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Euro Foxes 2253 Euro Foxes Euro Foxes is a site dedicated to some of the finest European babes who aren't afraid to show off their goods.
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Euro Foxes

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Euro Foxes

Short Review

Euro Foxes is a site dedicated to some of the finest European babes who aren't afraid to show off their goods. Being a site which is a part of the well known Twistys network you can be sure that the hotties on show are the cream of the crop as this outstanding network never fails on delivering gorgeous women and stunning media.

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Ah yes! The ever so seductive European women, men around the world go nuts over those ladies because they usually have a classy elegant allure to them and not only that but they're usually the kinkiest when it comes to bed time! Now being a Twistys site I knew I was going to be in for quite the eye candy feast and just by skimming through the line up of fine European ladies they have I can safely say right now that there's certainly no shortage on attractive women. They've included ladies from all around Europe most notably the Czech Republic and Russia as those countries certainly breed some of the sexiest girls within the continent.

Although the site is based on European girls the diversity of content you will be treated to as a member is quite tantalizing! You can expect to see all sorts of kinky shit go down from the lovely girls getting themselves off with their favorite toys, some erotic girl on girl lonaughty ving, hot threesomes, and straight out one on one hardcore fucking! So you can take it from me that no matter what kind of porn you're in to there's certainly something here for just about all types of porn fans.

Well it looks as though the Twistys network has been around for longer than I thought, the very first episode uploaded to the Eurofoxes was logged way back in 2003 on the 10th of November just under 5 years ago. Since then the site has been steaming along with their updates with a current total of over 250 100% exclusive episodes which you will only ever find on this site and by the looks of things it seems as though they aren't planning on stopping with their updates too, the site is still being pumped full of new videos with the last one uploaded on the 9th of July 2008.

Even though the site has been around for almost 5 years I'm glad to say that the development team have been keeping up to date with the quality standards. The exclusive videos have been encoded in both mov and wmv formats in a staggering video bit rate of (2000kbps @ 640x480) for both versions, needless to say the videos look outstanding. Both the mov and wmv formats can be downloaded off the site with no DRM restrictions the episodes are available to download in short clips and full episodes to make things more convenient for both slow and fast connections. All in all, quality is definitely not an issue when it comes to the video content.

The photos available are also quite stunning in their own right. The girls look so gorgeous in these pictures as they're all softcore in nature with the ladies striking erotic poses for the camera capturing every last ounce of their beauty. The photos are crystal clear and are bursting with full colors making the photos come to life, but not only do the photos look outstanding they also measure in quite well at (1280x857 pixels). All up there are also 250 individual picture galleries to browse through each one containing roughly 180 images each. So as you can tell Eurofoxes caters for both video and photo lovers and both medias being available in outstanding quality makes this site ideal for quality buffs.

As a bonus the developers have decided to give members full access to the entire Twistys network! As though the massive amounts of content on this site alone wasn't enough you've got 6 other sites bursting at the seams with tasty porn to contend with. Knowing that the 6 other sites offer just as much content in quality on par with the stuff on Eurofoxes, it makes it obvious that members are going to have their hands busy for quite sometime!

Nav, Design & Features

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Upon entering the tour pages of Eurofoxes you are pleasantly greeted by two stunning Euro babes with their ample titties staring right back at you. There's also some information in regards to where the ladies come from and by scrolling down the length of the tour pages non-members are treated to a sneak peek on what the site has to offer. There are sample pictures from some of their hottest models along with free trailers which are sure to convince potential customers to join.

At first you may find the home page a little much to take in all at once as there's information overload, personally I did find the members area to be a little too cluttered for my tastes but at least every thing a member needs to know can be seen here. At the very top of the members area you'll notice a horizontal column which has been marked bonus content. The icons found within this column are links to the various bonus sites members gain access to, a simple click on these links and you will be taken to the main members area of your chosen site. The sites essentially have the same layout and the main changes are the color scheme and obviously the content.

Further down the homepage of Eurofoxes you'll come across the most recent updates section where you'll find 12 thumbnail links, 6 of them are in regards to photo content while the other 6 are of the latest episodes. From the homepage you can also check out the most popular videos and picture galleries and search tools which will allow you to browse through the content via model name. From the homepage you can also check out the upcoming updates and also keep in touch with other fellow members via forum.

To view the entire archive of episodes you'll have to use the link found within the navigation bar just below the column I mentioned before. On default the episodes are organized via top 250 so the most popular episodes will be found towards the start. This is a great way for new members who are having trouble finding where to start as the best of the best can be found straight up. You also have the choice of arranging the episodes by date. Down the right side of the page is where you'll find all the important search tools which allow you to be very specific with the porn you're looking for. You can choose the number of girls and guys in the scene, what kind of location, clothing, toys, and niche. Also if you've found yourself a favorite model you can type her name down in the allocated space and you will be presented with all the media she has starred in.

The photo gallery can be accessed through the same navigation bar. You'll find that the layout of the photo gallery is pretty much identical to the video archive. There are 42 thumbnail links to the individual galleries across 6 pages, clicking on the thumbnails will present you with the main gallery for the photo set from where you can check out the delicious photos. The photo section also has the exact same search tools found down the right side of the page. With all those search tools at your finger tips you certainly won't have any problem hunting down the exact type of content and girl that you are after.

So that's pretty much the ins and outs of how the site works. It's all very simple stuff but like I said the homepage may seem a little cluttered at first but eventually you'll come to appreciate all the information that is available. Great search tools to help members out with looking for the right type of porn for them and the quick links at the top of the page makes hopping between sites a breeze. Aside from being a little cluttered the site design does look quite nice and the light pastel colors they've used for the color scheme makes the page look clean and easy to look at.



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I can safely say that this site certainly impressed me and reached all my expectations for a Twistys site. The main aspect which impressed me however was the sheer tastiness of the ladies on show, damn there's a whole heap of lovely European ladies that's for sure! Oh and how could I forget to mention the outstanding quality of both the videos and photo galleries. In fact the site is great as a whole, you just can't go wrong with this site people it gets the must see status in my books.

Pros & Cons

  • + Some of the hottest European girls
  • + Quality of vids and pics are excellent
  • + All 100% exclusive
  • + Frequent updates
  • + Good amount of content
  • + Access to 6 Twisty sites
  • + Great search tools