Corporate Fantasy
Corporate Fantasy 422 Corporate Fantasy Are you sick and tired of trashy sluts and skanks are you looking for women with class ones that enjoy the finer things in life and don't know what the meaning of manual labor is.
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Corporate Fantasy

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Corporate Fantasy

Short Review

Are you sick and tired of trashy sluts and skanks are you looking for women with class ones that enjoy the finer things in life and don't know what the meaning of manual labor is. Well come check out the steamy power suited women on this site you'll instantly be attracted to their seductive allure and cute glasses, if you fantasize about getting it on with confident corporate women then look no further cause this is the site you've been looking for.

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Now the starring ladies on this site have all the aspects I look for in a women, confidence, intelligence, class and a nice set of knockers, these girls are so classy you could bring them to a banquet at the royal palace and they'd blend in like chameleons, but once you get them in the sack they turn into relentless monsters who want nothing more than to please and pleasure their man till they can take no more, plus glasses always make a women look so much cuter.

So far there are 19 corporate fantasy episodes available for streaming. Each of the episodes are available in 3 different qualities being high, medium and low, each one obviously tailored towards a certain bracket of bandwidth speeds. needless to say the higher quality vids are suited towards higher bandwidths, while the lower quality vids are for customers who are still on dial up, but don't get the wrong idea that you are only restricted to a certain quality it's just that if you have a slow connection the higher quality vids are going to take a lot longer to stream. All the episodes have been split into short chapters, which makes streaming even more convenient for members on slow connections, also this way around you can choose to skip the foreplay sections all together and dive straight into the hardcore fucking.

The quality of their content is quite consistent and I must say that the videos look great especially the high quality videos, the quality does downgrade with the lower quality vids though it is quite subtle, but for the most part the vids look great and motion is smooth. The main problem I had with their content is that none of it is available to download, which really come as a surprise to me, as it is very common around porn sites to have downloadable content and this factor may very well turn potential customers away, as I know how important being able to download content is to people, cause we want to be able to start our own collection of porn scenes and what not.

Your probably thinking that 19 movies isn't going to last you a very long time and it seems as though the development team knew this was going to be the case so they've decided to grant their members full access to their entire collection of sites on the "Niched Sites" network. Currently there are 27 sites exclusive to this network and members have full access to all the content they provide. They've done a good job in keeping things diverse as you will find sites under all your favorite mainstream niches such as, 18-19, Asians, Interracial and many more, they've even got sites on the more kinkier niches like smacking, squirting and gangbangs, you can take my word for it that no matter what kind of porn your into, your sure to find something here that you'll like.

As far as picture content goes they, really haven't provided anything, but I suppose with all the great videos there are available who needs them right? Obviously this site is catered towards people who would much rather watch videos than view pictures, but I could imagine there are still a shit load of people out there who enjoy their porn in picture form, but unfortunately they've been left out of the picture. But lets not focus on the negative points cause the site does provide good quality porn and a lot of it too. Like I said earlier my only gripe with their content is that you can't download it, once or if they decide to fix this up the site would be close to perfection.

Nav, Design & Features

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Now I don't say this very often but this site was a pleasure to browse, the layout is simple enough for anyone to use and the interface just screams of professionalism, it's sites like these that make my job a little more enjoyable and my hat goes down to the site designer for making such an accessible and user friendly site.

After you login through the front page you are taken to what looks like the main hub for their network of sites, so I guess you could treat it as your main homepage. The first thing you'll notice at the very top of the page, is the navigational menu. From this menu you can access a drop down menu with a list of links to their other sites, access their DVD archive, read up on the latest updates and contact customer support. This menu is present through out all the different sites and sections on this network, so the task of backtracking is quick and easy and traversing through all the different sites, is pretty much instantaneous, as they've eliminated the process of having to re-enter your login every time you enter one of their many sites.

At the very top of the homepage you'll come across a welcome message and a small thumbnail link to their newest site, which is currently Ethnic Squirting. Below you will find a scroll down panel which consists of information regarding their updates. To the right of this you will find a small section which includes their top rated and newest movies, each movie includes a link which will take you directly to the streaming section for one of the videos.

Scrolling further down the homepage you will come across the links to their collection of exclusive sites, each site is represented by a small thumbnail link which strongly portrays the designated niche of the site, short descriptions are also provided here so you can read up on what the site has to offer. Clicking on any one of the thumbnails mentioned earlier will take you to the site's content area, which is usually made up of numerous pages. Each page contains 5 episodes and each episode takes up a small portion of the page. Within this portion you will find the streaming link for the video, a rating system, a short description of the scene and 4 thumbnails, these thumbnails are video stills taken from the video file of the episode, so they should give you a good indication on what you can expect to see in the movie.

Members won't have to worry about running out of porn to watch as they've stated that they update on a daily basis, knowing this members will always have something new to look forward to after a long days way and with new sites being launched all the time, there's definitely no need for members to worry.

The development team have decided to reward their loyal members with a plethora of other sites that are exclusive to this very same company, members can access these sites only after they've been a member for 63 days. All up there are 26 of these sites to check out and like the sites on this network these sites cover a large amount of different niches. Also I should mention that I've had the pleasure of reviewing most of the sites on this network and they're just as great as the sites found on this network.

It's good to see that they're looking out for their customers and bonuses like this that really boosts the memberships value. Now it should be pretty obvious that this site really is worth a look at and the network it's on is just grand, you will agree with my statement that this site is a pleasure to browse, the only thing I have to criticize them about is the fact that you can't download their movies, I really wish they would fix this up as this is the only factor letting down this otherwise brilliant site.



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Well like all the other sites on this network this one didn't fail to impress there's a decent amount of great quality porn to be seen here and with all the hot power suited women to check out, you simply can't go wrong, the only issue they need to look into is the fact that their members can't download their content, I'm sure they owe their members that much, besides being a paid site you'd expect that you can download the content on offer.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot corporate women
  • + Access to their entire network
  • + Great quality porn
  • + Easy site to navigate
  • + Great interface and layout
  • - Content isn't downloadable