Hungarian Honeys
Hungarian Honeys 543 Hungarian Honeys Hungarian Honey's is a great little site that specializes in Eastern European girls including Czech and of course Hungarian women.
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Hungarian Honeys

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Hungarian Honeys

Short Review

Hungarian Honey's is a great little site that specializes in Eastern European girls including Czech and of course Hungarian women. We get to see hundreds of great looking Euro broads in a wonderful selection of high quality videos. This and a great site network make the Honey's worth the money.

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I've been to eastern Europe and I'll have to say one of it's best features is the women. They sure make them sexy over there, and they seem more open to "adventure". This makes them a great subject for a porn site. So here we have it, Hungarian Honey's. There are a number of real Hungarian girls here, although the title is loosely based and you get a variety of eastern european girls. I'm not complaining, are you?

There are quite a few videos on this site, I'm going to guess around 300. I counted 102 on HQ flix, and 74 in the Bulgarian girls section. The videos feature a lot of really fine looking broads. Redheads, brunettes, blondes. Asians, Latinas, Black girls. What i'm getting at here is there's a big variety of videos.

This site also has a FUCKLOAD, yep count em, a FUCKLOAD of image galleries. Not all of these galleries are amazing, but they're fine by me. A lot of great images here. Print some of these bad bitches out and put them on your wall.

In addition to the European babes content, you also get access to the rest of the network. This includes great sites like Desperate Babes, She likes it big, MILF XXX, Real Gang Bangs, and Dude's Lucky day.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10's intro page if very simple and easy to understand. You are shown preview images from the videos that are available, and are able to view trailers for each one. The members area login is clearly labeled and easy to find, and I'm logged in within seconds.

The inside of the members area also has a very simple and easy to navigate layout. From the title bar you can choose movies, honey index, home, support, or use the pulldown menu to select your favorite niche. The latest updates are on the front page, as well as links to videos in different niches such as hairstyle (blonde, brunette etc) or body parts (tits, ass, legs etc). On the sides are links to the other sites in the network.

When you click on a video, you are taken to the page for that video. Each video is cut into scenes, you click the thumbnail for the scene you want to see, and your download starts. The image galleries are set up in a similar way, you are shown thumbnails of each image, you click the image and you get... *drumroll* .. a larger image!

No one should have any problems navigating this simply designed website. The only problems I can see here is that the niche selection could be a bit confusing, but otherwise it should be smooth sailing.



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Great overall site with enough material to please. They have updates every day or two as well, so in theory there's another 20 videos each month. A lot of hot eastern European girls, and they never seem to disappoint. This one gets my recommendation.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot Euro Chicks!
  • + 300+ Videos
  • + TONS of pics
  • - Outdated site design