Gigis Sex Circus
Gigis Sex Circus 5019 Gigis Sex Circus Sex Circus is the online home of tiny titty porn star Gigi Rivera and her group of wacky friends who love pulling all kinds of sexual stunts and tricks.
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Gigis Sex Circus

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Gigis Sex Circus

Short Review

Sex Circus is the online home of tiny titty porn star Gigi Rivera and her group of wacky friends who love pulling all kinds of sexual stunts and tricks. Spanking contests, giant human hamster wheels, naked tricycle races, penis ring tossing games and nude silly string fights are just a few of the crazy acts you'll see here at this sexual three-ring circus. Membership comes with free bonus access to 11 other sites in the network.

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It looks like Sex Circus is a brand-new site on the net having launched in March of 2011. So far they offer around 154 video clips, around one fourth of which include a set of digital photos, but the trouble here is that nothing is dated. I'm not sure how often updates are being made or if they're being made at all. The 11 bonus sites that come with your Sex Circus membership add considerable value, but it would definitely be preferable to know exactly how often you can expect new materials here.

The stunts here at Sex Circus are definitely more silly than they are serious. You won't see tightrope walkers or trapeze artists, instead these performers are more like the sexual clowns of the circus. They ride around naked in river rafts, compete in nude potato sack races, perform titty and penis puppet shows, play anal ring toss, and zip down slip and slides on a giant inflatable cock. Some of the scenes have sort of competition angle, others are just for the laughs. Although a good portion of the flicks I watched definitely fit this wacky circus theme, at least a third or so are more typical porno shoots that feature sex or strip teasing without any kind of "circus" element that I can discern. Additionally, at least some of the videos are simply 30 or 45 second clips that don't seem to show much of anything at all.

Aside from the lack of update information, perhaps the biggest problem working against Sex Circus is its lack of downloadable materials. All of the flicks available here are offered streaming only, and although several different quality levels are available up to and including a 5000 kbps option, it's a real shame that you can't download these scenes to keep. There's also the issue that the network doesn't seem to have the speed it needs to be able to stream videos of that high a quality level in a user-friendly fashion.

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If you're anything like me, you'll be very curious about the circus aspect of the collection here. Luckily, the tour pages offers several different streaming trailers from some of the wackiest circus scenes from the members area, so you can get a pretty good idea of the kind of craziness you'll see once inside. Unfortunately, the tour pages don't let potential members know that the materials aren't downloadable.

The members area here has a nice look and is pretty easy to use, but it's perhaps a bit overly basic. The search tool, for example, doesn't even seem to search the main collection. Instead, no matter what I put into the search box the results included only low-quality and nonexclusive bonus videos offered by the site. Very little information is provided about the performers or the scenes, and sometimes the scene descriptions don't seem to match up very well with what actually goes on in the video.

Each Sex Circus video is offered for streaming in five different quality levels starting at 500 kbps and going up to 5000 kbps. I found that I had the best viewing experience here if I paused the video at the very beginning and allowed it to buffer most of the way. Network speeds seem a bit slow, and I wasn't able to smoothly stream the HD version of each flick despite the fact that the internet connection on my end is more than fast enough to do so. This lack of network speed makes it difficult if not impossible to jump around within the flick at times. On the upside, the HD streams do look very nice if you have the patience to wait for them.



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It's always a welcome change of pace to see a site that's really trying to be unique and new. Sex Circus definitely has originality going for it, and that alone may be enough to tip the scales for you despite the few shortcomings that I mentioned. There's a lot of potential here, so here's hoping that these guys get on the ball, spruce up the members area a bit, add the update info, and make the site better than ever. Even as is, the site is probably worth a look for interested fans.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive materials
  • + Unique circus/stunt concept
  • + Large bonus package included
  • + Good quality
  • - Vids are stream-only
  • - Slow buffer/clunky streaming player