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Gold Coast Models 1143 Gold Coast Models If you don't know where the Gold Coast is, it's the little slice of heaven found situated in south Queensland in Australia.
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Gold Coast Models

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Gold Coast Models

Short Review

If you don't know where the Gold Coast is, it's the little slice of heaven found situated in south Queensland in Australia. Gold Coast is a paradise for beach lovers, night clubbers, and is a bustling Tourist spot, another thing that the Gold Coast is well known for is breeding some of the hottest Aussie girls you'll ever see, cum see if this site can do those hot Gold Coast girls any justice.

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Now I'm from the Gold Coast myself and yes I can certainly say that there's quite a few stunners here, and they come by the truck full too! Gold Coast Models has rounded up some of the more hotter chicks to flaunt their stuff for the entire world to see just how hot the girls are at the Gold Coast.

When I first started looking around the site I started to ask myself, "Where the hell are the Gold Coast models?" There are 5 picture gallery sections to check out but none of them are clearly labeled as Gold Coast models and whether or not the models under the provided galleries are Gold Coast girls hasn't been specified, besides I've had to review the other sites on this network and have found the very same models, so I'm going to go ahead and assume that they aren't Gold Coast girls.

Ok so the title of this site may just be a big ploy to get people to join up promising some hot Gold Coast girls. But so far they've only provided the following galleries, extreme hardcore, babes, 18-19 year old sluts, lesbian lovers, and fetish den. Now with the diversity of girls they have on offer, there could be some Gold Coast girls in the mix, but if there are they haven't been pointed out, so yeah it is kind of disappointing. On a lighter note the picture galleries provided are awesome and contain some very nice images.

The same goes for the video content on this site as there aren't any videos which aren't specified to be Gold Coast girl, instead there are 159 videos which fall under a wide variety of different niches, ranging from your popular mainstream niches like 18-19 year old girls, lesbians and general hardcore, down to the more kinkier videos which involve BDSM and foot fucking. So there's definately quite the variety to choose from, but where are the Gold Coast girl videos the members are going to be looking for?

By now I've come to realize that the Title of this site is more of a strategy to get people to join up than anything as I've been sorely disappointed by the lack of hot Gold Coast girls getting their gear off. What impressed me however was the diversity of porn on offer, this site would have gotten a way better review if they changed the name....hehe isn't it ironic how something as simple as that could totally turn a good site into a bad one...wait don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's a bad site, it's just that it doesn't really adhere to the niche it's dedicated to, other than that however the content is worth a look at.

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Unfortunately the only Gold Coast girls you'll find on this site are the ones on the tour pages, if there is any Gold Coast girl content on the actual site, then they've done a bloody good job hiding them...anyway the girl on the tour page does look like a hot Gold Coast chick she's perfectly tanned and has golden locks, the stereotypical hot Gold coast girl, so soak it all in guys cause that's probably the only Gold Coast chick you'll see on this page.

Anyway now that we got all that out of the way, although the content of the site doesn't really sway towards the designated niche, the site mechanics is fairly straight forward and quite easy to use. After logging in through the tour pages you'll be directed to the main members area with a mouth watering chick striking a pose which shows off all her sexy curves.Towards the very bottom of the main members area you will spot the several links to the various bonus sites, clicking on these will direct you to that site's main members area, with out the need of having to re-enter your login.

The picture galleries have been organized into 5 different sections which include, hardcore, babes, 18-19 year old babes, and lesbian lovers. All these sections can be accessed from the navigation menu I mentioned earlier. These picture galleries function like a standard picture gallery, each gallery is represented by a small thumbnail and clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the main gallery, enough said?

The video content hasn't been categorized like the picture content instead they've mixed it all into one section. To access the videos section click on the link on the navigation menu labeled XXX videos. The videos section is consists of 8 pages packed to the brim with hot videos for you to watch. Downloading these vids is as simple as clicking on the play button found below the thumbnail which presents the scene too simple right?

Well that's pretty much how the site works in a nutshell. The only thing I would have changed was the organization of their videos, if they'd have categorized the videos into separate sections then this would have made looking for the content you want a whole lot quicker, other than that everything else works perfectly fine.



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Well I can't say that the content on this site is crap because it's actually pretty good. BUT I don't understand why they named the site Gold Coast models when there aren't any to be found, I'm impressed with the content they have on offer, but I wasn't impressed with the promise of hot Gold Coast girls only to be severely let down.

Pros & Cons

  • + Diverse selection of porn
  • + Decent amount of vids
  • + Easy navigation
  • + Access to 10 bonus sites