Dream Babes
Dream Babes 1578 Dream Babes Dream Babes is a site which stars the type of women you dream about. You know the type, they've got sexy bodies, striking eyes, pouty lips, round ass, to put it simply they're perfect.
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Dream Babes

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Dream Babes

Short Review

Dream Babes is a site which stars the type of women you dream about. You know the type, they've got sexy bodies, striking eyes, pouty lips, round ass, to put it simply they're perfect. The site promises 500 mouth watering girls starring in over 250,000 photos and hours of XXX videos with daily updates! Definitely a site for people who love gorgeous women, which I'm guessing is all of us.

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Ah yes I just can't get enough of sites which feature women who are very easy on the eyes, because quite frankly I'm sick of sites which star any old scrag off the streets, it really does bring the standards down. As the title of the site suggests this is a site featuring the kind of girls you see in your dreams, and by looking at the line up of models, I can safely say that you'll instantly fall in love with the gorgeous women.

Dream Babes provides a diverse selection of women, they've got every thing from blondes, brunettes, red heads, Asians and Latinas, so no matter what your preferences are in women, you'll find more than a few here which will get you off. These women come in all different ages, body types and busts. I even spotted a few high caliber pornstars, though for the most part they were new faces. Although they look different they've all got one thing in common, they're all unbelievably hot.

It looks as though the site is focused on picture content, personally I'm a big picture fan so I wasn't bummed out about this fact. Information about the videos on the tour pages may have been in regards to the other sites you gain access to which I'll talk about later on. Ok so although it's a picture based site this doesn't dent the appeal of it one bit as the content looks great, there's a good amount and the models are gorgeous.

There are currently 290 drool worthy models to choose from, each one starring in up to 3 picture galleries which contain up to 300 pictures each, so there's definately no shortage of photos to oogle over. The pictures themselves look spectacular, which was to be expected from a picture based site. They're amazingly clear, the colors are vibrant and they come in very decent dimensions of 1600x1000. These images really do the models justice as they really bring out their beauty.

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Non-members have the ability to browse through the site like a member would giving them a what you see is what you get approach. This is great as they can really get a feel of what's in store when they sign-up, needless to say once they see the gorgeous models on show, it will be damn hard to resist joining up. You'll find that the entire site is basically one large picture gallery.

At the very top of the site you'll notice 4 drop down menus. These drop down menus include models from 4 of the other sites you gain full access to. Clicking on a model's name will take you straight to her content section. These are great and all though I did find them some what redundant, it would have been nice if small portraits of the models showed up because to me they were just names, and I had no idea what the model looked like. I suppose they would be useful if you knew all the models by name, other than that though it's much easier visiting the other sites.

All up there are 4 pages which make up the site. Each page contains 60 models except the last one which consists of 110. The models are represented by small thumbnail links of her portrait, clicking on the thumbnail will take you to that model's content page where you can access her various picture galleries. The galleries are self explanatory as they pretty much work like a standard gallery, very easy stuff folks.

On sign-up members gain access to all 9 sites on the Sexy ID network. These sites are largely based on gorgeous women deemed as babes. Although this site in particular doesn't offer video content, some of the other sites do, so your not entirely missing out on hot videos. These sites are advertised as being updated on a daily basis so you can always be sure to see something new everyday.



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Being a picture site it's obviously not for everyone, though there are other sites on the network which do include video content so there's really no reason why a video fan can't appreciate what the network has to offer, especially seeing as the network is largely based on babes. As a picture fan I fell in love with this site and the gorgeous women starring on it. I strongly suggest you check this website out if you love women who could be deemed as goddesses.

Pros & Cons

  • + Gorgeous models
  • + Picture content is awesome
  • + Decent amount of content
  • + Access to an awesome network
  • + Great value for money