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Short Review:

Lubed is a brand new site and we're one of the first teams to get inside and have a good look around. The news is in, and it's good. This site looks like it's going to grow, and go from a strong starting position to an even better one in a very short time. You can tell they have an eye for quality with exclusive and HD movies, a great theme (oiled up and slippery foursomes and duos) and there are some hot models appearing. It's original and well presented, and memberships are set at good prices.
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Trial 1.00
Monthly 14.95

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Our total rating: 95/100

Detailed Review:


You have to accept that this site is new, first listed in February 2016, only a couple of months ago. Since it splashed onto our screens with its depictions of nubile younger ladies all oiled up and slippery, it's added 11 scenes at the rate of roughly one per week. The actual update schedule is still settling in, but the signs are good. But what exactly is it all about?

Well, Lubed had a couple of themes going for it. The main one is that the girls are all wet and slippery, shaved and clean, young and nubile; the second one would be hardcore with duo action, some foursomes and threesome and some girl on girl action also in the mix. You could even say that there is a big-dick theme going on as either the girls are cutsie and petite or the guys are very well hung, or both. You'll see plenty of gagging in the BJ scenes, and plenty of fat dicks penetrating slippery pussies. The girls, though clearly loving it, do sometimes seem to be struggling to manage those dicks. The hardcore is well filmed and well-presented and it's a very easy site to manage.

The 11 movies are featured under a drop-down list where you can see the latest or top rated scenes in order, and they are shown on index pages with large sample shots. You can stream in HD or a standard format, in a large screen that will go full screen with no hassles and streaming was smooth, almost as smooth as the girls themselves. Movies run for around 20 minutes each and the quality is great. They are well filmed and the sound is good and they are all about the sex, there are no huge long build-ups or storylines, but just enough of an intro section to get the imagination going. Before long though were off into the hardcore and it's pretty amazing to see.

You can also download these movies and there are good options here. Each scene comes with six Mp4 files and one WMV (at 1,280 x 720). The top Mp4 resolution is at 4K, which is pretty stunning (but which can give you a very large file, so may not be that quick to download on a slow connection), but there's also a 1,920 x 1,080 version, and then several mid-range ones, around 480 x 60 and a couple of smaller ones that will suit your mobiles. So, everyone is covered for downloads and I didn't see any restrictions here, meaning you can save all of them.

Beneath each stream screen are the download drop-down menus and some other neat things to click on. There are trailers for scenes, so you can see what to expect, screen caps and digital stills galleries. Screen caps are plentiful and at large sizes, and shown in thumbnails with around 100 pics per set. The digital stills number around 200 + per set and are also neatly set out. click a thumbnail and you find images are enlarged to fit the screen but can go even larger. Even at this huge size they are clear and sharp and give no quality worries. There are no zip files here and I have to say that navigation through the sets could be improved, but the shots are a hot mix of poses from the girls and action ones, so all comes fine in the end.

There's a model index too and you can browse the 20 girls quite easily. They are shown with stills from their movies and a couple of pieces of info, like the titles of their movies and when they were added, and then there are links to their scenes. Like everything else at the site, the model index is simple and effective, but more info would be good to read.

Features & Navigation:

Lubed has a very simple design and looks good. The top menu is a simple list of links to movies, pics and models, plus your Favourites area and then there are a couple to the standard up-sell cam sites and other deals. There are some adverts in the member area but they don't get in the way and they somehow seem to fit the design neatly.

The viewing pages for movies give you runtimes and upload dates, and also a place where you can comment on what you see. There are rates to give and you can add things to a Favourites area. What there isn't though is information and this was the only thing I thought the site could add that would improve it. Not great long descriptions of what you are about to see, you don't need that as you have trailers, but info about the girls would be fun.

Otherwise, I found it a simple member area, well set out, easy to use and it also holds a drop-down that links you to support and also to where you can cancel your membership. I hope you don't use that of course, but should you need to, at least you know it's going to be easy to do.


Lubed is giving us raw, wet sex with hot chicks all oiled up and ready to go, sexy three or foursomes, some great chemistry in the duo scenes and some high class and top quality movies. Viewing options are good, there are 4K downloads and other versions, including for mobiles, and although it is new, it is updating and growing. You are looking at quality rather than quantity here and I'd recommend a membership so you can be in at the start of something that's clearly going to be very special.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Great theme
+ 4K HD movies
+ Mobile friendly
+ Great quality
+ Gorgeous babes

- Still a small site
- Not a lot of information
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