Big Hooter Fuckers
Big Hooter Fuckers 322 Big Hooter Fuckers Big hooter fuckers promises dvd quality movies of hot women with big hooters and a whole lot of fucking, the content on this site was made for those of you who love your women busty, with weekly upda
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Big Hooter Fuckers

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Big Hooter Fuckers

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Big hooter fuckers promises dvd quality movies of hot women with big hooters and a whole lot of fucking, the content on this site was made for those of you who love your women busty, with weekly updates, picture galleries bursting with boobies and hours of DVD quality videos to watch, how can you go wrong?

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If your reading this review then obviously your a big tits person and like your women to be nice and busty and hey who doesn't, now whether or not the women on this site are naturally busty or not remains to be answered, but from the looks of things it looks as though a number of the ladies have had their titties enlarged, so if your looking for a naturally busty only site then this may not be the one your looking for, but if you really don't give a shit then yeah you'll love the chicks on this site.

So far there are only 6 big tittie scenes available for download, the scenes are only available in whole scenes which can get up to 300Mb in size, this is nice and all for people who have broadband, but people who are still on dial up are going to have a hell of a time trying to download these vids. As for the promise of being provided DVD quality videos....well the quality of their videos are alright, though it certainly isn't DVD quality, some people will no doubt feel very betrayed by this, as some of them may have joined purely because it states on their free tour pages that there will be DVD quality video provided.

I bet your thinking that you could probably watch all of the 6 scenes in 1 day and you probably could, the dev team must have known that members aren't going to be contempt with only 6 scenes so they've decided to throw in a shit load of bonus content and extras. Bonus video content largely consists of video feeds and other downloadable videos that are of random hardcore scenes, though there didn't seem to be many busty women in the bonus content, which will probably disappoint some of you. The video feeds originate from other porn related websites, that are dedicated to providing video feeds only. Currently there are 79 of these sites to go through and there's a wide variety to choose from as well, they have sites dedicated to mainstream niches like 18-19 year olds and lesbians and sites that are not so mainstream as they are dedicated to niches that involve kinky fetishes and bondage, so there's definitely no shortage of niches to choose from so it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll find something here you'll like.

Currently there are 4 picture galleries available for members to check out, though they don't include any women with big breasts in them instead they're of random chicks in different adult costumes such as nurses, officers, and maids. Quality of these picture sets are pretty decent, some of them do look a tad grainy but it's hardly noticeable, dimensions vary through out the different shots, but they're generally quite big. Other than the 4 picture galleries there are 2 sites which are dedicated to pictures only, needless to say there is a shit load of pictures on both of these sites, so there's definitely no shortage as far as pictures go, though it would have been nice if they included some picture galleries dedicated to busty women only, as the picture content they've provided us thus far is quite the cocktail, which is nice, but the busty fans may feel a little disappointed.

There are loads of other extras on this site including live webcams, quirky games and what not, in my opinion these are more of a gimmick than anything, but again they're always nice to have around, just in case you run out of things to do or check out, but seeing as they have so much content you probably won't run out of shit to do, so yeah they do pretty well with their content even though the bulk of it isn't of busty women, but hey like I said earlier at least there's porn to be seen and that's what counts.

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Well I must admit that this large tit porn site looks a lot better than the other sites I've had to review on the same network, though the layout of the homepage is still questionable, but I suppose compared to the other sites on this network it's not so bad. Ok first off you'll notice that there are like a thousand and one links on the home page that are named videos but then you'll also notice videos and thumbnails sprawled down the length of the homepage, which is kind of confusing I mean there are videos here and there and all over the place, can't I just have 1 link for the busty videos and one link for the rest of them to make it a little less confusing? Anyway you'll know what I mean when you check it out. Though I must admit that the color scheme and background are a lot more eye pleasing than the other sites on this network.

Ok like I said earlier there are thumbnails sprawled down the length of their homepage and the first ones you'll come across are the thumbnails and download links to their 6 downloadable big hooters scenes. Each scenes has 3 thumbnails a short description and a download link for the whole scene. You'll find more bonus content as you scroll down the homepage including more videos, reality videos, downloadable videos, web cams and more downloadable videos, see what I mean there are just so many video sections and there are two downloadable videos sections I mean whats up with that.

Everything can be accessed from the homepage, but that can get a little confusing the simplest way to explore the site would have to be utilizing the navigational menu which can be found at the top of every page on this site, though not all the sections on this site have been included in this menu and can only be accessed from the homepage. You can access all of the available video feeds by clicking on the videos link on the navigation menu, this should take you to a page which provides the 79 sites worth of video feeds. Each site is represented by a thumbnail of either the banner, logo or a porn star, beside the thumbnail is a short description on what you could expect to see on the site.

There are a few fun extras to check out on this site which include various mini games that are a little on the erotic side, always great fun when you need to kill some time, although after a few goes I can see getting tired of them, but there always nice to have around. Other than that there's not much else I can say about the mechanics of the site, although the site does look nice and pretty the layout of just isn't practical and may confuse members, though after time everything becomes second nature and you'll fly around the site, it's just at first you may get confused.



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Well the site does have good content and all but they do need to put some more downloadable videos up there, I mean sure there are thousands of video feeds to check out, but at the end of the day they aren't downloadable and I know how important this is to a lot of people, as for the site mechanics, well...lets just say they could have done better.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of bonus content
  • + Heaps of extras
  • - navigation can get confusing
  • - needs more downloadable vids