Dream Babes 18 To 19
Dream Babes 18 To 19 1139 Dream Babes 18 To 19 Ever have a dream where you've got a gorgeous babe aged 18-19 bouncing up and down your cock only to wake up before your happy ending.
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Dream Babes 18 To 19

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Dream Babes 18 To 19

Short Review

Ever have a dream where you've got a gorgeous babe aged 18-19 bouncing up and down your cock only to wake up before your happy ending? Well my friends your dreams of seeing hot perfectly legal sluts don't have to stop cause at Dream Babes 18-19 all the girls you'll see are so friggin' hot you'll think your still dreaming! If you love girls aged 18 or 19 but can't seem to snatch one in real life then this site is the next best thing check it out!

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This is the kind of content just about anyone can enjoy, I mean what man could resist a fresh tight babe that's just become legal? No one that's who! cause they're cute innocent looking and curious as hell, oh and their pussies are probably tighter than a vice. The variety of flavors on offer is quite diverse they got everything from blondes, brunettes, Latinas, and redheads. A few Asians would have been nice, let's hope they keep this in mind for future updates.

There's a good mix of different types of scenes you can expect to see on this site, some of them softcore involving toys and solo masturbation, down to the more hardcore stuff including lesbian and brutal fucking scenes, they've even got some BDSM and crazy body painting scenes as well, so there's certainly no shortage of variety here.

For a network site this one does very well as far as content numbers go, all up there are an impressive 92 episodes to check out starring some of the most adorable nubile babes you'll ever lay eyes on. Hey there's a reason why the site's name features the word dream. Each episode has been cut into short scenes and are available in 4 different versions to suit various speed connections, making things a lot more convenient for dial-up users. Overall the quality is fairly standard and is some what consistent through out the various scenes, there were a few episodes I wouldn't recommend watching through a full screen as they get too grainy, but I'm glad to say this is the case with only a few of them.

The line up of picture galleries is quite extensive, with over 130 individual galleries picture fans are sure to be entertained for quite some time, but the best part is these galleries are filled with some of the most awesome picture content you'll lay eyes on. Considering that the collection of pictures is fairly extensive they've done a great job on keeping the quality consistent, the pictures are nice and clear and are drenched in vibrant colors, some of them may seem a little small but there's always the option of downloading the images to zoom in on them through a picture viewer, making them appear much larger.

As a bonus members are treated to a few things like erotic stories and some hot video feeds which cover live nude chat and some helpful sex advice and questions. The best part of the bonuses is that members are granted full access to all the other sites on the platinum network which includes 10 sites all up. These bonus sites cover hot niches like anal, toon porn and celebrities, a great little network with sites just as great as the next.

Nav, Design & Features

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The tour pages of this site will really give you a good idea on just how much content there is available, with heaps of small thumbnails of cute babes scattered down the page, you'll think you're in heaven. Potential customers can check out each girl's profile including her turn offs and ons. Unfortunately there aren't any short teasers available, but the hot pictures of the fresh faced babes should be enough to get people joining up.

Browsing this site is fairly straight forward there are some nice tools provided which makes finding content a lot quicker like the search tool and an easy to use navigation menu which consists of all the links you'll need to navigate this site, oh and I should also mention that the site itself looks pretty damn neat. Once you've logged in through the tour page you will be directed to what seems to be a portal page including links to the websites on the Platinum network, simply click on the Dream Babes 18-19 link and you'll be taken straight to the main members area.

The main members area consists of thumbnail links and short descriptions to the most popular of their media, including the most popular pictorials and most popular videos. This is convenient in that new members won't have to waste their time finding the best there is on offer, they can go straight to this page and keep up to date on which scenes are getting all the other members off.

Making your way to the pictures section is as simple as clicking on the link found on the navigational menu situated below the banner. Once you enter the main picture section your presented with thumbnail links to the numerous picture galleries. By default there will be 5 thumbnails presented on each page, luckily there's an option to show 20 picture galleries per page cause it would be a pain having to go through their extensive collection by fives.

The videos section is very similar to the picture gallery. Each video is presented with a thumbnail taken from the scene so they'll give you a rough idea on what the episode involves. Clicking on the thumbnail link will take you to the downloads section of for the video of your choice, from there you can proceed to download the various types of videos formats.

so that's pretty much all I can say about how the site works, as I said earlier it's all fairly straight forward stuff, and the great site presentation is icing on the cake. No one should have any problems browsing through this site as it's been designed to be used with the utmost of ease.



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What impressed me most about this site was the amount and diversity in the model line up, and their extensive collection of videos and picture galleries. This site is definitely up there with one of my favorite 18-19 sites around today, great value for money and the network it's on is just awesome check it out now all you fans of babes aged 18-19, I guarantee you'll fall in love with the site.

Pros & Cons

  • + Good amount of content
  • + Picture galleries are great
  • + Access to 10 bonus sites
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Hot girls