Food Bangers
Food Bangers 3215 Food Bangers Yes, Food Bangers is exactly what you think it is. Straight from George Costanza's dreams, a site that combines the worlds two greatest things: Food and Sex.
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Food Bangers

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Food Bangers

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Yes, Food Bangers is exactly what you think it is. Straight from George Costanza's dreams, a site that combines the worlds two greatest things: Food and Sex. You'll see a slab of hot pussy being fucked amongst an international buffet that includes chili, hot dogs and a man with his dick in a chicken (legal only with COOKED chickens - ed.). The video quality may not be HD, and the material may not be exclusive, but the network is huge and contains thousands of DVDs, making for a good solid fill.

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Food Bangers is the resident food fuck bizarre fetish site on what is basically a huge portal site that contains enough full length DVD titles to fill a whole rental store. There is a nice selection of meal sex on the site, the quality is good enough to watch and I had an all around good time.

With your membership, you get somewhere around 190+ food related videos, each lasting about 20 minutes each, as well as over 23,000(!) scenes in just about every other niche you could think of. The food fetish videos was my main focus, and everything looked nice an professionally made with hot girls, big dicks and food. Not everyone is going to love the concept of some guys dick covered in peach cobbler, but to each his own.

Each of the scenes on Food Bangers come in a few different convenient file formats, all of which look pretty decent. You can view the videos online in your browser in flash FLV (640x480) which was my preference as this is actually the greater quality. Alternatively you can download the files in either DIVX (576x432 @ 2000kbps) or WMV (480x360 @ 1000kbps).

All of the videos come with an image gallery, most of which are just screenshots from the video with a few actual photographs for certain scenes. The photography is decent for the most part, nothing too impressive, and they come in a decent but not too big JPG (600x800) and there are no ZIP files. Basically, if you prefer pictures to video you'd be disappointed.

As I mentioned earlier, the site is one big archive of DVDs separated into genres, so the bonus content is very plentiful. There are literally enough DVDs worth of porn here to satisfy 1000 nymphomaniacs and unless you want higher quality video you'll probably approve.

Nav, Design & Features

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Food Bangers has a nice looking front page design that really catches the eye, seeing that the first thing you see is a mans dick inside of a chicken. If you make it past this page without closing the window, signing up to the site and logging in is pretty easy, even with the extra pin number and captcha code.

The inside of the bizarre site looks a lot different, but is still pretty simple to use and doesn't cause too many problems. The home page basically welcomes you to the network, gives you some info like the most popular scenes and new videos. A menu at the left of the screen allows you to navigate the sites sections; Homes, Latest, Featured, Videos, Pictures, Bonus sites etc.

Clicking the latest updates or videos link will get you to a full scene listing that will default to the food fetish category, and a menu with different niches will appear on the left. Choose a scene based on its preview image and click to get to the download page where you will see direct links to both the streaming and downloadable video files. You're also able to label the videos as favorite so you can come back to them easily.

On the scene pages, you will also see a link to the photos for it that leads to a full thumbnail gallery of pictures. Click on the scaled down thumbnail images to enlarge the full sized JPG in an overlain window with previous and next buttons for navigation.

The site has a slightly outdated design that is a bit quirky at times, but for the most part doesn't cause too many issues. The speed of the site is decent, the streaming videos were fast enough and the downloads were quick as well.



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Everyone likes food and sex, and at Food Bangers you get both at the same time! If you ever wanted to see a chick get penetrated by a chicken bone, you've come to the right place. There is a good selection of food porn on the site as well as 23,000 other scenes in different categories so this will last you a long time. As long as you're not a stickler for HD, have a look at this mega sites tour.

Pros & Cons

  • + Food&Sex
  • + HUGE DVD Archive
  • - Lowish quality.