Fresh Auditions
Fresh Auditions 838 Fresh Auditions Well its always good to see a nice fresh auditions website. The only thing i can work out is that don't seem to be auditions. I watched acouple of videos and it was just 2 people fucking.
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Fresh Auditions

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Fresh Auditions

Short Review

Well its always good to see a nice fresh auditions website. The only thing i can work out is that don't seem to be auditions. I watched acouple of videos and it was just 2 people fucking. Dont get me wrong this site has some dam hot videos and stuff. I just thought it was going to be alittle different.

You will get access to hours of video and tons of images galleries to go though. You will also notice that these guys give you access to some of the best video feeds money can buy.

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Well what can i say about this content. It is some of the hottest content that i have come across in a very long time. You guys are in for a very nice treat once you get into the members area. Ok let me tell you alittle bit about the content that you guys will be getting access to on this site. First off the name of the website is Fresh Auditions. So if you are like me i bet you thought that this was one of those Audition websites where the girls have to come in for a try out to see if they get the part. Well as far as i can tell this is not one of those websites. But hey dont let that get you down , cause you guys are in for a big treat once you become a member of this site.

You will have access to hours and hours of full length videos that you will be able to stream or download to your very own computer. The videos will stream by default but once they pop up into the little window you will be able to right click save as them. Its quite the simple. As always i would highly recommend that you guys download the videos rather then streaming them. The main reason for this on this site is that you will find it very hard to view the video as it is very small in size.

The other content that you will get access to is the image galleries and the video feeds. Let me just tell you that these video feeds that the guys hooked you up with are some of the best that money can buy. You will spend hours and hours viewing all these high quality feeds.

You guys will also find plenty of games, jokes and a chat room that will keep you happy and so does give you some time away from the porn. You will find everything you need plus much much more on this site.

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This is quite a nice site to be a member of. You will get a chance to surf this site and have no troubles what so ever. I let to start this section by beginning from the very start. Right from the moment that you log into the site.

Ok so i am guessing that you have already entered your username and password and know you are in the main section of the website. Ok now from here you will see all the latest updates that the site has done. As i normally say to people , this is the best page that you could ever wanna start one. This is because you will never have to go looking for the new updates ever. This will save you so much time and give you more time for wacking off.

The main Navigation bar that you will use is on the top of the website. Using this you will be able to go anywhere around the site and have no worries going from the video section to the image section. This site is pretty much straight forward and its as easy as using google. If you find yourself in any trouble all you will need to do is simply click on the support tab and you will find all you need right there inside.



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Well i was quite happy with this site. I would have liked to have seen alittle more content then what they had but i am hoping that they will add more when they do there next update. Other then that the video feeds that these guys have got going on are amazing. I was over the moon with the high quality feeds they where giving away. Normaly sites only use cheap crappy feeds.

This site was a great site to review and i hope you guys check it out sometime soon.

Pros & Cons

  • + Nice Models
  • + Nice Design
  • + Great Feeds