Naughty Bloopers
Naughty Bloopers 4903 Naughty Bloopers Naughty Bloopers claims to offer bloopers and outtakes from porn shoots and is part of the Kick Ass network.
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Naughty Bloopers

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Naughty Bloopers

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Naughty Bloopers claims to offer bloopers and outtakes from porn shoots and is part of the Kick Ass network. In reality, this relatively small collection offers short clips featuring behind-the-scenes footage that don't always seem to fit the blooper category. Curious? I'll take you inside the members area and uncover the truth about this unusual porno collection.

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It appears that Naughty Bloopers has been online since sometime in 2008, and this small collection does not appear to have any particular set update schedule. There are about 65 clips available here so far, and each averages somewhere between three and 5 minutes or so. Luckily, over 15 other sites are included with membership here and that increases the value of membership considerably.

I was expecting some pretty hilarious footage here, but things are not as I imagined at all. I downloaded four different clips featuring a total of about 20 minutes worth of footage, and I only saw one or two things that could really be considered bloopers. Every once in a while, you'll see a somewhat interesting conversation taking place between the director and star or between a couple of different stars as they shoot a video. Unfortunately, the vast majority of what I saw here was simply wasn't very interesting. "Interviews" or "behind-the-scenes footage" would be a much more accurate description of what's going on here than "bloopers."

Video quality here tops out at around 640 x 480, 1300 kbps. The videos play smoothly and cleanly, it's just a shame that they aren't more entertaining or on-topic to the theme of the site.

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The tour pages for Naughty Bloopers are not particularly informative. You can see some preview images for all of the available clips from the members area, but you can't actually view any streaming video trailers despite the fact that there's a button for streaming trailer for each of the themes listed on the tour.

Inside of the site looks much like the outside. There's a search page that allows you to combine various attributes like hair color and style, ethnicity, and even Tyco come shot, but it doesn't seem particularly helpful on a site of this kind.

At the very least, accessing the materials here is simple. You can choose to stream the flick in Flash, WMV, or MP4 format and all of these formats are also available for download.



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Naughty Bloopers is just not what I was expecting. The videos I downloaded here were some of the least entertaining I've ever seen on a porn site, and it's hard to understand what the draw is supposed to be. If you just really enjoy behind-the-scenes footage and don't much care if it's funny or entertaining, you might want to check some of these clips out. The rest of the network is also worth a look. As for Naughty Bloopers itself, it's just not worth it.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive materials
  • + Large bonus package
  • - Not really "bloopers" for the most part
  • - Not very entertaining
  • - Unsure about update schedule