Woman Of Playboy
Woman Of Playboy 2246 Woman Of Playboy Here is an adult company which needs no introduction. Playboy has made the transition from magazine to internet porn and we have this site filled to the brim with gorgeous ladies as the end result.
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Woman Of Playboy

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Woman Of Playboy

Short Review

Here is an adult company which needs no introduction. Playboy has made the transition from magazine to internet porn and we have this site filled to the brim with gorgeous ladies as the end result. This well renowned company has always been known for providing some of the hottest looking women from around the world taking their gear off to indulge us with some of the most jaw dropping eye candy one man could ever hope for.

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Back when porn only ever came in magazine form Playboy was arguably the king of pussy, sure it may not have been as hardcore as other magazines around that time but when it comes to gorgeous women Playboy always seemed to be head and shoulders above the rest. The way the photographers from Playboy caught the beauty of a woman's body was an art form and it was all about class and not the gritty hardcore stuff which has become quite mainstream today. On knowing that I had the privilege of reviewing a site from a company of such high caliber I was hoping that I could do the site justice and was more than looking a little forward to seeing the transition of Playboy from paper to data.

At first glimpse it looks as though their standards as far as women goes certainly hasn't dropped as the women I came across were simply drool worthy and more. Then looking even deeper in to their line up of tantalizing women I was convinced that Playboy still hasn't dropped their standards, sure the site may not offer videos of hardcore no holes barred action but being as hot as the women are on this site I'm sure you will have no problems on getting off on all the tasty eye candy which this site has up it's sleeves. Needless to say it isn't the type of content every one could get off on especially die hard gonzo fans but if you truly appreciate the beauty of a woman's body and not just how well they can fuck then you will certainly enjoy the content this site has to offer.

So far there are 64 individual models to gorge your eyes on, there's quite the mix of women available which really ramps up the diversity of pussy you get to check out. They've included women in all shapes and sizes ranging from busty blondes, petite brunettes, exotic Indian babes, cute Asians, fiery red heads, and kinky Latinas. It's a shame there weren't any ebony hotties on show but the current line up they have now will certainly knock your socks off. Each of the models come with two video clips which run for approximately 5 minutes each, these include a tease show and an interview from the model. Along with the videos the models also offer a couple of photo sets including pictures in gorgeous quality which one would expect from a once magazine based porn company.

Now that you've got a rough idea as far as the size of their collection of porn is let me get in to a little more depth on the quality and specs of the content itself, anyway lets get the picture content out of the way first. So like I said earlier the photos on offer are flawless when it comes to clarity and color, the only aspect which did let me down just a little were the fairly standard dimensions of the pictures coming in roughly (1000x667 pixels), but if the size of the picture doesn't really bother you then you'll find these photos perfect. The videos are quite easy on the eyes as well, these are available for members to download in mpeg videos with no DRM restrictions they look gorgeous clocking in at (1700kbps @ 512x336). So if you're after quality videos or great looking pictures Women of Playboy certainly have you covered.

Women of Playboy is one of many sites the company has within it's network and you'll be glad to know that members of this site gain access to all the other sites on the Playboy network. Including this site there are 10 sites which members gain access to, 7 of which are exclusive Playboy sites while the other 3 are third party sites which offer women just as gorgeous as the ones you'll find on the Playboy pages. Just to give you a better idea on what the other Playboy sites are all about here is a list of the site titles. Playboy's All Naturals, Playboy's Busty Babes, Playboy's Fresh Faces, Playboy's Sexy Wives, Playboy Plus, Playboys Student Bodies, and of course this site. Across the entire network of sites there's enough porn to last you quite some time and with updates coming in on a weekly basis there's always something new to look forward to.

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I found the tour pages of Women of Playboy a little too busy for my liking though it still does quite a good job on giving you the gist of what they have on offer. At the very top of the tour pages you'll notice tabs which include the logos for the various bonus sites you gain access to. Clicking on the tabs will take you to the tours of your chosen site giving you insight on what you can expect to encounter on the many bonus sites. Below the top banner is a list of the most recent updates and as you scroll down the rest of the tour page you'll come across the various women you'll find within.

After logging in through the tour pages members will immediately be taken to the main portal page for the entire Playboy network. From here you can easily access the Women of Playboy site found within the navigation menu down the left side of the page along with all the other Playboy sites on offer. From the portal page you can also keep in touch with other members through the forums and check out the most popular models across the entire network. Aside from the classy porn available on the site you'll find that the various sites on the network look quite classy themselves, they've certainly done an awesome job as far as site presentation goes.

Ok so lets make our way to Women of Playboy which I explained how earlier. You'll notice that the top banner changes and the list of most recent updates are organized in accordance to the content on this site. Below the most recent updates is a large section on the newest update, this section includes a large thumbnail of the model along with links to the photo sets and videos the model has on offer. Viewing the rest of the updates is as simple as scrolling down the length of the entire page where you'll come across small thumbnails and descriptions for each model along with a link to the main media section.

Each model has her own media section, within this section you'll come across information about the model including her body specs such as height, weight, and measurements. There's a large thumbnail of the model to the left of all the information and below this section is where you can find the links to the various media the model has on offer including the two different videos, a discussion bored on the model, and links to the various photo sets. Every thing the model has to offer can be accessed from this page making things nice and simple.

So that pretty much wraps things up as far as features and navigation goes for this site, as you can probably tell it's quite the simple site and doesn't try to make itself look bigger by having dozens of sections which are redundant. A quick and easy site to navigate and with the portal page available hopping between sites on the Playboy network is a breeze. Also the presentation amongst all the sites gets my thumbs up, well maybe the tours were a little over done as it does look a tad cluttered but it certainly does a great job on advertising what members gain access to.



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Well the Women of Playboy did live up to my expectations. The women are gorgeous and the content looks great, the only thing that I could pick on are the sizes of the photos which I was expecting to be much larger given the fact that Playboy was once photo exclusive porn, however the photos do look awesome if only a little small, but don't get me wrong they aren't tiny. Also keep in mind that members gain access to all the Playboy sites on the network which makes this deal so much sweeter!

Pros & Cons

  • + Some of the most gorgeous ladies!
  • + Great looking videos
  • + Photos look awesome
  • + Nice mix of women
  • + Site looks nice
  • + All exclusive
  • + Weekly updates