had to make a site dedicated to these hot young ladies. To make things even more arousing they haven't held back as far as variety goes as the cheerleaders on offer are quite diverse ranging from hot blondes, brunettes, redheads, Asians, Latinas, and bubble butt ebony sluts. The only problem I had though was that a few of the models didn't don the cheerleading costume so I guess those scenes can be classified as young adult content.

All up there's an impressive 188 episodes on offer with more updates just around the corner so it seems like we'll be seeing that number grow even bigger. Unfortunately the episodes aren't available to download and can only be streamed, I don't know about you guys but to me having the ability to download content is crucial so I was kind of bummed out about this.

Being a stream focused site I suggest you join up only if you have a decent connection and you aren't too fussy with the fact that you have to re-stream the scenes you've already viewed. To those of you with slow connections I'd have to suggest you have a hard long think before you join this site, sure they've got versions of their scenes which are specifically tailored towards dial-up connections, but the quality of those videos really aren't worth the wait.

Personally I thought the pictures where the most impressive part of the content as quality is consistent, they look absolutely stunning, and they really do the models justice as they bring out the beauty of each one. Each of the photos are clear and colorful, plus they come in large relatively large dimensions, if however you do find that they're a little small you can always download them to zoom in on the images through a picture viewer.

Besides the video and picture content available on this site members are bombarded with a nice variety of bonuses like erotic stories, steamy adult comics, bonus video feeds, adult interactive sites, and best of all members are granted full access to over 50 bonus sites which are on par with this site, some of them are even better than this one as they provide downloadable videos, plus the variety of niches covered by these sites will have you pulling your hair out on what to check out first.

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The cheerleaders on the tour pages of this site will have you drooling all over your keyboard as they're flawless in every way and they look so very cute in their skimpy little cheerleading costumes. You'll get a small taste of what they have on offer by scrolling down the page, unfortunately potential customers don't have the privilege of short trailers, but by the looks of things these pictures should be enough to convince just about anyone.

The first thing that came to mind when I loaded the members area of this site was that it was way too busy, and that it's going to take some time to get used to, but once you know where everything is, it all starts to fall into place, but to be honest I wasn't too fond with the way they've set things out, they should have opted for a much more simple design. So the main focus points on the members area is the navigation menu, and the links to the reality bonus sites which are stretched down the right hand border for easy access.

To get to the videos you must click on the link marked as videos on the navigation menu, after you've done so you'll be presented with a list of different sites, first you'll have to find the Cheer Chix link which is conveniently placed at the very top of the list. You would think that the video link would take you straight to the video section rather than present you with a list of sites, I found this to be a little irritating and unnecessary.

Once you make your way to the contents page of Cheer Chix you'll notice that things start to look a little more simple. The scenes are represented by small thumbnails of the starring lady, beneath this thumbnail is a link to both the video section, and the picture gallery of the episode. The videos section consists of the various streaming links for the videos and a number meter which is a means to choose which segment of the scene you wish to view. The picture gallery pretty much works like any other picture gallery, you see the thumbnail you click on it, and your presented with the blown up image of the thumbnail, very simple stuff.

To be brutally honest I really didn't like the layout of this site, it looks complex when it doesn't need to be and there are a lot of links which I thought weren't really needed. All in all the site looks a little too busy, with links and thumbnails strewn all over the main members area, if they stuck with a simple layout it would have been a lot better.



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I'd have to say that this is more of a young adult babes site than a cheerleading site as a lot of the scenes don't involve girls wearing the well known cheerleader costume, either way this site still has some hot 18-19 year olds which will really appeal to most guys. As I said earlier the videos can't be downloaded so this could be the main factor on whether you join or not. Personally I prefer content that's downloadable so you know where I stand on this one.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot girls who have just turned 18
  • + Decent amount of content
  • + Picture content looks great
  • + Access to over 50 bonus sites
  • - Videos can't be downloaded
  • - Layout is a little messy