Cute 18 To 19 Cheaters
Cute 18 To 19 Cheaters 1182 Cute 18 To 19 Cheaters The 18-19 niche is ever so popular with men and women alike and will never cease to be.
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Cute 18 To 19 Cheaters

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Cute 18 To 19 Cheaters

Short Review

The 18-19 niche is ever so popular with men and women alike and will never cease to be. The internet is riddled with thousands upon thousands of these steamy sites, but the gems are far and few between, have you found a gem in this site? Well by the looks of things Cute 18-19 Cheaters is certainly a contender with their promise of great quality vids with a decent amount of them to boot, come see what this site has to offer.

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It seems that the world just can't get enough of content featuring sexy girls aged 18 to 19 and the producers of porn sites know that this is the fact, otherwise the internet wouldn't be flooded with thousands of sites like these would it? That being said life as a site featuring hot young women isn't all carrots and grape juice as there's just way too much competition forcing developers to make their sites better than everyone else's, while a lot strive to become better some just give up and are lost in the endless sea of sites, but Cute 18-19 Cheaters looks to be a contender in the great 18-19 site race!

So why is Cute 18-19 Cheaters a contender? Well for starters their girls are hot, a site like this can't be great without hot babes right? Second there's a huge amount of content to go through, and third the video content looks pretty damn good the three most important points to make a great 18-19 site, or a great porn site for that matter, anyway let me go into a little more detail about why the site is so great.

Ok so all up there's a grand total of 227 full scenes of hot sex, and you'll also appreciate the range of different kinds of girls they've got on show, they have every thing from cute blondes, brunettes, redheads, Asians, Latinas, and ebony babes, so no matter what your tastes are in women there's a girl here for just about everyone, oh and did I mention that they're all drop dead gorgeous?

Not only is their line up of videos impressive but the amount of options they've provided for their members is just as great. Members have the choice of downloading or streaming the vids in either full or short chapters, and to make things even more convenient for members on slow connections they've provided 3 different versions of all their scenes including broadband, dsl, and dial-up. Obviously the broadband videos are the best in quality but the file size can get quite large making them a pain to download in your on a slow connection, but truth be told I'd rather stick to the broadband version as they're definately worth the wait as they look gorgeous.

Man this site excels in all aspects even the pictures are just as great as the video content and in some ways even better as far as quality goes. All up there are over 250 picture galleries to check out, each one is just as great as the next. The pictures are colorful, clear, and are relatively quite large, what more could you ask for from a great picture? A hot girl? Well you've got that too! so in my opinion these pictures are flawless.

The best part about joining this site is that aside from the 227 videos on this site members have access to a further 5809 videos which are scattered through out the 22 bonus sites members gain full access to on sign up. You don't need me to tell you this, but that is a fuck load of content to go through! and knowing that the content on the other sites are just as good in quality as the content on this site makes this site a sure fire bargain, one of the best network of sites I've seen so far.

Nav, Design & Features

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Although the tour pages of this site are appealing and all, it can't hold a candle on what your in for when you make your way inside, all I can say is quickly look at the tour pages and sign up. Anyways you can waste your time checking out the free trailers and the great pictures on the tour pages, but like I said your wasting your time, get in the damn site now I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Once you've logged in through the tour page your taken to the main members area, the first thing you'll notice is the site banner and a navigation menu just under it. This menu includes links to the video section, picture galleries, and the entire line up of bonus sites. Below the navigation menu you'll find info on the latest uploaded episode, and just below that is the update section for the entire network as a whole so you can keep up to date with the going ons, on all the other sites without having to visit them individually.

Now the Video section is fairly self explanatory and works pretty much like any other video gallery, all the scenes are represented by a thumbnail and information on when the episode was uploaded. These thumbnails are linked to the main downloads page where you can access the numerous video files and also browse through the screen captures. The picture section has a very similar setup, each picture gallery is presented by a small thumbnail, to access the main gallery for the set simply click on this thumbnail and you'll be taken straight there simple as that.

At the bottom of the members area is where you'll find the various links to all the bonus sites in the form of small thumbnails of the site's banner, simply clicking on these thumbnails will take you straight to that site's main members area. Well as you can no doubt tell this site works pretty much like any other site out there, there's nothing new and exciting as far as site mechanics go, but in a way this is good as we would much rather work with something we're all familiar with, I mean who would want to waste time trying to figure out how a site works when that time can be spent jerking off!



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You simply can't go wrong with this site, if you're fan of girls aged 18 to 19 or a even if you're just a fan of porn in general you owe it to yourself to join this site cause there's absolutely nothing wrong about it, and absolutely everything is right! which is the way all porn sites should be, not only is this site great but the bonus sites are just as good too. So there's just no way you can lose here check it out now all you 18-19 fans, I guarantee you will not regret it!

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of content
  • + Heaps of hot babes
  • + 22 Bonus sites are great
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Picture content is great
  • + Videos look awesome